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Mia Freedman said neither gay people nor pedophiles can change who they are attracted to

The 84 year old makes bizarre claim on his TV show The 700 Club

New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania have introduced bills to repeal laws forcing married transgender people to divorce before their new gender is recognized

See some of the best pictures from last night's protest at Sainsbury's Brighton

'This horrible act has two reasons: the animalistic bestiality of an obviously sick and retarded bloodthirsty American soldier and your own society and corrupt politics'

The Legislative Assembly of the state of New South Wales has passed a private members bill that would see criminal convictions for consensual sex between men from before the legalization of homosexuality struck from their records

Bam Aquino says the number of LGBTI murders will continue to rise if harsher punishments are not introduced

Police suspect Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton became angry when he found out the victim was transgender

Transgender students in the Indian capital also qualify for the 25% school quota for disadvantaged children

Among those to wed are plaintiffs in the lawsuit that led to overturning of the gay marriage ban

State's governor and attorney general accused of 'playing politics with our families'

Can you see same-sex marriage from your house, Sarah Palin?

The bill, similar to Russia’s own anti-gay law, will make it illegal to spread information about ‘non-traditional sexual relations’

A North Carolina school allegedly canceled a production because two male characters say they love each other

A 60-year-old married Indian man threw his 20-year-old male lover through a third story window Tuesday morning after a dispute broke out between the pair while they were apparently having sex

Calls have been made to scrap of an agreement that lets the US keep custody of servicemen accused of committing crimes in the country

The Australian Equality Party has signed 700 same-sex marriage supporters

Victoria state parliament passed the bill with three amendments, including posthumous expungements

Eight Pacific countries still have anti-gay laws

Church does not want to create 'the impression of a positive evaluation' of same-sex relationships

Students are daring a branch of Sainsbury's to call their kisses 'inappropriate'

'I got a card saying sorry for the loss of your cat, but with a smiley face drawn on it'

'If Turkey could understand we too are people, then I do believe one day our marriage will be legal'

The Vatican, who believes gay people have 'gifts' to offer the Catholic Church, might have already changed one view

A 16-year-old was jumped by four men, one a former classmate, in an attempt to steal his phone

Police dragged the protesters away even though they had permits

The US Embassy to the Kyrgyz Republic has warned the central government in Bishkek that it would be a backwards move for the former Soviet state to pass a Russia style ban on public discussion of LGBTI issues

The video by Chinese girl group SNH48 shows two girls caressing and embracing