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Advert was promoting a book showing Jesus as a gay man in a modern city who gets crucified and rises again

Roy Hodgson says he 'suspects' a professional footballer could be gay, but admits he has never met one

Actor, gay rights leader and humanitarian: Politicians and celebrities mourn

Police say their 'long and passionate' kisses 'disgusted' passersby

Conservative author and former Reagan White House aide Douglas MacKinnon wants South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida to form their own country to protest the progress of LGBTI rights in the United States

The country's opposition leader has been prosecuted four times under the law

Dangdang is the first mainland company to openly support LGBTI people

Hotel Hyatt Canberra was slammed for hosting the anti-gay Australian Christian Lobby

Churches blame the deadly virus on 'homosexualism'

'Families all over Utah are celebrating having their families united'

Brian Sandoval is against effort to have recent striking down of ban heard by entire 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

A report has been published into a ground-breaking summit that has taken place between gay dating app owners, health leaders and HIV organizations

The current and former inmates claim that they are locked in their cells for longer than the general prison population, are denied access to rehab programs and are subject to derogatory comments from staff

Police have released CCTV images of two suspects following the gay hook up app date from hell in central London

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert has told talk radio that he believes that gay soldiers will not be ready to defend against sudden attacks because they will need to get massages first before going into battle like the Ancient Greeks

Judge says the law does not affect the straight man who filed the suit

Legislators oppose a clause requiring transgender people have sex reassignment surgery

Korea University council is the first student body to ban discrimination against LGBTI people

He was 'unaware' his victim was transgender

They had been accused of being a gay couple 'posing' as a husband and wife

'Idaho is where some of our best memories together are and it’s where I want to spend eternity with Jean'

Anti-gay TV evangelist says it's time pastors fight against this 'monstrous thing' of being forced not to discriminate

A comprehensive report by Human Rights Watch details how Jamaica’s LGBT community faces widespread discrimination and violence

Alex Au is accused of implying courts are 'systemically biased' against homosexuality

Representatives of the Government of Sri Lanka have admitted to the United Nations Human Rights Committee that LGBTI people are protected under its constitution – though they maintain their country’s anti-sodomy law is not discriminatory

More than 80 others were detained at the unlicensed club

The umbrella is also an icon of the city's democracy movement

The Australian Christian Lobby is a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage