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Licenses issued after federal judge strikes down gay marriage ban

High court turns down state's request for a halt on marriages pending appeal

'Idaho is pro traditional marriage. And I am not going to do anything to put that in danger'

The Nevada city’s Marriage License Bureau says that it issued 40 licenses on the first day it was legally allowed to do so – with many couples rushing to tie the knot

Amnesty International is the latest organization to call upon the President of Chad, Idriss Deby, to scrap a homophobic bill that is currently passing through the Chad parliament

The rightwing, eurosceptic party UKIP continues to gain ground in the UK with the election of its first MP, Douglas Carswell, to Parliament

Green Party co-leader said Craig Colin thought 'a gay man's place is in the closet'

Neil Peng says Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou has a 'special relationship' with his closest aide

Government agencies, private offices and commercial establishments are required to have 'all gender' toilets

The British tourist was released earlier this week

Former Arkansas governor accuses party leadership of abdicating on the issue

Ruling comes after probate judge began issuing licenses to same-sex couples

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin urges residents to 'uphold our statewide tradition of treating one another with dignity and respect'

Is East Sussex council misleading people over their requirements to change their 'legal name'?

British gay diver revealed he will not be making any political statement against Russia's anti-gay laws when he travels there next year

A Primary School in the English town of Newhaven has introduced ‘gender neutral’ toilets for pupils in an effort to tackle transphobia

Google, Sky, BP and BBC are among the exhibitors looking to hire LGBTI employees at a job fair in London

Looks like a hot wave is coming through followed shortly by a brief shower

Openly gay Nevada state Senator Kelvin Atkinson has made an impromptu proposal to his partner of six years at an event celebrating the Supreme Court’s striking down of his state’s ban on same-sex marriage, and the crowd cheered him on

Police are not treating the murder as a hate crime

Former law dean says the concept of marriage as between a man and woman is 'obsolete'

The men were the first to be arrested on homosexuality charges in seven months

Quezon City mayor says he is checking if he can officiate same-sex unions

'...Our citizens are entitled to exercise their constitutional rights and our administration of justice should be free of any ambiguity or inconsistency in the administration of justice...'

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One man asks on Facebook: 'Will they have drive thru weddings for guys? You know we are always in a hurry'

Marriage licenses may soon be issued in Nevada but not Idaho pending further action by US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issues temporary stay on this week's Ninth Circuit ruling

A court in Charleston County has issued a same-sex couple with a marriage license this morning – despite a state constitutional ban still being in place

60 people were injured at last year's event, the first ever LGBTI celebration in the country