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'We should be able to read, smoke weed, swim and drink naked'

English man tricked two married men for money

While it is not allowed, 54% of Swiss people support same-sex marriage

FDA approve trial expansion after promising results

Bill DeMott was also accused of telling a black wrestler to 'go home to Africa' and forced trainees to work out naked

Using the hashtag #WeJustNeedToPee, the bearded activist posted pictures of himself next to women entering cubicles and doing their makeup

Police are treating the incident as a hate crime

'The militant gay lesbian lobby is trying to get this into our schools to "normalize" what they consider the LGBTI agenda'

Members of Peru’s Congress will not get to vote on whether same-sex couples should be able to enter into civil unions for the second time in 5 years after a legal committee blocked the bill from moving forward

Defendant bragged about giving people his 'positive load'

Michigan school says the LGBTI charity 'conflicts' with its mission

Mother of Orashia Edwards, the bisexual Jamaican asylum seeker in the UK, is terrified her son will be stoned to death

Three-year-olds to be taught gender equality

Bishop Luis Bambaren told a reporter that while openly gay Congressman Carlos Bruce may call himself ‘gay,’ in Peru the proper word for him is ‘maricon’ – the Spanish language equivalent of calling him a ‘faggot’

Bishop Kevin Doran also said homosexuality is not a plan of God's plan - similar to Down's syndrome

Council refuses redevelopment of iconic Soho gay bar

Education minister changes mind after speaking to LGBTI students

Planet Fitness says she violated its 'no-judgement policy'

Gifts include cash, gold, a diamond ring, diamond earrings and a Toyota

Former team joined a brief to the Supreme Court in support of gay marriage

Republican Rep Gilbert Pena, in office less than two months, wants schools fined $2,000 for any violations

She is 'going to be running to the tape' until end of her third and final term

Student was thrown out of men’s toilet in UK nightclub

21 European countries have laws such as this including France, Italy and Turkey

Figures in support of marriage equality have almost doubled since 2004

Horrifying images show a masked executioner about to behead a young, blindfolded man with a sword

Augustinian priest Iggy O’Donovan said this week that he will ‘unquestioningly be voting yes’ in Ireland’s referendum on same-sex marriage because he believes in the freedom for all people to choose how they live their lives

Up to 200 couples will marry in two ceremonies scheduled for 2015