LGBTI global news 24-7

Lawmakers in Texas introduce two bills which aim to cut funding to educational facilities which have pro LGBT policies

A Philadelphia female impersonator was invited to read Dr Seuss books, but was then told she was not allowed

Scores of prominent republicans sign legal brief to US supreme court in support of gay marriage and opposing H8 and DOMA

Four gay politicians are elected in the two chambers. A gay candidate, Sergio Lo Giudice, enters the Italian Senato for the first time in the last decade

Mamphela Ramphele, leader of the new Agang party said she supports LGBT rights and opposes homophobia

Sergey Lavrov has rejected criticism about the anti-gay 'propaganda' bill, saying Russia has no responsibility to respect gay people's rights

A high school senior was told he is not allowed to wear a dress, high heels and wig to his prom

Christine Forster responds to Alex Greenwich's accusation that she is 'mean-spirited' and not supporting the LGBTI community

BBC Radio 4 program Beyond Belief features heated debate on Islam and homosexuality

Anti-gay hate group is confronted with student counter-protest

For the first time hijras (transgender women) are eligible to stand for election in Pakistan

Emerson College's Phi Alpha Tau launch online campaign for Donnie Collins

The head of Costa Rica's human rights commission said gay sex has 'bad consequences' and its cure must be discussed by the country's lawmakers

National Organization for Marriage vows to remind voters of 'betrayal'

After deliberating over submitted by two women over parenting rights, the supreme court of Kansas passed a landmark ruling in favor of gay adoption

Following a court ruling, Germany's ruling party considers equalising legislation for same-sex civil unions

Cameroon Catholic lawyers group called upon the country's government to 'protect' the world from 'danger' by upholding anti-gay laws

Veteran activist Peter Tatchell tells GSN he is ‘considering’ exposing clergy and politicians who are secretly gay but oppose equal marriage

British man says he had to steal thousands of pounds for a wife who discovered his gay chatline habit

Core Issues Trust wants to force Travel For London to carry adverts saying 'Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!'

Ben Cooper, an influential clergy in Liberia, warned that LGBT rights advocacy aims to 'destroy' humanity and is alien to African values

UK parliamentary computers have been used to access websites for gay cruising, foot fetishes, and women lying next to cats

Bishop Simeon Hall said family problems makes people gay in the Bahamas and that gay marriage 'deteriorates' the 'social order'

Sudan court case begins of nine gay men arrested in police raid on famous singer’s flat

A 22-year-old gay man from Manchester has said he felt like a 'second-class citizen' after his story went viral

Leading opponent of same-sex marriage in Scotland, Keith O’Brien has resigned after claims he initiated ‘inappropriate behavior’ with priests

Thugs at a railway station in Mumbai try to blackmail mugging victim by threatening to tell his parents that he is gay

Road crossings in Oxford Street, central Sydney will be painted rainbow colors to honor the LGBTI community

Demonstrations in 70 cities around the world marked gay US soldier Bradley Manning's 1000 day in prison for allegedly releasing confidential documents