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Study shows bisexuals are the worst affected group

But reaction from activists mixed since only one group - OUT at Universal - will be included

Ruling by US District Court Judge Martin Feldman ends streak of post-DOMA victories in federal courts

A 32-year-old hopes to finally see justice after years of dealing with alleged sexual abuse

A 16-year-old, who identifies as gender non-conforming, was told his makeup could be construed to be a 'disguise'

LGBTIs are planning to flee the country if Islamic State fighters get in. Those who can’t get out will be targeted for execution, they warn

Daniel Donaldson says Yes LGBT is misleading people into thinking an independent Scotland will better protect gay rights

The victim was left brain damaged by the attack

The CEO of the Australian Football League (AFL) rugby code has stated for the record that his code wants to see all Australian couples to be able to get legally married in response to a letter from a mother with a gay son

David Bahati, the author of the draconian anti-gay bill struck down by Uganda’s Constitutional Court in August, gave notice yesterday that he will reintroduce the bill during this sitting of parliament

Vine video seems to show him calling other player a 'fucking poof' - alleged incident being investigated by league

Adoption and social security rights will also be extended to gay couples

Sergei Aksyonov says the police and self-defense forces will be called if gay people try to hold public events

League's first openly gay player will have to pass physical this week before being signed

Even though a Zimbabwe-born man is happily civilly partnered to his British partner, he could be sent home

'Reply to all' claims another victim as a lawyer cites the Bible slamming a judge's decision to rule in favor of gay rights

Historic new law allows individuals to self-determine their own gender identity, abolishing any requirements for medical intervention

The two students could face up to three months in jail and six cane strokes after a sex toy was found in their room

Yes LGBT group says an independent Scotland would enshrine gay equality in a written constitution

The first pride event in the English-speaking Caribbean was cut short after death threats

According to new research, if you are exposed to homophobic content on social networks it will erode your trust in the rest of society

International musician and civil servant, a couple from Ireland, died off the western coast of Crete

One of the most renowned lawyers fighting for LGBTI freedom in Russia was attacked by two men in black hoods in Kostroma

Police has faced complaints over the alleged use of illegal drugs and high-risk sex happening in a public place

Homosexuality was removed from China's official list of mental disorders in 2001

Australia’s Sydney Convicts gay rugby club has dominated the Bingham Cup world cup of gay rugby, winning the Bingham Cup after defeating the Brisbane Hustlers 31-0

The Zimbabwean president made the comment while visiting China but left without a single yuan in aid or soft loans

Marina Silva revises pro-gay government plan just one day after publication

In a 2012 speech to a far right group, Page called US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens a 'homosexual sodomite'