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A religious court in Saudi Arabia had a Yemeni national executed and crucified for robbing, raping and then killing a Pakistani migrant worker

A video of the late former British Conservative prime minister has got over 100,000 views in three days

John Leech MP will highlight a report pointing out the levels of homophobic abuse suffered by Brighton fans

After a 23-year-old attemped suicide and was taken off life support last year, it has inspired his family to try and change the rules of organ donation

LGBT community in the Ukraine gets an online hub to encourage activism

Lawyer Oz, who has been active in LGBT rights for 18 years, wins the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's Felipa de Souza Award

Special convention overwhelmingly recommends to Ireland’s government to legalize marriage equality

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady wins again against conservatives who want him out for being for marriage equality

Basketball executive Rick Welts has revealed that Nike approached him two years ago in hopes of sponsoring an openly gay professional athlete

Roger Gorley says a Missouri hospital broke the law for forcing him from his partner’s bedside

Nigerian man jailed and told by judge that gay sex is akin to animal behavior, activist slam judiciary and media for creating a moral panic

People can continue to be legally excluded from selection as jurors on the grounds of their sexuality in West Virginia after lawmakers torpedoed a bill despite a huge Democratic majority in both the state Senate and House

Local residents have created their own rainbow crossings all over Sydney in chalk to protest the removal of a rainbow crossing from Oxford Street that was torn up by the state government

Egyptian Canadian actor and LGBT rights advocate joins US gay media advocacy organization as a spokesperson and fundraiser

Public figures including politicians claim violence will erupt as the government moves to legalize same-sex marriage

New poll shows slight majority of US respondents favor granting marriage rights to gay couples

Analouisa Valencia, 19, wants how to show pageant judges ‘how passionate I am for being an advocate for equality’

People who attended Palm Springs’ annual White Party in California this year have been urged to get vaccinated against meningitis after a young gay West Hollywood lawyer died of meningococcal disease just weeks after attending the party

The Zambian Government has suggested that it will introduce harsher punishments for LGBT people after a human rights activist appeared on television to discuss gay rights

'My father held onto the rail of the gurney as well as his husband's hand with everything he had'

Macky Sall, Senegal’s president, says there is no way his country will legalize gay sex

Despite shifting opinion and election losses, party passes new resolution

The government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is set to decrliminalize gay sex

British journalist Jane Fae says the sentencing of a transgender man for 'obtaining sexual intimacy by fraud' is a slippery slope

Christian teacher has had his appeal at the High Court rejected after he told 15 and 16-year-olds being gay is a 'sin'

South African Archbishop Wilfrid Napier, who says the promotion of gay rights is a 'new kind of slavery', says he is not homophobic

A 23-year-old was badly beaten and molested at a petrol station on his birthday by a group of drunken young men in Cape Town

The upper level of French parliament has passed the 'Marriage for All' bill, which has seen thousands of people protest for and against in the streets

Following several police brutality complaints after Sydney Mardi Gras, LGBT rights groups petition state parliament for a debate on improving procedure