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Former leader of the anti-gay British National Party was forced to leave for causing 'disunity by deliberately fabricating a state of crisis'

On 1 October 1989 Denmark became the first country in the world to provide legal recognition for gay and lesbian couples – taking the first step on the road to marriage equality

Russia says the program bypassed laws banning adoptions from countries that recognize gay marriage

Social media giant had lost users over enforcement of its real names policy

Attorney General Greg Abbott gives answer during debate with Democrat candidate Wendy Davis

'I am pleased both boys accepted responsibility for their actions'.

Hulk star refuses to keep supporting a Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva over her views on LGBTI rights

Hurungwe West MP and Zanu PF provincial chairman Temba Mliswa has claimed that ‘gay gangsters’ have infiltrated his ruling party, taking key roles as part of a plot by the CIA

Homophobia is not a crime in the country even though it has the highest LGBTI murder rate in the world

Senator David Leyonhjelm says the timing is not right now but he still aims to introduce the bill in the coming weeks or months

High court makes no decision on which, if any, marriage equality cases to review - next possible date is October 6

'He recited a biblical passage -- I think it's a Deuteronomy passage'

Respect After Death Act ensures that authentic gender identity is reflected on death certificates

'Meg and I were jumped coming home from a birthday party,' one of the victims said. 'I thought my girl was dead.'

Is a religious extremist group deliberately targeting LGBTI pride celebrations in the hope of inciting hatred and violence?

UKIP is one of the only mainstream parties in the UK to be opposed to same-sex marriage

'If I can kiss my wife in public I don't see why you can't kiss your husband in public.'

Luka Magnotta dismembered his Chinese boyfriend and sent his limbs to political parties and elementary schools

Irish researchers have found that nearly half of HIV positive gay men would still benefit from receiving the HPV vaccine while 77% of HIV negative gay men would benefit

Christians rally in Coahuila a month after the state legalized gay marriage

Tens of thousands of people denounced his comments on social media

He was fined $65 but his local partner is still on the run

Defendents can no longer claim their violent act was triggered by victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity

The Minnesota Star Tribune – the most widely-read newspaper in the state – has been widely criticized by users of social media for publishing a full-page advert on Sunday that many readers consider to be anti-transgender

16 people were hospitalized after being gassed and police tried to force venues to shut the event down but that didn't stop them

The 24-year-old was peeing in the bushes when his attacker asked the victim to have sex with him

How many Brits still think HIV is a 'gay-only disease?' Do gay or straight couples have more adventurous sex? And how long is the average gay relationship?

Court postpones ruling on a case seeking to repeal the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act for a second time