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The NFL's first openly gay draftee and Vito Cammisano were at top of St. Peter's Basilica when he popped the question

New study finds negative social stigmas for bisexuals are causing mental health problems

Once the leader of the Catholic Church, always a leader of a Catholic Church

Twitter reacts hilariously to Tom Utley's rant about Stephen Fry's engagement to a man 30 years his junior

Execs from Google, Sky, Barclays, Tesco, Burberry and more make the cut

Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative politicians will face off on the issue of Britain's role in global gay rights on Saturday

A Colorado Christian is claiming that he was discriminated against because of his beliefs because a baker wouldn’t decorate a cake with a homophobic message for him in what appears to be a tit-for-tat complaint

Ex-Southern Baptist president delivers an anti-gay sermon at the legislature

Government grants funding for the Manchester academy

New constitution will ensure protection for all sexual identities

Licenses were issues to same-sex couples during brief legal window in March

Former NFL quarterback says 1996 claim is 'ridiculous' and being gay 'is not my lifestyle'

A 24-year-old woman fighting for gay rights in a place where it is illegal to be gay will receive the award

They hope to bring more education, awareness and visibility to LGBT travel in Africa

The death is not being treated as suspicious

Health Ministry advises driving bans will only be given out in extreme conditions

Coming Out Of The Curve will show interviews with several athletes about what it is like to be gay in sport

Top court says the law contravenes the European Human Rights Convention

Bharatiya Janata Party takes a stance on homosexuality for the first time

Catholic school says the employee of 15 years broke church doctrine

Dad tells sons Aaron and Austin Rhodes: 'You know I love you both - that will never change'

Attack by McCleish Christmas Benham went viral after being captured on YouTube by fellow traveler

The decision also applies to Idaho, the Silver State's neighbor

A referendum for equal marriage rights will be held in May this year

Boss told chef he needed to 'prove' he was straight

Cineworld offered a £20 gift voucher and two free tickets as an apology

Makes it legal for business owners to deny service to LGBTI people under 'religious and moral convictions'

All three armed forces, plus MI5, made it into the 2015 list - but who is number one?