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Ray Cole describes Moroccan prisoner as being like a ‘concentration camp’ and praises his family for helping to secure his speedy release

A new study from the Pew Research Center has found that a majority of African Americans say businesses should not be allowed to deny services to same-sex couples who are getting married despite most still opposing gay marriage

The male gender marker will also be removed

The team said it would not tolerate 'outright homosexual debauchery'

The Courier Mail says it did not intend to diminish Mayang Prasetyo's murder by labeling her a 'ladyboy'

Decision comes a day after marriage equality comes to six additional US states

Ray Cole's family had sought to embarrass authorities by publicizing the arrest of 69 year old tourist

For trans men who opt for genital reassignment surgery, scientists promise a new procedure could be revolutionary

Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia receives its US TV premiere on HBO following its screening in the UK earlier this year

Following the Supreme Court's historic decision, LGBTI people are ever more hopeful that full equality across the country is coming

Similar to Russia's own anti-gay laws, the European Union has described Kyrgyzstan's new gay propaganda bill as one of the most sweeping homophobic draft laws in the world

Hundreds have slammed the Courier Mail's sensationalist reporting of a transgender woman's murder

More transgender people are murdered in Brazil than any other country

Poll finds 68% of Jamaicans feel LGBTI people should not have the same rights as others

Marcus Peter Volke killed and cooked the body of his transgender Balinese wife in their Brisbane, Australia apartment, but fled and slit his own throat when police arrived

The men were forced to have sex with customers and each other for up to 20 hours a day

NOM President Brian Brown: 'We are not defeated or dispirited'

Same-sex couples in all 64 Colorado counties are now allowed to get married

Among those getting married are Oklahoma couple who in 2004 filed suit to overturn state ban

A number of parents were unhappy with measures that the school has taken to highlight diversity and equality at the school

'Disgusted,' one student says. 'Can't believe I study with such sexist, homophobic, snobs'

Thousands of same-sex couples can now marry in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin

Palace police believe the rise of dating apps could cause a security breach

Legislator says a public hearing on gay marriage will be held later this month

Israel’s Ministry of Health issued a public warning on Sunday that attempts to ‘cure’ people of their same-sex attractions are not based on real science and can be potentially harmful

Organizers claim 500,000 protesters took to the streets of Paris

The man's partner shot his mother first for opposing their relationship

The 69-year-old will spend the next four months sleeping on the floor of an overcrowded cell