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Editor claims it is to distract from the government

Republican members of the Colorado State Senate have used their political weight to kill a bill to clean up the state’s civil unions law in the wake of the legalization of same-sex marriage in the state simply to be obstructive

Lesbian couple finds 'lesos,' 'sluts' and 'poofta' spray-painted in their home

First time a French court convicts over anti-gay abuse on the social network

President Michelle Bachelet says she will sign the bill into law

Parliamentarians voted 72 to 4

A man and a woman kissing would have apparently been acceptable

Recent murder of a transgender woman is blamed on state and police apathy

Majority of trans inmates want separate prisons to avoid sexual harassment

Todd and Jeff Delmay were among plaintiffs in case challenging Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage

In 2014 June, seven same-sex couples challenged the state's ban and its refusal to honor gay marriages from other states

Parodied a LGBTI campaign by the University of Bristol

Star of many prison shower scenes is also accused of beating and choking his girlfriend

'Expect dead bodies if you continue to provocate', the politician warns

'My advice for homosexual people is live with honesty and dedication'

The Australian Capital Territory Government has announced that Labor Legislative Assembly member Yvette Berry will be given an LGBTI Equality portfolio – joining the state of Victoria as Australian jurisdictions to have a government Minister for Equality

Supreme Court rules in favor of two non-operative transgender women

Newly appointed member of the House of Lords Michael Cashman: 'Unless we set ourselves a goal, we cannot hope to achieve it.’

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Gay activists fear it willl give governments an excuse to censor LGBTI themes or characters

Claims he was blackmailed and forced to pay out 100,000 francs in order to keep his secrecy

New South Wales politician loses battle with cancer

Report finds the women face 'amplified stigma' due to their gender and job

Buddhist monk says he slept with a male disciple 'without consciousness'

Sri Lankan LGBTI rights group Equal Ground hope the incoming government of President Maithripala Sirisena will be more open minded to the needs of sexual minorities and transgender people

Head of UK banking says professionals have a 'personal duty to come out'