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Deacon Andrei Kurayev claims he has been sacked as a professor at the Moscow Theological Academy for speaking out against what he says is a powerful ‘gay lobby’ within the Russian Orthodox Church

A spokesperson for the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has said the church will be staying out of the appeal of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Utah for now but has not ruled out getting involved at a later date

Lesbian tennis legend is part of official US delegation and says: 'You've got to go for it and go'

A 25-year-old rising star of the National Front party has defended Russia's anti-gay laws saying any negative reports are 'complete nonsense'

Gay Senator Rich Madaleno and Delegate Jon Cardin have kicked off Maryland's 2014 Senate agenda by introducing bills to ban transgender discrimination and 'ex-gay' conversion therapies

Insulting the notoriously homophobic Zimbabwe president is a crime punishable by a jail sentence or hefty fine

A 31-year-old man has been taken into custody by the authorities. He was already known to police. Gay Center: 'Italy is still a homophobic country'

Health activists say LGBTI people are being treated like criminals and denied access to antiretroviral drugs

Openly gay ex-West Ham, Everton and Aston Villa player doubts Premier League will see gay player in near future

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality head Peter LaBarbera has claimed that children would be better raised by a single parent than by a gay or lesbian couple during an appearance on the Alan Colmes Show

Former Irish president says that gay priests in the Catholic Church are ‘not so much the elephant in the room but a herd of elephants’ in criticizing the church’s approach to homosexuality

A Chinese real estate tycoon and popular blogger has caused an uproar after he revealed in an autobiography that he asks only two things of his daughter – don’t do drugs and don’t be a lesbian

Ballot measure fails to qualify based on random count of signatures but full count now underway

HRC's Chad Griffin accuses Governor Gary Herbert of 'planting himself firmly on the side of discrimination'

State will not recognize marriages performed before Supreme Court ordered halt to ceremonies

A 28-year-old man was found days after his death in Rome, discovered stripped from the waist down and with two bullet holes in his neck and pelvis

On the same day Thomas Hitzlspreger comes out as gay, a documentary will be screened in France showing how far football still has to come in accepting gay people

A Californian gay couple were refused catering for their same-sex wedding by events caterer Janet Zimmerman 

A protest against a homophobic bill in Uganda took place in London's Trafalgar Square urging President Yoweri Museveni to stop the anti-gay bill from becoming law

After debating a same-sex civil union bill for two years, the Chilean Senate approved the legislation and could legalize same-sex unions as soon as March 2014

German soccer star, who played for Germany, Aston Villa and Everton, has said he wanted to 'further the debate about homosexuality among sports professionals'

Coroner blasted the 'filthy', 'unhygienic' conditions of the sauna as a man was left dead for two hours because an attendant believed he was sleeping

Ghana’s Presbyterian leader calls for ‘filthy’ gays to be cured, not killed, while a student leader claims homosexuality is spreading in high schools

Hong Kong’s Security Secretary has extended a court’s order that a transgender woman be able to marry her opposite-sex partner to also include transgender men - but transgender people who have not undergone surgery have been excluded from the government’s plans for reform

Filipino American Gregory Cendana has become the first openly gay man to head the US’ National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA)

Republican New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez says she has accepted her state’s Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized gay marriage and that it’s ‘the law of the land now’

25-year-old Waleed Saleh Awedan is at least the 35th person murdered by Al-Qaida linked militants on suspicion they are homosexual in Yemen in the last two years

The Principle 6 campaign, aimed at highlighting that Russia’s homophobic laws are incompatible with Olympic values, is sponsoring Australia’s bobsled team at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games and their sleds will bear its logo on their noses

Michael Todd Cohen, whose husband died trying to escape blaze, remains hospitalized