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US couple Shawn and Mike are one of the three final couples in a competition to win an $80k dream wedding from an American theater company

Evan Risk: 'Suddenly knowing I was gay changed everything for him'

Olympic diver and Oscar winner take helicopter ride to romantic mountain top picnic

Has anyone ever so calmly wiped their face in the front of a life-changing moment before?

Modern Family star pops by Ellen to show off his dance moves

'Where do you get the euros to buy a gay gift?'

Singer's music had bonded The View co-host to the mother who died when she was 10

'He is an angel, he's not a terrestrial mortal'

'I can only hope that you are as lucky as I am someday because, if you are, I know there is no way you would ever send another human being a note of hate like you sent me'

Interesting YouTube video gives you the history behind how the word evolved and all the different connotations the word has taken on

Jonas is promoting the new single Jealous and his role in the upcoming DirecTV series Kingdom

Scotland has voted no to becoming an independent country, with a vote of 55% no and 45% yes

'Remember those days, how scared the NFL was back then, that a gay man would ruin their league?'

'Children are born innocent with minds open to everything and everyone, they are only taught to hate. This video was only made to show that'

From yes to no to plain too horny to answer, the gay men of Scotland answer the big question in a somewhat unconventional survey

Newlyweds are adorable in promo for NPH's upcoming autobiography

Preacher tells gay couple they're going to hell for holding hands. But then the students start to sing to drown his idiocy out

It happens, sort of, in brilliant new video mash-up Golden is The New Black

Two closet doors burst open in one tearful bedroom

Most teen idols sell pencil cases and perfume. These characters do not

Neither funny lady knows the words to the tune but both go all out anyway

Tyra Banks battles Big Brother with her own very hot gay straight bromance between two male models

'This amicus puts these corporations on record saying that in addition to this being an issue of civil rights, it complicates the running of our businesses'

The viral video ‘How not to react when your child tells you that he’s gay’ has reached six million views on YouTube, and a group of LGBT YouTubers have filmed their reactions to the infamously horrific video

'My character has a big storyline revolving around his sexuality'

Billy on the Street sensation challenges Letterman to game of  "Celebrity Child or Kentucky Derby Winner?"

The gay and presumably straight houseguests bond in bed as they reflect on their summer of competition