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Pennsylvania pastor: ‘We have to stop the hate speech. We have to stop treating them as second-class Christians'

The second most common word to appear in the headline of a new story posted by Australians to social media in 2012 was ‘gay,’ showing how important the debate over LGBTI rights has become in Australia

The New South Wales State Government has announced it will restrict the ability of schools and disability services owned by religious groups to discriminate against LGBTI people

Some of Peru’s leading celebrities have posed together as if they were gay couples for a new tolerance campaign aimed at eliminating homophobia in the South American nation

Scott Lively, the anti-gay Christian who claims the Nazis were gay, says homophobic persecution directed at Russian LGBTIs is just gay-on-gay violence

Although Bryan Fischer once doubted Liz Cheney's patriotism, he now sides with her in the public spat between her and lesbian sister Mary

Michael Drougas says he has not received a single negative reaction after coming out 'on my own terms'

Pastor could be defrocked for refusing to never perform another same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania

A parent who has forgotten their 17-year-old gay son's birthday for the past three years is looking for advice on how their teen can 'stop' being gay. Check out the amazing response

To mark Transgender Day of Remembrance, Paris Lees will speak at an event with musicians, poets and mourners

As it is revealed 99% of all gay teens hear homophobic language in schools, Anglican chiefs admit they must do more to curb homophobia in the playground

Experts will focus on what banks can do to improve global LGBTI rights, including in Eastern Europe, at Out on the Street summit

A coalition of over 300 ministers of religion have signed a group letter calling on Indiana state lawmakers to oppose efforts to pass a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage – saying it is an attack on religious freedom

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta has given anti-gay Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy its Community Empowerment award at its Equal Opportunity Day dinner and gala

The promoter of Lady Gaga’s 2012 tour of Russia has been fined for breaching Russia’s laws banning ‘propaganda of alcohol consumption and homosexuality’ to minors after the mother of a 13-year-old girl who attended her concert complained

Christian Democratic Party candidate Claudio Arriagada became the first openly gay man to be elected to the national Chamber of Deputies on Sunday after coming out in August as a pro-gay rights coalition looks set to take power

Neil Abercrombie says even couples who marry elsewhere should honeymoon in island state

'This is an issue we have dealt with privately for many years, and we are pained to see it become public'

Cruz is 'giving thanks to my heavenly father for one more day of life and with [my] husband'

Manchester’s Gay Village in northwest England is to host a rival Olympics opening ceremony to support LGBTI Russians

Gay rights campaigners are furious as a British man is on trial after images from a stolen laptop were published by a Ugandan tabloid

Sports minister Vitaly Mutko has said legislators should have realized passing a gay propaganda law would have caused Russia a headache before the Sochi Winter Olympics

Jack Andraka, a 16-year-old prodigy, says being awarded by the Vatican proves how the world has grown to accept people who are gay

Gay pop star Will Young: 'It's clear from the shocking levels of self-harm and suicide among gay young people that we're failing an entire generation'

An inquest has heard how a 14-year-old boy, who had made 20 reports of bullying to his school, bypassed settings on his computer to research suicide methods

The patrons of one of Russia’s best known gay nightclubs were subjected to a shooting attack on Saturday in what the club owners say is just the latest in a series of provocations

A soldier has been sacked by the Indonesian military over allegations he is gay despite his denials - with the judges who heard the appeal saying homosexuals will ruin Indonesia’s military strength

Young men who have sex with men across Asia and the Pacific are facing a growing HIV epidemic according to the president of the International AIDS Society

Heather Poe, Mary Cheney's wife, wonders how her sister-in-law can offer congratulations on her marriage but still be against it