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Department's book on modern marriage says diverse gender identities and same-sex love deserve equal respect and treatment

Gang of 15 beat one man unconscious in the anti-gay attack

Only US Supreme Court can now halt marriage equality in the Sunshine State

While some Texas county clerks are preparing to issue licenses, others have said that they will refuse gay couples even if a federal judge lifts his stay on a ruling overturning the state’s same-sex marriage ban

The 10th Circuit appeals court has rebuffed the latest attempt by the state of Kansas to stop gay people from getting hitched

Partners Lydia Cawson and Ruby Jones say that the incident took place at the Southbank branch of Canteen

Enda Kenny, Ireland’s Taoiseach and leader of the Fine Gael party, reportedly visited Pantibar for a pre-Christmas drink with his party’s LGBT group

Veteran is the first out umpire in the league

'NGOs and whites come deceiving you that circumcision and condom use are the best ways to protect yourself'

'Same-sex marriage is simply not possible under this government'

Victim's mother and others believe he was murdered because he was gay and his killer wasn’t sure if he wanted to be

Bondage sex game goes wrong after a man suffocates while he was wrapped in cling film

Sex videos and humiliating 'tests' infringe on human dignity

And what are the party’s real LGBTI policies?

'In the future, people could have no symptoms for decades'

Rebecca Kadaga says foreigners adopt African kids and train them to be gay

Kent State University researchers estimate hosting the 2014 Gay Games brought an additional $52 million into the city of Cleveland’s economy, and that’s just the conservative estimate

Florida bans same-sex marriage and does not recognize gay marriage certificates from other states

Prime Minister Tony Abbott backs away from his election promise to allow a conscience vote on marriage equality

Night that began at South Carolina gay bar turns violent

UKIP wake up to World AIDS Day ‘present’ and a gay kiss

You can bet the DJs are sick of them requesting Like A Prayer

Queer writer wins LGBTI literary award

Gay rights campaigner Robert Biedron has pledged to ditch the limos and ride a bike

WHO issues a call to action after new data shows nearly half a million people in the country are living with HIV

India’s LGBTI community have shown they are not prepared to just disappear quietly since the country’s colonial era sodomy law was reinstated by the Supreme Court, with hundreds marching yesterday in the capital, New Delhi

Archbishop 'rejoiced' when parliament approved gender-neutral marriage