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Activists say the country's anti-gay laws are scaring tourists away

'Little Red Riding Hood' was outed after a video of him shouting at his partner was posted online

Prompted by pressure from conservative groups, the referendum could set back the cause of LGBT rights in the predominantly Roman Catholic country

The principal of a catholic school in Ottawa, Canada, has stepped in to halt a school project from two 11-year-old pupils on the topic of gay rights.

Lord Christopher Monckton, the former deputy leader of UK political party UKIP, has launched a no-holds barred attack on LGBTI people

Protesters say the anti-trans 'purge' is unconstitutional

Organizer is charged with publishing lewd content in a public space

Jim Hood says he has 'statutory duty' to argue the constitutionality of the state's laws

Tory candidate for Mayor of London also claims a straight man is unable to stop the London gay drug problem

His mother claims her son was 'embarrassed'

There have been 300 violent homophobic attacks in London alone from January to October this year alone

'I think people ought to have the freedom to choose their own life path'

The United States Department of State has expressed its dismay that The Gambia has moved forward with a bill that punishes ‘aggravated homosexuality’ with life imprisonment and reports that security forces are actively hunting down LGBTI people

Ceremony is Rio de Janeiro state's fifth such event since 2011

'The court concludes that Mississippi’s same-sex marriage ban deprives same-sex couples and their children of equal dignity under the law'

Killings are the militant group's first executions for alleged homosexuality

But no marriages yet as ruling put on hold pending possible appeal

Football Association in UK has groundbreaking trans policy

A video ad supporting LGBTI rights in Lithuania can only air after 11pm under the anti-gay law

New research shows homosexuality helps humans bond

Place of worship will need to be 're-sanctified', clerics say

A Facebook message has gone viral in Ireland and abroad, proving there are still wonderful people in the world

Policies include more devolution, pedestrianization and a Londoner's Card

Faith-based book equates homosexuality to pederasty and bestiality

Survey finds transgender people are treated the worst

Grand jury does not charge police officer Darren Wilson for shooting the teen