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Arrests were made in the Muslim north where gay sex is punishable with death by stoning

Hijras cannot inherit property in the conservative Muslim country

High court grants emergency stay requested by Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

Hijras mark one year since the country recognized them as a third gender

'Anyone who would walk alongside and then encourage that person’s values systems and their beliefs and bring that in alignment, that is like blasphemous to the other side'

Statue was labled 'homosexual propaganda' after Jobs' successor, Tim Cook, came out publicly as gay

LGBTI business summit in London hears legal and medical professions are struggling with diversity

Kees van Baar, human rights ambassador for the Netherlands, wants to work with corporates to improve life for LGBTIs around world

But the Medical Defence Union appears to be changing for the better

Top banks and financial services firms unite for summit on LGBTI issues in London

Nearly 9 in 10 teachers say homophobic bullying happens in their schools

Some are not happy that the family friendly brand is supporting Pride

Marchers were banned from dressing indecently, dancing and smoking in the conservative Indian city

Survey finds Hong Kong people hold 'generally favorable' views of LGBTI people

Court found a state ban on cross-dressing unconstitutional

The Rocky Mountain Knights wants to be a fraternal society that all Americans can take part in so that they can join forces in resisting the ‘New World Order’ and ‘one-world-government’ though other Klansmen disagree with the move

Laotian runner-up sparks third gender debate in her Communist country

Transgender bride cannot change her gender on offical documents so the union is legal

'What would it mean to grandchildren to have present at a family gathering a family member who is living (in) a disordered relationship with another person?'

In 2012 Ahmed handed out pamphlets with titles such as ‘Turn or Burn’ and ‘The Death Penalty,' which showed an image of a mannequin hanging from a noose

Uganda pastor Martin Ssempa is notorious for the viral video in which he claims gays ‘eat the poo-poo’

UK newspaper Independent on Sunday has published the annual Rainbow List today, showcasing the most influential LGBTI people in the UK today 

Leaders of the Occupy movement backs call for equal rights for LGBTIs, however father of 18-year-old student leader Joshua Wong and himself the leader of an anti-gay group denounces the move

The mayor of the Ukranian capital was asked to support the fight for human rights after a man threw a smoke grenade into a theatre that was screening a LGBT film last month

'Because the federal District Court’s injunction will effectively disable a provision in the Kansas Constitution, I believe I have a duty to exhaust all of the state’s options for appeal'

The former head of BP, who was outed in 2007, spoke movingly today at business and diversity forum EurOUT 2014: warning tomorrow’s business leaders to be open about their sexuality

Ohio student Cole Ledford posted a defiant message to his attacker, who beat him up for kissing his boyfriend

According to right wing pundit Glenn Beck, men watching romantic movies is so emasculating they should get ‘their winkie cut off with a butter knife’

The city has approved a budget of 370,000 kroner for the project, including the training of nursing staff