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Golden Enema 2014 ceremony held to highlight LGBTI rights

Adults can change their legal gender after a 6-month consideration period

The West African countrywill lose duty-free access to US markets

Justices have cases out of five states to choose from

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against a school district in Western Indiana on behalf of three students who have formed a GSA club

After being asked to clarify his position, one Florida state attorney has said that he does not intend to prosecute county clerks in in Orange and Osceola counties if they issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in January

Governor wants to take his gay marriage battle to the Supreme Court

Luka Magnotta admits to the killing but pleaded insanity

While state Attorney General Dustin McDaniel supports marriage equality, he will defend the prohibition

Change would require they abstain from having sex with other men for a year prior

The resolution says homosexuality is a ‘chosen behavior’, and that gay couples have been granted ‘special rights’ that should be withdraw

An opposite-sex couple have gone to the High Court to challenge the UK’s civil partnership ban for straight people; they would prefer a civil partnership to marriage

A law firm memo has thrown Florida county clerks into disarray over the planned legalization of gay marriage in the state

Its owner says that escalating costs and the rise in popularity of hook-up apps have made it impossible to turn a profit

'Local media has contributed largely to violence against LGBTI Ugandans'

Fairy toy comes with a skirt, high heels, wings — and a penis

Dozen men crash a private party armed with logs, iron bars and beer bottles

They could face up to life in prison under a new anti-gay law

Mayor Vincent Gray signs bill into law - New Jersey and California have similar bans in place

The British political party’s candidate for Cardiff South was responding to a questions about whether some gay people prefer sex with animals

The woman, who has served alongside the prince as a search and rescue pilot, has spoken out about her life, career and transition process

Attorneys acting for Washington State and a same-sex couple have asked a court to rule against a florist who refused to provide flowers for the couple’s wedding ceremony

The Church of Latter Day Saints has acted quickly to amend a statement that led some to believe it was backing a nondiscrimination bill to protect gay people

After being paraded in front of film cameras during the nighttime raid earlier this month, many of the men wept as they were led into court to face charges of ‘debauchery’

But only Congress can legalize gay marriage

Justin Welby admits he has been listening to gay clergy about how the Church has treated them, but won’t discuss his previous opposition to gay marriage

One victim, who had five teeth knocked out on gay pride weekend, had to undergo dental reconstruction over an 18-month period

The respected sexologist and sociologist for the first time revealed details of her female-to-male transgender partner of 17 years in her blog