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Despite shifting opinion and election losses, party passes new resolution

The government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is set to decrliminalize gay sex

British journalist Jane Fae says the sentencing of a transgender man for 'obtaining sexual intimacy by fraud' is a slippery slope

Christian teacher has had his appeal at the High Court rejected after he told 15 and 16-year-olds being gay is a 'sin'

South African Archbishop Wilfrid Napier, who says the promotion of gay rights is a 'new kind of slavery', says he is not homophobic

A 23-year-old was badly beaten and molested at a petrol station on his birthday by a group of drunken young men in Cape Town

The upper level of French parliament has passed the 'Marriage for All' bill, which has seen thousands of people protest for and against in the streets

Following several police brutality complaints after Sydney Mardi Gras, LGBT rights groups petition state parliament for a debate on improving procedure

Gay couples will no longer be fined for getting married, but Ministry of Justice says this is not implicit approval of same-sex marriage

National Human Rights Commission is pushing for same-sex partnership legal rights, rather than amending existing marriage law

After taking part in meetings for the last two years, LGBT rights groups have been excluded from this year's ASEAN Civil Society Conference and People's Forum in Brunei

Labour MP Jacinda Ardern says there doesn't seem to be any truth in rumors Zimbabwean dictator is planning to visit New Zealand, and if he did she and many other MPs would oppose it

Roger Gorley: 'I was not recognized as being the husband'

Republican National Committee member in Michigan ratchets up anti-gay rhetoric

As links emerge between Christian evangelicals and Ugandan anti-gay campaigners, gay rights group SMUG calls for investigation

Gay organizations in north-west England get cash from pride festival: Grants will help trans men, asylum seekers, gay adopters and foster carers and volleyball players

Anti-gay Republican complained it was his views against marriage equality that caused them to try and back out

A day after the Senate voted in favor of marriage equality and adoptions for gay couples, Gilles Bernheim has announced his resignation

Anti-gay group Manif Pour Tous has announced a massive protest as a last-ditch effort to stop the marriage equality bill from being passed

Gary Lim and Kenneth Chee say it is 'disheartening' that judge ruled to retain law which criminalizes gay sex between men in Singapore

Cafe Funke in Copenhagen, Denmark, apologizes for throwing out two gay men and promises to re-educate security staff

If elected on 5 May, Soumya will push for trans rights in Karnataka, southern India

LGBT activists are watching out for how Chinese state will respond to official visit of lesbian couple Johanna Sigurdardottir and Jonina Leosdottir next week

Washington state's attorney general fies suit against Arlene’s Flowers & Gifts

Anti-sodomy law had not been enforced since 1997 but remained on the books

Uruguay's lower chamber completes a historic legislative process to legalize marriage equality in the country

Says it is his views against gay marriage that caused them to try and back out

Anderson Cooper ranked fifth in first year on list as openly gay man

Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos allegedly forced military chiefs to perform a show in women's clothes for his birthday