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A pair of gay flamingos at Edinburgh Zoo has adopted the chick after its biological parents knocked it out of the nest

'Stay With Me' becomes 'Please Go Home' in this latest parody video from director Adrian Anchondo

Two filmmakers have drawn together a group of gay men in the UK to talk about their lives and help create an online archive

He may have banned gay propaganda, but he definitely hasn't banned tributes to how muscly and manly he is

The latest work from the best-selling author features beautiful illustrations and a strong female hero

Talk show host gets mock vp to recite such names as Angela Mansbury, Lucille Balls, Tess Tosterone and Wilma Fingerdoo

Talk show host finds out couple has been together only a year and jokes: 'That's fast!'

The breakfast cereal brand has produced a commercial aimed at the Canadian market featuring a pair of Quebec-based gay dads and their daughter

A zoo in Sapporo, Japan has admitted the blunder after trying to mate two male hyenas, after thinking one was female for the past four years

The parents of Adam and Luke Monastero offer acceptance to their sons and are proud of them for helping others going through coming out process

Explains game called: How Much Money Would You Go Down on a Guy For?

US couple Shawn and Mike are one of the three final couples in a competition to win an $80k dream wedding from an American theater company

Evan Risk: 'Suddenly knowing I was gay changed everything for him'

Olympic diver and Oscar winner take helicopter ride to romantic mountain top picnic

Has anyone ever so calmly wiped their face in the front of a life-changing moment before?

Modern Family star pops by Ellen to show off his dance moves

'Where do you get the euros to buy a gay gift?'

Singer's music had bonded The View co-host to the mother who died when she was 10

'He is an angel, he's not a terrestrial mortal'

'I can only hope that you are as lucky as I am someday because, if you are, I know there is no way you would ever send another human being a note of hate like you sent me'

Interesting YouTube video gives you the history behind how the word evolved and all the different connotations the word has taken on

Jonas is promoting the new single Jealous and his role in the upcoming DirecTV series Kingdom

Scotland has voted no to becoming an independent country, with a vote of 55% no and 45% yes

'Remember those days, how scared the NFL was back then, that a gay man would ruin their league?'

'Children are born innocent with minds open to everything and everyone, they are only taught to hate. This video was only made to show that'

From yes to no to plain too horny to answer, the gay men of Scotland answer the big question in a somewhat unconventional survey

Newlyweds are adorable in promo for NPH's upcoming autobiography