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'This has easily been the hardest thing I've ever had to do - but I'm so glad I'm doing it'

‘A beacon of our love for those who do not have freedom’

One customer wanted to check he isn’t going to a gay bar for his Christmas party and the response he receives is brilliant

Some of the attitudes about the LGBTI community expressed in this documentary might shock you, or perhaps more worryingly, they may seem all too familiar

Former boating and leisure businesswoman on how she started her killer fashion brand

But at least he's still showing off his pretty face in new modeling shots

We speak to brand owner and designer Hoss Salimian about his dapper brand

The talk show host and her actor wife looked radiant, relaxed and happy in a make-up free selfie to mark their anniversary

Tom Daley doing high leg kicks in a swimming pool? What’s not to love?

Iron Man star reveals what he's been up to online

I'm just tired of straight girls flocking to me. I'm tired of flipping girl after girl after girl'

'The public adores her. And it's all ages. It's not just a young group'

Fake news website National Report gave out the Westboro Baptist’s phone number in an online article, telling readers that it was the number of an information line for a recall of tainted turkeys– but many people didn’t get the joke

Former Project Runway contestant and HIV activist, Jack Mackenroth, wants you to take shower selfies to demonstrate that – HIV positive or negative – we’re all ‘clean’

'I wouldn’t know if (Portia) was pregnant or not or if we’re getting divorced or getting remarried – I keep up with it that way’

Canadian comedian Sabrina Jalees has posted a heartwarming video about coming out to her Muslim family, and how her dad showed her support when others rejected her

Makers of Battlefield and the Mass Effect series of video games, Electronic Arts has yet again been given a perfect LGBTI workplace equality score by the Human Rights Campaign - cementing its place as one of the most inclusive employers in the work

'…You have courts that are taking away the very essence of our democracy, the ground from which this great country came...'

Dragon Age Inquisition could be the most inclusive role-playing game ever

Dennis Hensley and Tom Goss experience  consumerism, long lines and most especially, gay drama

'A lot of boys like dolls houses. They’re more human than spaceships. A lot of girls prefer spaceships. They’re more exciting than dolls houses'

'Man it feel like rollin' dice, man it feel like rollin' dice'

The organizers of the biggest LGBTI pride event in Australia, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, have announced the key dates for the festival’s biggest parties and parade in 2015

Olly Pike, and his balloon sidekick, Pop, take a look at the diverse nature of modern families in their latest YouTube video

Actor-model-singer also started a non-profit after his brother was killed by an impaired driver