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Amnesty International says the country is 'being left behind as a discriminatory backwater for gay and lesbian people'

His yells could still be heard several minutes after he is ejected

'Society has fallen to such a low level that most people wouldn't even bat an eyelid at two men or two women walking hand in hand in the street'

Republican lawmaker Randy Boehning has voted against bills granting gays legal protections against discrimination

Likely deciding vote Anthony Kennedy: 'This definition has been with us for millennia. It's very difficult for the court to say, "Oh well, we know better"'

The Presidential hopeful turned her logo rainbow-colored and posted two tweets about marriage equality while Supreme Court justices began to hear arguments in Washington

The hotel’s gay owners held an intimate gathering at their apartment last week for Ted Cruz, a virulent opponent of same-sex marriage

Dahmer, dubbed the ‘Milwaukee cannibal’, was convicted for assaulting, raping and murdering 17 men and boys

Election promise follows Sesame Street cake row in Northern Ireland

The Court’s justices will begin to hear arguments this morning in Washington in cases brought buy Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee

Says business never asked sexual orientation of customer who ordered pride T-shirts, so was not discriminatory

Ecuadorians are a step closer to marriage equality after the country’s National Assembly sent a bill legalizing civil unions to President Rafael Correa to sign

US senator also charges that activists 'want to ostracize anyone who disagrees with them as haters'

Saturday's massive earthquake has killed at least 3,900 people and injured 6,500

Israel will airlift 52 of its citizens out of earthquake ravaged Nepal who were in the country accessing commercial surrogacy and most are same-sex couples who cannot legally do so at home

Will the 13 US states that still ban same-sex marriage, a Supreme Court decision could overturn the bans and make history

'It is a clear question. Do we support legal discrimination against one group in this country? Or do we not?'

Lesbian couple accused Jim Wells of, when he came to their door to ask for their votes, saying he didn't agree with their 'lifestyle choices'

Pride festival is extended by two days amid surge in interest in LGBTI issues

'We’ve invited selected Japanese guests and media to our same-sex wedding so that Japan can see the UK’s policy of diversity and inclusion'

President also pokes fun at politicians who won't attend gay weddings

'Today’s Democratic Party has become so radicalized for legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states that there is no longer any room for religious liberty'

'...I think it does a disservice to both sides if the court wades into public policy like this'

Toronto's annual water polo tournament is dominated by New York City's finest.

Saying sorry is not enough, chair of the NI Assembly's health committee says 'questions still remain for Jim Wells to answer'

Police found a dead man inside a bedroom while the suspect was sitting on the doorstep of their house

Activist challenged columnist on views about refugees; former star of The Apprentice tells Gay Star News she doesn’t differentiate between straight and LGBT asylum seekers