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Three groups sent an open letter to 112 universities asking for corrections to discriminatory teaching materials and gender diversity courses

The sport's governing body says it was unaware of the country's stone the gays law

The Court of Final Appeal has ended a three-year battle over the 'right to dance' at protests

Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Indiana cases in the running as justices meet on September 29

Maura Healey, the 43-year-old former Massachusetts assistant attorney general who was instrumental in challenging DOMA, has secured the Democratic nomination for state attorney general

The Halpa-Halli chain of department stores says that they will not be stocking the stamps as they do not wish to offend customers

Delegates to the 2014 International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans & Intersex Association (ILGA) World Conference in Mexico City have until 15 September to register to attend

The woman was told recipients fear homosexuality is hereditary

Activists are calling on the US to review its relationship with the African country

A total of seven cases are now vying for review by nation's highest court

HRC President Chad Griffin: 'I am sorry for the times you have been underrepresented or unrepresented by this organization'

Three judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals left gay marriage supporters optimistic after challenging arguments used to uphold same-sex marriage bans in three states

More than 60 senators and congress members have signed a letter demanding change following the case of a deceased gay teen whose eyes were rejected for donation

Police arrest a man believed to have been in a relationship with Alejandra Leos for her murder

Lost-n-Found shelter in Atlanta will house will house three times as many homeless LGBT youth

Organizers of Manhattan’s St Patrick’s have bowed to pressure to allow a gay group to participate, but the decision does not go far enough for some LGBT campaigners

A commemorative set of stamps honoring Finnish gay erotic artist Touko Laaksonen, AKA Tom of Finland, have been pre-ordered by people in 178 countries – busting all sales records for the country’s postal service

Activists fear the gay marriage bill has been shelved indefinitely

The attacker embedded a hammer in his teenage victim's head

The bill targets 'serial offenders' and people with HIV

The couple, who have been together ten years and have a son and daughter, tied the knot in Italy

Ahead of an anticipated law change allowing gay civil unions, a poll reveals that more than two-thirds of Chilean youth support same-sex marriage

After dating only women for 365 days, Brooke Hemphill suggests people should have more same-sex experiences in order to have an educated dialogue on sexuality

S. Truett Cathy, the religiously conservative founder of the restaurant chain that took a public stance against same-sex marriage, has died at the age of 93

Two Iowa women were married in a church of the town they moved to in 1947

The Queens Park Rangers player is the latest footballer to pledge support for Stonewall’s #RainbowLaces campaign in the UK – along with free morning newspaper, Metro

Conservative Judaism, also known as the Masorti Movement, has ordained its first openly gay rabbi, British born Mikie Goldstein, who will lead the Adat Shalom Emanuel synagogue in Israel

A bill that criminalizes inciting homophobic violence has been approved

Chetan Bhagat says Section 377 is a relic of India's colonial past