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Mom says: 'I don't feel differently at all about you'

Victories in marriage equality and heartwarming letters from proud parents, this year celebrates the achievements of the LGBTI community

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival has announced more of the local and international DJs that will be performing at the party that will follow Australia’s most iconic parade

Diving star interacts with admirers as Dustin Lance Black stands nearby

The Taiwanese kid wants to let cancer patients wear a wig made from his hair

Weather reporter doesn't let two dancing men keep her from talking about hurricane Xavier

Emmy winner is flanked by hunky models in spot he wants to see go viral

The Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival has announced the first 10 films from its festival program for 2014 – including several that will have their Australian premieres at the festival

Singing group does parody of sexy Kmart commercial in holiday undies

Fiji will be the first ever Pacific island nation to host an LGBTI themed short film festival when the inaugural A Night OUT at the Movies screens in Suva tomorrow night

I Am Woman singer's outspoken feminism and short hair caused some to question her sexuality

An insanely brave man jumped from a height of 10,000 feet and faced temperatures as low as -10 to raise money for a Staffordshire childrens' hospice

Christmas With the Skivvies features scantily-clad elves performing holiday and pop tunes

The Pansy Project, a British street artist's global campaign to raise awareness of homophobia by planting pansies in cities around the world, comes to Hong Kong

Olympic poster boy Tom Daley has come out as bisexual, announcing he is in a relationship with a guy, so we are celebrating all things Tom

Duncan McAlpine Sennett says issue is 'very personal' to him

Journalist and co-founder of Cyd Zeigler thanks the Big (Wo)Man Upstairs for the better sex, the best partner and the power of empathy he gets for being a homosexual

Sydney’s iconic LGBTI Mardi Gras pride parade is looking for participants, with entries for the parade opening earlier this month

Their video, Bound 3 shot-for-shot parody of West's Bound 2

Tumblr user Lobst created a comic strip that shows exactly the type of ignorance trans people run into, and how to deal with it

Taylor Square, in the heart of Sydney’s Oxford Street gay precinct, will host a HIV rapid testing clinic this week from Wednesday in the lead up to World AIDS Day to help more people know their status

The argument by YouTube One Direction fans has been recreated by a pair of serious thespians

For the second time in two years, Lady Gaga caps Thanksgiving Day with an appearance on television

Ready, aim, test: A former soldier turned author and gay celebrity has show courage in the face of a pin-prick test

Singer says some friends made this beefcake buffet for song Take it Like a Man as 'a present'

Changes words to Deck the Halls to: 'Oh how gay it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh'

Star Wars themed weddings are popular among fans, and these two lesbians didn't want to miss the change to have Darth Vader at their special day

In the world of Sandy Rios, Christians are filled with sugar, spice, and everything nice

Viral video of real gay women reacting to the Palme d’Or winner movie became popular after a controversial ten-minute sex scene reached the big screens.