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New government says civil unions will be extended to same-sex partners

There are still some county courthouses turning away couples due to order from state's defiant supreme court justice

Move seen by some as an indication high court may be ready to rule in favor of marriage equality nationwide

Bulgarian law does not consider homophobic motives as hate crime - they are acts of hooliganism 

Irish TV presenter Gay Byrne say he expects the referendum to end in favor of gay marriage 

New survey reveals how many teachers feel unable to come out and stay safe

Unity Party and ruling coalition MP Veiko Spolitis is pushing for Latvia to recognize the relationship rights of unwed couples both gay and straight for the first time

Police kill a teenager in the riot

Fraudster persuades four men to join his 'gold trading' scheme

Monarch has never spoken publicly about the issue

'Niki spent the last year of her life on earth very publicly fighting for her family and doing everything she could to make sure that her wife and daughters were protected'

The two year prison sentence is being appealed

It's the ninth time the PM has attended the annual gay event which is the largest in New Zealand with more than 12,000 attendees today

Gay rights activists and some media outlets had advised voters to defeat the referendum by not voting at all

Come Monday, 9 February, the southern state is expected to start issuing marriage certificates to LGBTI couples

  Health officials are calling on Washington single gay men to get checked as soon as possible  

'We reserve the right to discontinue enrollment of a current student participating in, promoting, supporting or condoning homosexual activity'

Verdict hailed a small but significant victory for the LGBT community in the secularly ruled, traditionally Muslim country

This is the fourth killing of a trans woman in the US in 2015 

Gay people 'have less discipline' than straight people, according to the BBC Newsnight presenter

'This community should be treated as any other human being'

Anti-LGBTI activists have held a rally in Bishkek where they claimed gay people were linked to pedophiles as lawmakers prepare to debate the controversial piece of legislation again

Rhinestone-covered cash machines print 'out and proud' on receipts

New post will be filled by an openly gay Foreign Service officer

Defectors reveal what life is like for LGBTI people in the hermit kingdom

Head of Catholic encourages 'everyone to continue their efforts in defense of the family'