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'Brave, principled and passionate' gay rights activist, who fought decriminalization and the AIDS crisis in the 1980s in Ireland, died on Saturday

Strategies devised for improving LGBT rights in Asia at UN seminar in Kathmandu, Nepali gay rights activist criticizes government for not renewing group's license

Proposition 8 lawyer David Boies talks legal strategy on Meet the Press

Several hundreds of protestors crowded London’s Trafalgar Square rallying against and for marriage equality, this afternoon

Al-Fajr, Tunisia's ruling party's official paper, accused Nawal El Saadawi, Egypt's leading feminist, of 'promoting homosexuality and prostitution'

Evangelical leader Gary Bauer insists that gay mariage polling data is 'skewed'

The four men who suffered abuse by Britain's top Catholic Cardinal reject allegations that they were seeking revenge over his anti-gay speech

Karl Tropper, an Austrian priest, has been banned from Easter preaching and forced to retire due to his continual use of hate speech against gays and Muslims 

The newly elected head of the Anglican Church in New Zealand says that he believes that governments have the right to decide who can and can’t get married – even if they come to a decision that the church disagrees with

A school in Northeast Portland has introduced unisex toilets to cater for transgender and other gender non-conforming students – though the bathrooms will be available to anyone who wants to use them

Texas Governor Rick Perry is unhappy with Madonna's comments on the Boy Scouts' anti-gay policy

Simon Cazal and Sergio López, a gay couple in Paraguay is mounting a legal challenge to force the country to recognize theirs and others’ gay marriage 

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has urged all men who have sex with men outside of a committed relationship to get vaccinated against Meningitis as more deadly cases of invasive meningococcal disease among gay men emerge

US right wing shock jock Rush Limbaugh has suggested that he might marry his sofa if allowed to and believes same-sex marriage might open the gateway to that becoming a reality

But Chris Christie has said he is 'torn' over signing bill that would ban it

Matthew Lannon: 'If there's one thing you don't mess with in life, it's love'

Gay rights group ask NYU's president, John Sexton, what comes first in it's Abdu Dhabi's campus: profit or information freedom, diversity and ethics?

Starting tomorrow, gay rights rallies will take place in all major US cities ahead of Supreme Court hearings on lifting gay marriage bans

Co-founder of Microsoft is pledging thousands of dollars in a bid to make safe sex hotter than unsafe sex and save millions of lives

Primary school transgender teacher Lucy Meadows was found dead in Lancashire, England after a tabloid revealed her ‘shock’ story

Gian Paolo Vanoli makes the headlines in Italy after saying 'Every vaccine is a poison that blocks your personality' but believes drinking urine is a 'perfect cure'

The 17-year-old, who allegedly said he 'had to be with a boy', is accused of sexual assault in 2010

Mayor of London Boris Johnson banned an advert from a Christian group saying 'Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post-Gay and Proud. Get Over It!'

A 20-year-old British man was jailed for 42 months after pleading guilty to manslaughter

American scientific study shows that same-sex marriage is in the best interests of children

Survey finds acceptance at 70% of those between ages of 18 and 32

Half of target raised in two days, but crowd-funding project seeks $100,000 in total to help legendary gender theorist, who has 'saved thousands of lives' from suicide

Chief Day-way, another gay rights activist, takes up court battle to get same-sex marriage recognized after Nelson Chen dropped case two months ago