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Dublin taxi driver Martin Duffy gave this hilarious response to an Australian news team

'Please give a speech to tell everyone they can marry who they want'

Developers behind Japanese RPG want to see more LGBTI involvement in digital media

'If that's not Jesus giving the "Yes" vote then I don't know what is!’

Litchfield ladies pick their codenames for Red Nose Day

'We wanted it to be like a pride parade gone rogue'

Brett Lee says that he has no doubt that there are professional level cricketers who are gay but he fears they feel they still need to hide their sexuality

Running from the 3rd to 14 June, the 2015 Sydney Film Festival boasts much on offer for the LGBTI cinema-goer, with ten films in this year’s program exploring themes around sexual and gender diversity

Also takes viewers on behind-the-scenes visit to set of Magic Mike XXL in which he has small role

The transport company and a gay cab driver have united to create a ‘Ride with Pride’ black cab for the streets of London

Konrad Eiring recalls telling his brother, teammates, best friends and coach before doing Facebook post

'Are you cut?' 'Yep! Into eight pieces' (NSFW language)

Mother's Day isn't over until Bey has spoken

'Being transgender is a hard thing, but you can be who you want to be. I’m proud of who I am because I’m transgender.'

'We were discouraged from identifying as being gay. They’d rather you be ambiguous about it'

‘We don’t discriminate against anyone’s color, religion or beliefs, and we’re just the same as anyone wanting to live a happy life and love who we want to love.’

Italia's Got Talent airs country's first televised gay marriage proposal

ChadMichael Morrisette recalls being bullied so severely that 'I couldn’t even walk to classes without an adult escort or friends with me'

'Let's play them a song on our equality flute!'

Says daytime talk host:  'I know it’s really hard to reveal what you’ve been hiding'

Web celebrity can't keep hands off the hunky All-American Boy