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Nick and Sarah Jensen have been told they will be unwelcome at the wedding of their high school friend Annie Haggar after they threatened to get divorced in protest if Australia allows same-sex couples to marry

Vitaly Milonov isn't bothered about shocking finales, but about the sexuality

Social media reaction: 'It’s this unworthy magazine that should be burned'

Several men were arrested and face prison, fines, whipping and even death

Gay hotelier hosted a dinner for homophobic presidential hopeful Ted Cruz

Slogan for this year’s Pride parade was ‘We are also family’

Italy is the only Western European country that does not allow same-sex marriages or civil unions

The city-state, where gay sex is illegal, now hosts one of Asia's largest LGBT rallies

'We should ban discrimination against LGBT Americans and their families so they can live, learn, marry, and work like everybody else'

Northern Ireland is the last part of the UK which has not yet legalised gay marriage

A gay chef was mutilated and forced to drink bleach at his family restaurant

Almost 200,000 revellers from around the world attended the Tel Aviv festival

Alveda King: 'It is biologically impossible, scientifically impossible, emotionally impossible, definitely spiritually impossible'

'I accept whatever reason anybody wants to vote for me, whoever they are'

Nearly four-decade ban had been ruled unconstitutional by courts

Organizers believe the meeting will lead to a 'better Paraguay'.

After the election, the most pro-LGBTI politicians have been elected

Federal Assembly proposes changes to German Civil Code granting same-sex couples full marriage and adoption equality

'The construction of sexual and gender identity is an issue that doesn’t depend on biology'

Becomes fourth Mexican state to allow gay couples to marry

New research published in the journal AIDS suggests gay and bisexual men in anti-gay Eastern European countries are not getting the sex education and services they need to stop the spread of HIV

Officials with 'sincerely held religious objection' can now refuse to marry same-sex couples

Presidential hopeful argues gays never had to use separate water fountains

The Black Cap is set to reopen its doors for a cabaret night full of 'danger, excitement and inebriation'

'We should not exploit our soldiers to promote Obama's political agenda or progressive pet projects'

Allows adoption agencies that contract with the state to cite religious grounds when declining service to prospective parents