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A group of prominent Australian Football League (AFL) players will pledge to never use homophobic language on the field and will urge people to confront other fans when they use homophobic slurs

Data from the US National Surveys of Family Growth has shown that gay Americans have become less promiscuous over the decade that same-sex marriage became available to them

Marwan Charbel, Lebanon’s Minister of Interior declared that being gay is illegal and ‘wondered’ if married French gays should be allowed to enter the country

Deputy Speaker of House of Commons Evans in custody being questioned by police. Prime Minister informed

Niall Ferguson, author and history professor at Harvard University, recants connecting John Maynard Keynes’ homosexuality to ‘destructive’ economic policies

As early as next week, Minnesota House and Senate representatives may vote on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in the state

Nigerian media sensationally report a married man has been stabbed to death over allegedly gay sex, while LGBT activists slam the country's press for creating a moral panic

First Lady Michelle Obama will attend fundraising event for LGBT Democrats that will be hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen

Niall Ferguson, author and history professor at Harvard University, ties John Maynard Keynes’ homosexuality to ‘destructive’ economic policies

Cleric been told by the Vatican to leave the UK so as not to create further embarrassment for the Catholic Church

Australian equal marriage activists say that if Australian Opposition leader Tony Abbott is so sure few of his MPs will vote for marriage equality then why not let them

2012 Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan has announced he is comfortable with the idea of gay people adopting children despite voting against it in the past and his opposition to same-sex marriage

Zach Wahls and Jennifer Tyrrell not satisfied with current proposal to end gay ban

Retired after coming out but has been practicing with Los Angeles Galaxy

Cernia Acoff, 20, was stabbed, dumped in a pond tied to a concrete block and a steel pipe three weeks after she went missing

Thierry Speitel is the latest of politicians who have been sent death threats over their support for marriage equality

Italy’s new Under-Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities has been criticized for her statements on transgender and gay issues

Trans woman filing formal complaint after she was stopped from trying on dresses in a bridal shop in Canada

A candidate who claimed exercise prevents gayness and another who said gay sex is 'frightful sordidness' lost a UK local elections bid

Gaydar responds to strong competition in gay men’s smartphone dating market with release of new service and promises changes to Gaydar Girls soon

Tammy Franks says South Australia should follow Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia and abolish 'archaic law with dangerous consequences'

Canberra-based priest says he believes the church's attitude to gay relationships is changing

Borris Dittrich, former Dutch MP and LGBT director for Human Rights Watch, said 'the start is happening now'

There are now 10 US states plus District of Columbia with marriage equality

Rianna Humble, who is also a lesbian, is a Labour politician campaigning for a seat in the 2015 general election

Matt Moore, a blogger for the Christian Post who claimed he was 'cured' of 'sinful homosexuality', has admitted he still has feelings for men

Police constable Ian Ashton has been awarded for helping LGBT members of the UK police

All New England states are to have same-sex marriage after Governor Lincoln Chafee passes the equal marriage bill into law

Government should be 'ashamed' says Human Rights Watch for publishing 'discriminatory, dangerous and unacceptable' material