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Reality TV star makes one British man vomit into the nearest toilet

How I Met Your Mother star met with two huge snakes in his shoot for Vanity Fair

The Australian Lesbian and Gay Stories project is seeking the personal stories of gay and lesbian Australians of all ages to put together the picture of how gay life has changed in Australia from the 1940’s to today

A UK newspaper published the open letter, where a mother tells her son ‘my love for you is and has always been completely unconditional and non-gender specific’

A pop song telling the story of a transgender woman who reunites with her best friend has become a surprise viral hit in Thailand – with nearly 9 million people watching the video clip on YouTube

Pioneer Winter and Jared Sharon lock lips and roll around the sand and water for nearly 5 minutes in ad for Florida/France Festival

'If you're going to work in this salon, you've got to watch Game of Thrones'

New ad for its Teddy Grahams snack line features two gay dads

Watch this amazing dance performance by one of the co-creators of ABC Family's The Fosters

Actor Scott Evans plays 'Sibling Wed Game' with his Captain America star brother

Two female penguins have paired up for the mating season in a South Pole exhibition at Dingle Oceanworld in County Kerry, Ireland

Describes himself in spot as 'actor, celebrity and ... magician!'

Disney icon met a 'gay' cat in a comic strip, and decided to teach a lesson to 1930s kids about tolerance

LGBTI friendly information technology giant Google has announced it will be official partners with the 2014 Korea Queer Festival – which starts with a street parade on 7 June and runs until 15 June

HRC honoree Paris Barclay jokes that during Roberts' nomination hearing 'you did not see one, single picture of (him) in that wig. But I have them.'

Hundreds of parody videos have been made inspired by the 'First Kiss' film that went viral earlier this month, and this is the best yet

Lesbian Hollywood actress defends her sexuality with a sharp tweet directed at a homophobic pastor

The company defends its ad saying that 'the reality of family has changed, but the wholesome connections that all families share will endure'

Internet gets confused and hilariously mistakes a homophobic preacher for an Olympic swimmer

Stu Rasmussen, the openly transgender mayor of Silverton, Oregon, plans to auction off his women’s shoe collection for charity to raise money for his city

'One player, one knucklehead from another team. He's a knucklehead. So I just let it go'

17-year-old student delivered a touching speech for LGBTI rights in Saporro, Japan

Taiwan's Public Television Service has screened its first locally produced LGBTI themed comedy, the lesbian themed ‘Penguins at the North Pole,’ to higher than expected ratings

Ger Brennan, captain of St. Vincent’s All Ireland club team, makes casual remark in speech at end of tournament

The Brisbane Hustlers have beat gay rugby teams from across Australia and New Zealand to win the annual Purchas Cup