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Pope Francis is to visit the Catholic-majority country on Sunday

Birmingham University professor Craig Jackson fears a serial killer may be on the loose after 61 bodies were found in Manchester’s canals in just six years

'Shouldn't a bisexual be able to have both a male and female spouse?'

Charlton Rainbows, an LGBTI supporters group of Charlton Athletic, tweeted their shock at some members being attacked after meeting a hoax group

In a new optional measure to increase equality, applicants will also have the option to choose ‘prefer not to say’

The infamously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church met their match on Saturday night when they were overwhelmed by pro-gay supporters at their picket 

The bill will allow businesses to discriminate on grounds of 'homosexual behavior' and against legally married Virginians in same-sex unions under the guise of religion

Warns that the ban 'risks exacerbating an already hostile climate against LGBTI in Russia', calls for immediate removal of ban

'Sometimes we just go with what is tradition. We don't second-guess it, we don't doubt it'

Entitled to express homophobic views but 'Gay Rights? Under God's law the only rights gays have is the right to die' bumper sticker goes too far, says Tribunal

Chris Seelbach read the transgender 17-year-old's suicide note and delivered an emotional speech offering encouragement to LGBTI individuals

Not known when three judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans will issue ruling

Justices met privately Friday to discuss cases including marriage equality cases out of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denies request from Butch Otter for review of gay marriage ruling by full court

Gay rights activists have applauded the decision

They learn what it is like to be homophobically abused

He also suggests too many 'hunks' on TV are making being gay seem 'attractive'

Retailer claims the right to discriminate against transgender employees

Larry Tomczak is urging American families to raise their children on a television diet of shows that were made before gay people had rights to avoid them seeing anything that might approach a positive depiction of LGBTI people on the TV

ACT follows Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia

City's fire chief was sacked for writing a book equating gay sex to bestiality

Listed among the 'mental disorders' that also include fetishism, exhibitionism, compulsive gambling and stealing

Florida Republican: 'I don’t agree the courts have the power to do this'

'I saw the kiss by Michael Sam.. It made me mad–he kissed a man!

Stylist is barred from both the male and female sections of the holy site

Right wing US Christian writer Gina Miller claims transgender people are possessed by demons in a column about the death of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn – blaming the high rate of suicide among transgender people not on prejudice against them but on their ‘open rebellion against God’