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'My character has a big storyline revolving around his sexuality'

Billy on the Street sensation challenges Letterman to game of  "Celebrity Child or Kentucky Derby Winner?"

The gay and presumably straight houseguests bond in bed as they reflect on their summer of competition

A Birmingham Primary School has put up a sign that makes it clear that everyone deserves respect – whatever their sexual orientation

A Californian vlogger welled up after reading messages that had been sent to him from LGBTI people when he asked if being gay was a choice

Launched internationally this week, GiFi is a brand new social networking and dating app for gay men

Star makes video parody to promote DVD version of 22 Jump Street

From Lady Gaga to Marilyn Monroe, Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen loves horsing around with some of the most beloved faces in pop culture

Some of Gaga’s Little Monsters in Russia performed a tightly choreographed routine in tribute to their heroine

It's never smart to show bigotry toward headmaster Albus Dumbledore's sexuality, especially to the writer who loves him most

'But we’re just like any couple, really'

Is donating money to ALS as well as The Water Project and a homeless shelter in Chicago for LGBT youth

'When a 73-year-old calls you and says, "My mother died,"" don't bother to say, "Oh what." You know already that the answer won't be pole-vaulting or mixed martial arts.'

Dan Stevens couldn’t keep a straight face after he was asked on Good Morning Britain if he had to ‘beat off’ many male American actors to get his upcoming role in the film The Guest

Six-time Emmy winner says: 'Kissing has become my thing'

Winners of The Sing Off, with two openly gay members, performs a mash up of his Disclosure songs

He takes his clothes off and jumps in to Lake Superior after a show

Researchers at Kings College London are calling on LGBT and straight people, especially bisexual men and transgender people, to respond to a large survey on mental health

A group of gay couples gather around their computer screens to watch anti-gay marriage adverts for the first time, and are shocked and amused by what they see

Dad just calmly keeps eating his chicken while their mom has all kinds of questions and observations

Flamboyant superstars stars team up for powerful version of Queen's Another One Bites the Dust

One Direction performs in St. Louis on 27 August, the day before Sam's final preseason game

In filmed comedy bit, she wonders if she was never invited onto Chelsea Lately because she's a lesbian

Prepare to feel emotionally involved to a family you have never met after you've watched a video of a loving, wonderful wedding speech

Designer and film director was nominated by Victoria Beckham who ended up impressed with the effort

'Today I messed up by promising mankind free booze for all eternity'

Fiance David Burtka does pouring (and the laughing) as twins try to stay out of way

The two LGBTI stars were recruited by ‘Wierd Al’ Yankovic for his parody video of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ called ‘Tacky’

Tells straights who think they are being hit on they are mistaken - it's their outfit that is being judged