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Tzipi Livni could become one of two rotating premiers if her coalition wins

Police are also searching for four foreigners who allegedly made gay porn in the country

Lesbian commentator receives a flurry of criticism for her remark

Italians respond in the best possible way

'If it becomes law, this bill will preempt local nondiscrimination laws and policies that offer protections on any basis not yet included in state law'

Shocking leaflets urge people to vote against gay marriage because gays are more likely to get cancer, be promiscuous and abuse children

Jamaican singer Queen Ifrica says reggae singers use homophobic lyrics to get cheers and applause from audiences

The group says they targeted ANZ Bank's GAYTM to protest the company’s 'pinkwashing', 'commercialization' of the Auckland Pride Festival and treatment of their workers

'The rogue actions of Travis County judges do not withstand the scrutiny of law'

Baton Rouge police chief issues issues memo to all officers telling them to stop enforcing the invalidated and unconstitutional law that prompted the arrests of the two men

Physical and verbal homophobic attacks against gay men on the rise as Ireland prepares to vote on marriage equality in referendum in May

Tim Miller describes himself as 'thrilled and honored to work for a great person with the right message'

Televangelist defends florist who has been ordered by court to service same-sex wedding

This is the first Finnish bill petitioned by the public and approved as a law

Concerned citizens report sounds of a struggle coming from a park restroom

He has described LGBTI people as 'evil' and akin to burglars, thieves and sexual abusers

Memphis woman accuses her son of being 'too feminine'

Both are serving life for killing gay men

Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled Wednesday that same-sex couples can adopt jointly – but only if the child is the biological child of one of the partners

State's Supreme Court issues emergency order blocking other same-sex couples from obtaining licenses

Model Kyle Roux had been featured - as an identical twin - in 'Nobody is Born Gay' billboard without his knowledge

Claims God gave her the free choice to not look after the young patient

Investigation being conducted into authorship of document

It was first thought that around 1 in 2000 babies were born on the spectrum between a male body and a female body

Head of the Catholic Church claims those who transition are opposing 'God's order of creation'

Caution urged after draft report details potential policy change