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Liberal MP Don Harwin says the hardships he had endured as a gay man gave him the determination to pursue a career in politics

'I didn’t have the courage to do it, to break that lie'

Facebook, Yelp, Apple and Xerox are among the top scorers

Donations to the main group campaigning against same-sex marriage in America appear to be drying up as courts continue to rule in favor of the rights of same-sex couples across the United States

State Islamic ban on cross-dressing was scrapped two weeks ago

Report finds the government is 'complicit' in the rise of anti-gay violence

Same-sex couples can begin getting married immediately after marriage ban is struck down

And the waiter was forced to leave after the manager refused to step in and do anything

But did they complain about there being no 'unlike' button?

'Believe me: Gay players exist. Every pro sport has them. I know some of them personally.'

One was just eight years old, murdered by her father after she told him she was trans

Rosalie Crestani says 'special treatment' for LGBTI people discriminates against straight people

John Smid, former leader of the notorious ‘ex-gay’ group Love In Action, has married for a third time, and this time it’s to another man

US embassy in Hanoi hosts an annual LGBTI music festival 

African country arrests five LGBTI men and three women this month

Unless unlikely event that high court steps in, licenses to start being issued to same-sex couples on Thursday

Recommendation comes after heavy criticism for holding 2014 Winter Games in Russia

'The heart is the same. If they could silence us that way to intimidate others, that's exactly what they would do'

The equivalent of nine gay men received a positive HIV diagnosis every day in 2013

Once the leader of a Catholic Church, always a leader of a Catholic Church

'There goes my last lingering thread of my heterosexuality'

Nineteen-year-old beat and kidnapped a gay man he met on a dating app

Kansas City Union Mission says it will refuse shelter to homeless married same-sex couples who want to stay together, even though same-sex marriage isn’t yet legal in the state

Grant Robertson says he will not run again

Raymond Burke was head of the Vatican's supreme court until last month

New cards list 'father's name' or 'mother's name' twice