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Same-sex marriage is a controversial issue in predominantly Catholic France and has drawn hundreds of thousands of protesters onto the streets

A 26-year-old man has been charged in connection to the case

In an interview with US talk show host Larry King, 2016 GOP candidate Ben Carson warns gays want to ‘redefine everything for anybody else’

The victim, a war veteran, has had most of both arms amputated after he was severely burned

Rep. Patricia Todd wants to name her bill 'Tim Cook Economic Development Act' which will ban workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation for state employees

During the attack, the suspects allegedly yelled anti-gay epithets and told the victim hopefully 'he learned his lesson'

Despite being seen as a 'high risk group', specific targeting for the suicide program will not happen

'It has been a long and arduous journey towards recognition and we are relieved that the court has protected our rights'

Researchers have poured over numerous surveys and they have found acceptance of homosexuality has grown exponentially in the last two decades

Transgender woman married her girlfriend last week

A Florida gay couple who took each others’ surnames after they married in New York have been ordered by their state’s DMV to change their names back to what they were before they were married or their drivers licenses will be cancelled

Senior official says culture is no excuse for denying human rights

Gayway posted explicit images to solicit clients for its erotic massage parlour

Muslim group calls for a boycott of AmBank over its ties with a gay-friendly US bank

'We are thrilled she will be joining the White House team and look forward to working with her on important issues in our ongoing fight for full equality'

State's governor and attorney general vow to continue legal fight to uphold ban

Police do not know if it was murder or suicide

Qatar's sports minister promises 'creative solutions', but can he guarantee safety?

Less than 5 per cent seek help from formal institutions

Study finds only 1 per cent are out to their fathers

Benjy the bull hopes to see out his days in an English animal sanctuary

New South Wales follows Queensland and Tasmania

Stays decision for one week so no licenses will be issued to same-sex couples before then

Police want to speak to a man in his early 20s in connection with a serious assault

Jehovah's Witness leader Anthony Morris III is very interested in the consequences of having a tightness in the crotchal area

Maxim Martsinkevich, known as 'Machete', will now be out of jail in under three years

LGBTI groups say the conservative city government is trying to weaken freedom of speech