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AG Eric Holder has announced that federal prosecutors will take the position going forward that sex discrimination provisions in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 include protections against discrimination based on gender identity

Gaylard Williams allegedly approached man at a lake - gay pornography later found in his car

And, according to a new study, don't be a gay guy

'The school should not acquiesce to the discriminatory suppression of student group activities'

Some of Australia’s leading politicians, including Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster, have offered to have lunch with donors to a campaign to raise $50,000 for Australian Marriage Equality

Poll finds significant change in attitudes over the past decade

Prosecutors refer the case to trial unusually quickly

Butch Otter believes Idaho case is 'best vehicle' for same-sex marriage issue to be decided for the nation

'For the first time in a divorce case, a judge has ruled that the state laws banning same-sex marriage and the recognition of those marriages is void and unenforceable...'

Meet Charlie Kiss, Green Party, who wants to see Westminster change

Kerry Smith says his language was no worse than what you'd hear on 1980s sitcom Only Fools and Horses

He was protesting against a cardinal who said he believed gay people didn't exist

LGBTI military veterans group OUTVETS will be the first ever gay or lesbian group to be allowed to march openly in South Boston’s St Patrick’s Day Parade celebrating the Irish American experience

‘It has for sure provided us extra energy to continue our campaign for rights'

Kathryn Knott, Philip Williams and Kevin Harrigan will be tried as a group for on aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy and other charges

Michael Martin: 'If I can come out in a small town in West Virginia and be accepted, and dance with the homecoming king, it shows things are changing'

Over two thirds of Irish people support same-sex marriage

Tori Johnson wrestled the gunman giving several hostages time to escape

A Melbourne gay couple have married in their city’s United Kingdom consulate, making them the first same-sex couple in the world to be legally married under Scottish law

'We found 20 teenagers there that were practically having sex on the stage'

Government also proposes scholarships and pensions for transgender people

She is among the 80 lawmakers demanding ban be replaced with a policy based on individual risk factors

Has rid himself of voice inside saying: 'You're a fag. You're a queen. You're undeserving of love'