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Michael J. Willett tells GSN: 'I'm not a person who can have a secret or pretend to be someone else'

Singer tells GSN: 'I've been openly gay my whole career and I don't think there's any other way to be'

No Rachel, you were not supposed to put beef in the trifle. It did not taste good.

‘I like quietly being part of the LA Galaxy and being just one of the guys (but) I realize there is a role I play in the LGBT community and being a role model'

Paley Center gala in LA also draws Norman Lear who said TV 'has brought us closer to true equality for all'

Edwin Sesange, gay rights activist, gives the whole picture of what is going on in his country

Closeted during his days starring in Damn Yankees and other films, Hunter came out publicly as gay in 2005

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Think that your sexuality has no bearing on your work? An LGBT business conference taking place in London today reminded those attending that honesty fosters stronger and more authentic business relationships

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‘The fight for democracy is a ladder to LGBT equality’

IPL delivers the same results as laser hair removal but is quicker, cheaper and pain-free

Hemorrhoids – commonly called piles – affect nearly half of the population of the United Kingdom at some point in their lives