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'Glee, Looking and now Zayn? It's a tough day to be gay'

Material Girl joins talk show host for Bathroom Concert Series

'My hopes, dreams and aspirations have been placed on to your ballot paper. Please treat them with the utmost care'

'Putin just legalized gay marriages? That's wonderful! Finally! But don't enter my room.'

Justin Kelly, the director of I Am Michael movie that stars James Franco and Zachary Quinto, argues anti-gay activist Michael Glatze should not be vilified

Respectful documentary enables the man who became Todd Tomorrow to share his memories of being a closeted gay star during Hollywood's golden years.

So adorable. Bonus points for the awesome Frozen dress

From the archives of the Athletic Model Guild comes a unique insight into today's gay identity

'When my rigid, churchy friends say something bad about gay people, I tell them what I think'

BFI Flare festival in London continues – presenting LGBTI movies from around the world

Originally from Argentina, the actor/model now calls West Hollywood his home

'I would stand under the water in the shower crying'

See what happens when he encounters newly out fan at CD signing

This is the most adorable video you'll watch all day

'…Here’s a guy that’s responsible for the coarsening of civil discussion and conversation being celebrated…'

'I'm on parole, so I haven't been gay for a few months. But I could end up gay again if I slip up'

The US students, who are actually both straight and cousins, posed for the photo to show LGBT solidarity. After parents complained, fellow students started a campaign to support them

'When he touched me, I literally got chills down my spine. I loved it.'

The BFI's Flare Film Festival in London will open with new film starring James Franco and Zachary Quinto

Presented as part of the BFI's Flare Festival, 54 has been vastly improved in this restored version and has us dreaming of Ryan Phillippe

The London theatre that champions contemporary dance continues to support emerging artists.

The boy her son kissed now has a girlfriend and the mom is confused about everything

The Divine Miss M uses her famous pipes to croon about flat shoes and falling asleep with make-up on

Documentary calls to Vatican to embrace LGBTI people

Figures in support of marriage equality have almost doubled since 2004

This is according to new Tina Fey comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Lads get kit off to save LGBTI domestic abuse charity Broken Rainbow, and we've got exclusive pics

'Kind of like how in that last sentence, Carson went in as a neurosurgeon and came out as a complete idiot'