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Male protestors against same-sex marriage are stripping off their shirts, writing slogans on their chest and parading across France against gay marriage

Governor Steve Bullock has signed a bill into law legalizing homosexuality, calling the previous rule 'embarrassing' and 'unconstitutional'

Across the US and the world, students are raising awareness of homophobia in schools by staying silent

French president has condemned the recent rise in homophobic attacks, saying while he believes everyone must be heard 'the law must be respected'

New York woman was jailed with men despite being arrested for a crime only a woman can commit

Huong Giang wears dress made of 2,000 condoms as part of publicity campaign funded by USAID

Leading Ghanaian high schools kick out pupils, claiming they formed a society and were recruiting others into being gay

LGBT Christians have met the new head of the Church of England. And gay Christians are also meeting with bishops in Nigeria and Kenya, it has emerged

British Transport Police are hunting for a boy who when asked to write down his details decided to write a homophobic slur on a ticket

Presentations wanted for The WorldPride Human Rights Conference 2014 on 'LGBTTIQQ2SA' human rights

Prominent Liberal politician comes out in support of legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia

Dennis Guth says media has 'bamboozled' society into accepting gay relationships which he claims are health risk

Veteran gay rights activist Tatchell meets head of the Anglican Church worldwide, Archbishop Justin Welby: No compromise but ‘constructive’

Organizers of an anti-marriage equality rally in Minnesota were left disappointed after hardly anybody turned up

Dr Paul Miller’s trial will be held behind closed doors, but not much is know of the reasons why

More than 10,000 people have signed a petition to get Columbus Diocese to give the fired coach her job back

A man who killed a gay teen with Asperger's syndrome by burning him alive was sentenced for only three and a half years

In South Africa, nine gay men have been murdered in the past three years in what many are calling a 'homophobic killing spree'

Scotland's largest protestant church already allows gay and lesbian ministers, but they must be celibate

Ukraine's proposal of homophobic draft laws has caused MEPs to urge EU to refuse easier travel visas to its citizens

Jean Marc Ayrault is urging people to remain calm as the National Assembly discusses the 'Marriage for All' bill

General election fever hits Malaysia but both main parties neglect the LGBT vote

Campaign aims to raise $50,000 to challenge judge's ruling that anti-gay law should remain

W is in the Court of Final Appeal for legal ruling on her right to marry her boyfriend as a woman

Senator Sarah-Hanson Young says she will introduce bill to recognize overseas same-sex marriages in Australia when parliament reopens on 14 May

After a three-hour debate, where a majority of Colombian senators appeared to oppose marriage equality, Colombia’s senate postponed the debate to next week

AIDS Health Foundation and LA County health officials disagrees on whether it's an outbreak

Delaware House panel approved a marriage equality bill in the small East Coast state

Horacio Cartes, Paraguay’s leading presidential candidate stated that he’d rather shoot himself in the balls if his son were to marry a man