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UK Prime Minister has attempted to heal the rift in the Conservative party by saying marriage equality opponents are not 'bigoted'

New report finds 49% transgender people in Delhi, India, 37% in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and 34% in Jakarta, Indonesia have HIV

The popular pornstar and gay rights supporter passed away on Saturday from complications around peritonitis

Community Business conference tomorrow aims to encourage companies to engage straight allies to make workplaces more comfortable for LGBT employees

More backlash to Australian Christian Lobby's 'stolen generation' comments, aboriginal affairs minister calls them 'appalling misjudgment'

The death of veteran Indian gay rights activist Shivananda Kahn prompts outpouring of appreciation for his achievements

Latest attacks occur in the hours after rally decrying murder of gay man in Greenwich Village

Spokesman Wilson Cruz tells GSN: 'GLAAD has been here for 28 years and we're not going anywhere'

Legislation has been passed by Senate but is stalled in House of Representatives

The same-sex marriage bill for England and Wales has passed its report stage and third reading in the House of Commons and will now pass to the Lords for more debate

Dominique Venner, 78, recently criticized the new French law on same-sex marriage. He had a past as a far-right activist

Humanist supporters told England and Wales gay marriage bill was not the best way to change the law. Amendment shelved while waiting for new information from government

Trans people suffer high levels of repeat victimization and violence and employment discrimination

Deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats has voiced his concern with the England and Wales equal marriage bill

A Puerto Rico gay activist was told on Twitter to be careful at a gay rally as it could end like the Boston Marathon

A study by LGBT association Gay Center shows 40% of straight students refuse to have gay friends

Westboro Baptist Church is believed to be getting ready to protest the funerals of those killed by the 200mph winds

Sally Ride was the first American woman in space and the first known LGBT astronaut

'I quite fancy my brother!', top Conservative peer says England and Wales same-sex marriage bill could allow him to marry his son

Gay Vietnamese-Canadian fashion design lecturer who lives in Ho Chi Minh City argues Vietnam is not ready for gay marriage

Authorities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have forced US artist Rhea Litré US to perrform out of drag

UN's resident co-ordinator in Vietnam praises the Southeast Asian nation's LGBT rights achievements in the last year

Australian Christian Lobby equates gay marriage to the removal of aboriginal children from their families, stolen generation representative calls for apology for 'disrespectful' and 'dehumanizing' comments

China's biggest group deals website, Meituan, is offering a free trip to Canada for a gay couple to marry

Protestors promise to remember the name of killed gay man Mark Carson

British MPs have rejected amendments that would have watered down or delayed gay marriage proposals

Tells GSN: 'Hopefully it works out ... it should be sorted out in the next few weeks'

The Church of Scotland's ruling General Assembly has voted to allow openly gay and lesbians to become ministers

Morehouse College speech calls on grads to have empathy for all minority groups