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'What they seek is society telling them their sin is acceptable to God'

Parents will also have opt-out from LGBT sex and relationship education

'I don't remember reading about nipple clamps in the Bible'

An estimated 30 million Chinese people are in the closet

Rumors of censorship and vandalism spark social media campaign

Scott Lively is currently on trial for crimes against humanity

'Section 377 is discriminatory in its application and unreasonable in its intent'

Three in ten oppose the plan by a Tokyo ward to recognize same-sex couples

Setagaya's announcement comes days after Shibuya unveiled a plan to issue certificates to same-sex couples

The Gay and Lesbian Network (GLEN) say that its has had a promising response to its call out for submissions. It will announce Ireland’s first Workplace Equality Ranking in the autumn

New proposals pay homage to area's cultural ties to LGBTI and leather communities

Incident allegedly occured at the launch of Labour's LGBT education policy

One fifth, or 22%, are still undecided of how they are going to vote in the May referendum

UK's campaigning charity says it will now fight for the rights of all members of the LGBT community

Ohio father claimed his child had joined a 'cult', believed to be a reference to the trans or Pagan community

Robin Duff helped establish the first national LGBTI group

Survey finds 56% of gay Londoners are not comfortable kissing in public

Ordinance is first of its kind outside Metro Manila

One of 26 Egyptian men who were caught up in a raid on a bath house that police claimed revealed a gay orgy has self immolated, saying no one trusts him anymore despite his acquittal

Apple CEO says the president's new cyber privacy rules could put gay people at risk

Religious authorities say no one is born gay and denying people 'conversion' therapy is an 'ethical violation'

'This power over marriage which came from God under our organic law is not to be redefined by the United States Supreme Court or any federal court'

'At the time Chief Justice Moore had not started bloviating on this topic and so there was no need to defy because I didn't ask for his opinion and frankly didn't need it'

'It’s crystal clear that the motivation for this bill is to stifle local efforts to advance equality for LGBT Arkansans'

Close to half of Americans know a gay couple who has been married

Roy Moore, the court's chief justice, does not support marriage equality and advised probate judges not to issue certificates to same-sex couples

The couple said their wedding vows and exchanged rings onboard a Vietjet flight on Valentine's Day, according to an advertorial on a local news website

Was it censorship or vandalism? Activists in the Philippines allege that the Ad Standards Council had ordered the billboard to be defaced so as 'not to irk the wider public'

Secretary of State Kate Brown will take over after embattled Governor John Kitzhaber resigns from office