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The former head of BP, who was outed in 2007, spoke movingly today at business and diversity forum EurOUT 2014: warning tomorrow’s business leaders to be open about their sexuality

Ohio student Cole Ledford posted a defiant message to his attacker, who beat him up for kissing his boyfriend

According to right wing pundit Glenn Beck, men watching romantic movies is so emasculating they should get ‘their winkie cut off with a butter knife’

The city has approved a budget of 370,000 kroner for the project, including the training of nursing staff

Would replace Anti-Homosexuality Act that was struck down earlier this year

Decision comes two days after district judge made ruling that applied only to city of St. Louis

An Irish farmer may send Benjy to the slaughterhouse as he is 'useless' on the farm

'Homosexuality is not African. There was never any word for homosexuality here in this country before now'

A 33-year-old woman is fighting for her life in hospital

Poll finds women are more supportive than men

Edgars Rinkevics has become the most prominent openly gay politician in a former Soviet Bloc state and the first ever lawmaker in his country of Latvia to announce he is gay

Judge says the law is 'degrading, oppressive and inhuman'

Installation takes a firm stance on condom use among gay men

Decision 6th Circuit Court of Appeals opens the doors for US Supreme Court to review cases in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee

Read the full list of winners as Britain celebrates the best of its LGBTI community

The star of new reality series also says being gay 'could be' a choice

Patrick Reed calls himself a 'faggot' after missing a shot and it's all captured on live television

Interview process also forces applicants to reveal their HIV status or if they've had a 'transsexual operation'

This must be one of the most homophobic elected officials in the world

Malcolm and Joe are preparing to say their vows while making history

'Same-sex cohabitants' were dropped from the draft law in 2012

Openly gay Mike Michaud has conceded defeat in his effort to be elected governor of the state of Maine

Christian owners say they will not apologize for doing 'what God would want us to do'

James David Manning compares drinking Starbucks coffee to drinking the blood of innocent babies

Missourri's attorney general has vowed to appeal judge's order that licences be issued to same-sex couples

The vote is the first time a Texas city approved nondiscrimination language by the ballot

Decision by Circuit Judge Rex Burlison could pave way for statewide ruling

An 18-year-old and 21-year-old were 'beaten to a pulp' by two men wearing pink tutus

Current rules ban any gay or bisexual man from giving blood if they have had sex in the last year