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SMUG is defiant in the face of parliament pushing through act giving life in prison to ‘repeat’ gays. Calls on president not to sign and make it law

Volunteers in Lebanon are helping LGBTI Syrians who have fled war and possibly being murdered because of their sexuality

Security footage showed men fondling each other and involving their victim in their sex acts – she was unable to communicate but fully aware

Thank you all for your support for GSN in 2013, from the whole team

'A Ken’s Happy Home' features nine men of different traits living under the same roof

Naz Foundation is seeking a stay on the Supreme Court’s judgment

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare acts on rising reports of sexual harassment by colleagues of the same gender

More than 700 same-sex couples have obtained marriage licenses since last Friday

Palin stumped when asked about his 'graphic' and 'offensive' anti-gay comments

Greg Lupfer's outburst at Washington State player caught by ESPN cameras

LGBTI activists have demanded 50,000 men living with Turing-era 'gross indecency' convictions be pardoned, with one activist requesting an inquest into Turing's cause of death to rule out death by special forces

Local media report the leader of anti-gay Occupy Pedophilia movement, notorious for posting Youtube videos where he subjects gay men to various forms of torture, could be one of the arrested

Three young men will be tried 26 December for strangling a 71-year-old gay man to death after arranging to meet him on Grindr

Hater says A-mei once contracted sexual disease and is a dirty aborigine, insinuating she has also been taken over by a vile spirit

Australian Marriage Equality are targeting from cabinet and shadow ministers to rank members in 201

More than a dozen pair of lovers kiss to bystanders’ applause

Judge denies request by state to halt ceremonies pending an appeal of his ruling declaring ban unconstitutional

Mathematician who helped the Allies win World War II had been convicted of having sex with another man

Federal judge opens the door to further challenges with his comments that the ban is unconstitutional

Karina and Gabriela became the second same-sex couple to wed in the state of Oaxaca since a December 2012 Supreme Court ruling found the state’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional

The founder of the Virgin Group, comprising 400 companies including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Media and Virgin Trains, tweeted: 'I wouldn’t do business in Uganda due to their dreadful anti-gay laws. Urge others to follow suit'

Over the weekend the country’s Parliament approved changes to its labor code, including protections against workplace discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation

The US government has reiterated its respect of Uganda’s sovereignty but opposition to the controversial law punishing homosexuality with life in prison

Days after he was stripped of his ministerial credentials for conducting his son’s same-sex ceremony five years ago, Rev Frank Schaefer says it’s ‘incredible’ he’s received a job offer from a California bishop

Insisting the decision is not over Putin’s anti-gay laws banning ‘homosexual propaganda’ the UK Prime Minister is the latest to join heads of government in not attending the upcoming Winter Olympics

Saying she would have rather stayed in prison, Maria Alyokhina remains strongly anti-Putin after his new amnesty law released her from jail three months early

The Delhi High Court judge who legalized homosexuality in India in 2009 has spoken out against the Supreme Court ruling that overturned his decision, saying he feels deeply sad for India’s LGBTI community

The Log Cabin Republicans have hit out against a video by the Out2Enroll campaign aimed at recruiting LGBTIs to sign up for Obamacare, claiming it stereotypes gay men

20,000 people attended a free concert by Taiwanese pop star A-mei in Taipei on Sunday aimed at showing support for efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in the Asian nation