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'I will never know, so many of us will never know, what it's like to go through such a thing - the life that he's been trapped in'

The drag star of TV's Mrs Brown’s Boys has posted a moving ‘message from mammy about marriage equality’ video ahead of the upcoming referendum in Ireland

This video has to be seen to be believed

'We were both a little hesitant to hold hands, not knowing how the rest of the student body would react'

'He's my best friend, and a real man'

Inspired by Hasselhoff, Oprah, and RuPaul, this is gay sport as you have probably never seen it before.

The couple found the lost dog in the mountains

Reactions include: 'Are you trying to die?'

Gay performers show off their talents in A cappella‬ cover of Usher's I Don't Mind

He pours milk all over his body and rides a Radio Flyer in an adults only way

'What is it, honey? Are you drunk? Are you menopausal?'

Joe Caslin said he wants to spark discussion on same-sex marriage in the weeks leading to Ireland's referendum in May

'Are you for real? If so, life truly is stranger than fiction.' told us her name was Lola?

All proceeds go to same-sex marriage advocates in Ireland

G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph will give a runners’ eye view for first time with his live stream hosted on Gay Star News

'If I don't ever lip sync to Taylor Swift again, will I get into heaven?'

The drag kings and queens were out in force in New Orleans on Sunday to raise money for people with HIV through the city’s annual Gay Easter Parade

'So pitch in for great food, to help a small business and because hate dressed-up as religion makes you sick'

Ryan Donegan sent his partner on a romantic Instagram-style scavenger hunt

It's so sweet you won't have any room for any Easter chocolate

Sean Allen makes post on social media under the headline: 'Deal With It'