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'[Ashers Baking Company] are not a religious organization. They are a business for profit. There are no exceptions available.'

'If I liked her before, I like her now amazingly more'

'Since the child was gay, the abuse wasn’t as bad as if he weren’t'

London Chanel, 21, is eighth trans woman of color to be killed in US this year

Politicians oppose it as LGBTI activists are encouraging people to attend

Gay politician wants to take over from Boris Johnson

Author says children should be allowed to read it while parents say definitely not

'She’s just been the most horrible bus driver I’ve ever had'

Sam Ciccone, who co-founded New York’s Gay Officers Action League in 1982, died 10 May in his home aged 71

Survey finds transgender women are most at risk

Symbolic registration of same-sex partnerships starts this week

Another is found burnt and mutilated near a bus stop

'It’s thousands of years of culture and history just being changed at warp speed. It’s hard to fathom why it is this way'

Fairfax County School Board set to expand the curriculum to teach students about gender identity and transgender issues

'It's tough, members of the LGBT community face lots of discrimination in their lives, at work, at school... people are faced with violence in the streets'

Perry is against marriage equality, open service in the military, and once compared being gay to alcoholism

The men, all under the age of 25, were caught with 122 condoms between them

US National Security Advisor warns of the United States taking further action over 'unconscionable' comments

A homophobic thug threw a gas canister at the back of the former teacher's head

Deva Özenen could become the country's first transgender MP in the election next month

94 out of 100 delegates at the United Protestant Church of France’ synod voted for vicars to be allowed to bless same-sex marriages but dissenters will not be forced to do so against their will

Her parents are 'devastated' over the loss of their daughter

Reverend Warren Hall supported the NO H8 campaign

President Obama says America will continue to support the advancement of LGBTI rights under his watch while John Kerry has used the event to celebrate the appointment of the US’ first ever Special Envoy for LGBTI rights

'As a matter of fact, that is bullying me,' one angry father claims to have been bullied when his child was read the book in class

Marchers call on the country, which is lagging behind its more LGBT-friendly neighbors, to recognise the rights of its LGBTs citizens including full marriage rights for same-sex couples

Pastor James David Manning's ATLAH World Missionary Church and three other anti-LGBTI organizations have been added to the 2014 list