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Los Angeles entertainment icon Sheena Metal thinks being intersex is ‘kind of awesome’ but she tells GSN no one else in the media wants to talk about it

LGBT rights campaigners are reminding those celebrating the same-sex marriage bill there is a lot more work to do to achieve full marriage equality

GSN reports for duty at the UK’s Ministry of Defence and admires the leadership being shown on workplace diversity

From celebrating the death of DOMA to helping homeless LGBT kids, Barclays sets out to serve the gay and trans community

Filmmaker Kimberly Peirce will be honored before showing of C.O.G.

All-inclusive trans event Sparkle enters its ninth year, to be held in Manchester's Gay Village

Gay Star News speaks to one of the only two men in soccer, the UK-born Swedish player in the legendary sporting family

How can you be sure you are getting quality, reliability and good value when you hire a builder? We asked experts ARSG for some advice

Controversial entries include journalist Julie Bindel, criticized for transphobia. Read the full World Pride Power List, dominated by UK names, here

After a disappointing year, London Pride is back bigger and better with big acts, themed nights out, and a family day out

GSN meets the team from North Coast Softball who are preparing for the Gay Softball World Series

A lesbian couple seeking LGBT people around the world travel to Muslim-dominated Kyrgyzstan and discover gays and lesbians making friends and finding hope

Stand Tall, Get Snapped an exhibition about the humanity and diversity of UK people living with HIV, is on show at The Virginia Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

Debutant director Simon Savory says his intersex road movie Bruno and Earlene go to Vegas was saved by crowd funding. But he still has plenty of advice on what not to do

We speak to Kate Green, Britain’s Shadow Equalities Minister about gay marriage, trans rights and what’s next in the LGBT struggle

GSN talks to Imma Battaglia, just elected as a Rome city councillor, who angered Pope John Paul II in 2000 by hosting a 'weird' World Pride

New exhibition weighs in on marriage equality and poses some challenging questions for gay men and lesbians

GSN meets the tattoo artist inking the world’s celebrities

LGBT Iranians comment on today's election but with real power held by a religious and military elite and no candidates interested in easing the persecution they face, they say it can only get worse, not better

Gay Star News talks to gay Senator Sergio Lo Giudice from Partito Democratico, as sources suggest a compromise of registered partnerships could be on the cards

Joy and emotion marks weekend Finish Line Ceremony in LA

Mark Takano tells GSN: 'We've done a remarkable job of transforming how people feel about us'

Lesbian and bisexual women urged to come forward for HPV testing and not to take no for an answer from healthcare professionals

Mayor Abbe Land: 'I want to thank you in advance for all the fun you will have and all the money you will spend'

'He comes first and then everything else tries to fit into my life and schedule'

From lords who say gay marriage persecutes Christians to those who argue it's good for business, the debate comes to the UK's House of Lords today

Golden Boy, a new novel about an intersex teenager, is quickly becoming a critics’ favorite. We chatted with its young author, Abigail Tarttelin, about the issues it addresses

GSN meets the young gay businessman who has created a new line of food for the health-conscious

Multi-sport tournament Tournoi International de Paris celebrates its 10th year in style