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Drugs. Gay sex. Older white men. Obama. Oh, my!

Film stars Channing Tatum, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson

All Out has revealed a new video examining what it could be like if an openly lesbian ice dancer was stopped from kissing her loved one

Children between the ages of five and 13 were sat down to watch two gay couples get engaged, and you will love the results

See the picture: Gay British actor Stephen Fry uses Twitter to spread the word about Movember, a month long men's health campaign

Says one of grooms: 'It’s going to be just like every other wedding there except ... no bride'

Gay Hollywood couple and their kids show off their classic horror movie costumes for their spooktacular Halloween

Take a sneak peak at the British rugby legend with the lovely smile's steamy 2014 calendar

Gay Star News captures the enthusiastic and supportive vibe at this weekend's Taipei LGBT Pride parade

Best friend British acting legend duo sit on a bench with a lesbian couple scuplture while on a break from performing on Broadway

An adorable lesbian couple have shown off their wedding day at Lake George in New York

Nathan Wyburn, 23, shows his admiration for the pop singer using very unconventional menths

God is Gay, by 20-year-old Elliot Darrow, has gone viral for challenging ‘believers’ who call God’s creations abominations

Out athletes Kirk Walker, William Bean and Jason Collins join forces to support Blake Skjellerup as he prepares for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia

Hot in Cleveland stars Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, and Jane Leeves show their support for LGBT teens

Morgan Reynolds simply asked himself: 'What would Barbra do?'

A lighter is required to keep the Olympic flame on as it makes its way through Moscow

New video from pro-LGBT singer features a transgender love interest

Fashion house Björn Borg gives a subtle, yet powerful, gay equality message with rainbow colored underwear

New animated short from #Mashed features a clearly closeted Russian President daydreaming about his 'happy place'

Winners of the Homo Heroes Awards 2013 announced at ceremony in Manchester, North West England

In a new photography project for Muff Magazine, four gay female couples speak out on love and anti-gay laws

The Daily Show and Conan O'Brien serving up humor as fallout continues

In an incredible letter, he tells her: ‘You’re correct that we have a “shame in the family”, but are mistaken about who it is'

British skydiver Dan Cope hopes to skydive naked for charity if he can raise more than £500 in sponsorship, with his 100th jump to be filmed

Advert showing 'gay pasta couples' follows anti-gay comments made by Barilla chairman on Italian radio

 Julie Bru ends her five-year tenure as Miami's city attorney with accolades from officials and a marriage proposal to her partner, police officer Suzy Izaguirre

The Language of Love sees Charlie's struggle over whether to tell his best friend he loves him. It has now been nominated for a major LGBT film prize