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Chances are currently being rated from 'zero' to 'never in a billion years'

Young people with their parents share their stories of how they came out. Some will inspire you, some will break your heart

Emoticons include a fish taco, U-Haul truck and The L Word DVD

LA Galaxy player does combination of yoga, interval and cardio training to get back into 'soccer shape'

Calpernia Addams, who’s life story was the basis of the movie A Soldier’s Girl, will take part in the 2015 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival as a special guest at the Gender Trailblazers event

Gay talk show host and Queen of All Media play a hilarious game of Heads Up

The grumpy Texan compares Christie and Jones to the famous duo Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

During a TED Talk in Dublin, Irish drag queen tells the audience why she is jealous of the way straight people can hold hands so freely in public

A gay couple from New York lead the new campaign for engagement rings called 'Will You?'

He thinks Stephen Fry and his fiancé having sex is a 'disgusting reality'

Company have finally realised gay and bisexual men ocassionally use Lynx/Axe products

Watch as his face falls in realisation he could have dated a movie star

There's no need for love potions with this couple

He's not a toy boy, that's for sure

He and Lena Dunham's Hannah go shopping at 'a really slutty store' with see-through dressing rooms

From getting ready for Wimbledon to a chicken hat, 2014 was good to Tom Daley

Ray Toro, former lead guitarist of the hit US band, releases latest song for free in memory of trans teenager

'I wish him the best and hope nothing but the best for him'

Cartoons, drawings and moving tributes to trans teen Leelah Alcorn spring up all over social media in the wake of her death

British singer strikes iconic Titanic pose with boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel

'Griner is a dominant athlete in her sport and able to do it while being 100% out. She rocks'

‘Towel mom’ throws an obstruction in front of the TV to protect her son from nudity. Her son is aged 22.

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and his wife Lilibet included an image of a US Navy sailor proposing to his boyfriend among images of military families in a Christmas video to defense personnel

The British TV illusionist was prompted to respond following a stream of messages about his sexuality

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church went to Pueblo County Courthouse to protest the legalization of same-sex marriage in Colorado but hundreds of people turned up to counter their message of hate

The University of Missouri graduate offers timely media tips for those who see things on television they don't like

Is it a nut? A skipping rope? A rock? A group of LGBTI vloggers gather to see who can guess the sex toy from a close-up shot