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On Saturday (18 May) approximately 100 million people around the world will watch the Eurovision Song Contest. But what if you have no idea what's going on?

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LGBT sports organizations around the world continue to play a key role in eliminating homophobia from sport

LGBT sports organization confident that homophobia in sport is ‘not really an issue’ in Australia

LGBT football association throws its weight behind calls for FIFA to investigate claims that Nigeria is actively excluding lesbians from the women’s team

The founder of Mongolia's first LGBT rights organization, Mongolian LGBT Centre, talks to Gay Star News

Ahead of his coverage on Eurovision for BBC3, gay Radio One DJ Scott Mills tells GSN he wants to see former Sun glamor model Samantha Fox, sing in the competition for the UK in 2014

In a new interview, the director of a LGBT web drama making waves online shares his opinion on the importance of representing London's diverse gay culture

Straight Green party senator John Sudarksy has emerged as a champion of LGBT equality and talks about why he thinks it unlikely Colombia’s Senate will say ‘I do’ to gay marriage

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Wilson Cruz: 'We recognize ourselves in her’

GSN meets the team from LGBT organization Rosa Letzebuerg and learns about their hopes for full marriage and adoption rights as well as their pride plans

Two lesbians travel to Mongolia to meet LGBT people and interview Anaraa Nyamdorj, a trans man instrumental in building an emerging community together

Sunil Pant has come along way from not even knowing the word for gay before he was twenty to getting LGBTI rights recognized by the Supreme Court in Nepal, and he's not going to let current troubles hold him back