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Stephanie Smyth, a transgender woman, was forced to flee her Johnstone home, in Scotland after being subjected to transphobic hate

Michigan dads have been chosen to come to Washington DC after their work in fighting against anti-gay adoption laws

Howard Sattler has been suspended for his 'disrespectful and irrelevant' questioning of the Australian prime minister

Gay rights activists have accused the Catholic Church of corruption and manipulating the largely religious public in their fight against equality

Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor and TV host, has also said 'every fear' over same-sex marriage has come true

Labor councillor Simon Higgins says Melbourne should get a permanent celebration of the LGBT community

Tredwell, Duminy and Miller take time out from ICC Champions Trophy to learn about living with HIV and get tested

Indian LGBT people demands more rights and less discrimination at fifth Chennai Pride

City councillor Christine Forster calls for eviction of Occupy Sydney camp from Martin Place in the center of the city

Tanner Flake, the high-school aged son of Senator Jeff Flake, has used social media to go after blacks, gays, Jews and Mexicans

Resolution passed urging the removal of executive and board leaders who favored allowing gay members and leaders

International Olympic Committee says they are concerned about the 'homosexual propaganda' law recently passed by the Russian State Duma.

After a topless protest at the French Open, anti-gay opponents are planning to use another sporting event to rally against equal marriage

MI5, the British secret service, announced as new sponsor for this year’s awards rewarding best LGBT and other diversity

Italy's Senate will start the debate on a new law allowing same-sex marriage. Senator Sergio Lo Giudice: 'We are very late'

Gay rights activists are claiming Peruvian authorities have violated the right to assembly after arresting bride and wedding guests

Lord John Browne, openly gay former boss of BP highlights none of Britain’s top 100 companies are headed by an out LGBT person

The Vimercate town assembly voted to change the local rules so gay couples can apply to have adjacent graves but the local Catholic priest isn't happy

Two men were drinking in a LGBT-friendly bar when they attacked a gay man for challenging them on their homophobia

Gold medalist and world record holder model for anti-homophobia campaign in France

Six summits down, one to go, Cason Crane is on his way to being the first openly gay person to climb the seven highest summits in the world

'As long as that kind of language is still used, tolerated and condoned then we've got a long way to go before any equality,' said Hannah Spyksma who witnessed homophobic verbal abuse at an All-Blacks game

Work towards LGBTI equality continues in Nepal after a bureaucratic stalemate prompted by 'false and malicious charges'

Biggest gay marriage lobby in Australia says marriage equality more likely to come to Australia if Kevin Rudd leads Labor party into general election

Jean-Michel Colo: 'It’s a parody of equality, it’s a big lie'

Lawyer for three men pepper sprayed and arrested by New York City police officers maintains all legal options are on the table

Polls shows change in attitudes - especially among seniors - since voters passed Proposition 8

State Duma passes 'homosexual propaganda' law unanimously fining people and organizations for so called 'gay propaganda' with foreigners jailed and deported