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Closeted right-wing politicos looking for love at CPAC

Young people were the least likely to vote in the 2010 General Election

'Would you rather me send letters all year? Or you listen the first time? Your choice'’s advice columnist Bad Barrington’s funny response to a 15-year-old boy who’s worried his gay friend is attracted to him will make your day

Director Bertil Nilsson presents the sexy short True Bromance

Örebro Hockey organizes a 'pride match' in support of LGBTI rights

The box office flop also earned a Worst Screenplay honor and Cameron won Worst Actor

'My childhood was awesome. My moms cared for me and did the best they could to bring me up normally despite not having a dad'

Aussie pop star Dannii Minogue is the latest big name act to be announced for the party that follows Sydney’s biggest parade of the year

London playwright Dan Murphy draws on his hometown of Romford to tackle some big themes with his bold debut production.

Continent's first openly gay parliamentarian is surprised by the fuss

Latest video features the young lads singing Club Tropicana

Young LGBTI people react to homophobia

In a special Valentine’s Day video, two UK vloggers reached out to supporters of LGBT equality all over the world to share their messages

'One saying that has guided me through all of this: "It Gets Better."'

Watch the VP's unfortunate slip-up here

Youth support organization minus18's campaign gives homophobes a taste of their own medicine

'We are not willing to let our child become a part of those statistics. Our child deserves the right to be happy like any other'

US Navy selects Petty Officer 2nd Class Thomas Sawicki and his boyfriend for ceremonial 'first kiss'

Kiwi activist made international headlines in 2013 when he took on his McDonald's boss for telling him to 'stop acting so gay'

Surprised victims are alternately scared and starstruck

Mom: 'He only knew that he was different from how everyone was treating him, and wanted us to listen to who he really was'

Ryan Murtha told teammates: 'If for whatever reason you don't like me because of this, I guess I can't blame you because for a long time I hated myself for being gay, too'

'Our queerness, that thing that sets us apart, that can cause us to feel unwanted, unloved, rejected and alone in the world, is a gift'