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Torn ligament dashed NFL hopes but he played last year with Italian Football League

He quickly signed marriage equality bill into law because same-sex couples in his state had already waited too long to get married

Deputy mayor of sharia law province of Aceh is backing a new bylaw where gay men and women will be caned 100 times

A poster depicts Guiana-born Christiane Taubira as a raging gorilla faced with thousands of anti-gay demonstrators

Man is accused of luring gay men online with the promise of a date and then threatening to expose or hurt them if they did not give him money

Romantics Kacey Frierson and Chwanda Nixon complete an ‘I do’ marathon around America

Eight professional football players in the UK have come out as gay to their teammates but are too afraid to tell the public

UK news agency Reuters have uncovered an 18 year-old article where Ferguson said Keynes was inspired by his attraction to Carl Melchior

Equal rights campaigners are thrilled to be nominated for ‘Campaign of the Year’ and ‘People’s Choice’

Two Moroccan men who were caught having gay sex have been arrested and their trail is expected to draw large crowds

Two straight British 15 year-olds launched a campaign asking people to take a pledge to support young gay people and the wider LGBT community

Queer Comrades reach out to media, educators and psychologists to spread awareness of trans issues in China

Hotel spokesperson says Brunei government owners do not effect their policies, but protest organizer says that's not the point

Openly gay HIV positive lead singer of pop group Erasure says current UK school curriculum doesn’t do enough to educate LGBT youngsters on safer sex

'I love playing football but at the end of the day, it is a children's game that grown men play'

Nitzan Horowitz hopes to become Tel-Aviv's first gay mayor and invest in the city's community and diversity

Voters expressed their opposition to the pro equal marriage councillors views when electing him to Leicestershire County Council

Vets discover dog is intersex, and save her life when they discover her testicles could have become cancerous

Frank Carberry, who was sentenced in 2006 for indecent assault, has employed human rights lawyers to overturn his conviction

US state's governor has vowed to sign the approval into law when the general assembly go to the polls on 8 May

Yumbo Center, the hub for gay travelers and residents at the Maspalomas Gay Pride, will stay open after serious fire

Heterosexual Awareness Month page says gay men’s mouths smell of ‘poo poo’ and implies NBA player Jason Collins will give people who tackle him a sex infection

Amini Fonua, who represented the South Pacific islands nation of Tonga at London 2012, comes out as gay, despite going to an 'LGBT-unfriendly' American university

Artist who lives nearby to where transgender primary school teacher Meadows lived and worked dedicates his exhibition to her memory and 'the message of acceptance' 

'Boy Scouts will start on a decline that I don’t think will serve this country well'

A former priest gatecrashed an LGBT Church service, wearing an anti-gay message, at the opening of Bergen Pride week, in Norway

Claims anyone who ministers knows 'very well that the power of God can change people's orientation'

Team doesn't say if Kluwe's high-profile activism was a factor