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Group supporting inclusivity and diversity in sport is asking national houses to host a temporary Pride House during the Sochi Winter Games

After BBC newsreader Kenneth Kendall’s death, his civil partner Mark Fear decided he couldn’t face life alone

Chrisie Edkins had campaigned for transgender rights and performed at LGBTI pride events around the world

Campaigning group is calling for Vladimir Putin to cancel a series of concerts in December over fears the British singer will speak out on gay propaganda laws

The two women, who were originally married in the US, separated and remarried in Europe to avoid legal pitfalls

The Newcastle Knights National Rugby League club has said it does not share the views of player Ryan Stig who posted anti-gay comments to social media, while another Christian rugby player has taken him to task over them

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer has told a celibate gay man that his homosexuality is a choice but Fischer said he couldn’t ever choose to be gay when challenged

Anglican Archbishop of Perth Roger Herft has blocked a motion saying gay civil unions can co-exist with heterosexual marriages despite two thirds of the state’s Anglican Synod voting in favor of doing so

The New South Wales state Labor Opposition has announced it will vote as a block to support a bill by independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich which would see religious private schools banned from discriminating against LGBT students

Governor Rick Perry reacts by reiterating his opposition to marriage equality

Former justice once voted to uphold Boy Scouts of America's ban on gays

Herman Rowland Sr. has given $5,000 to campaign to repeal new California law

Baltimore's Morgan State University chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi now under investigation for alleged discrimination against Brian Stewart

Police arrest man for arson who claimed he only did it because he was attacked by a 'possessed homosexual demon'

A gay Russian LGBTI group is planning to hold a series of sports events to celebrate diversity in Russian sport

LGBTI group is suing Kenya’s government after board refused to let them register legally. Case will be landmark challenge of the Constitution

A straight guy defended his friend dressed in drag from three attackers who called him 'disgusting' and a 'faggot'

Politicians reach cross-party agreement on LGBTI change to Constitution as the country also gets ready to pass same-sex civil unions

The Tasmanian state Upper House has refused to revive debate on a bill allowing same-sex marriage at a state level despite getting advice from constitutional lawyers they themselves had acknowledged as experts

Family Research Institute founder Paul Cameron has claimed to Russian lawmakers that large numbers of LGBT people approve of adults having sex with kids and that openly gay teaches should be banned from schools

Hundreds of Vietnamese LGBTs and their supporters have gathered in a Hanoi park to watch the symbolic marriages of two gay and lesbian couples and to show their government their support on the issue

Retired Lutheran pastor Gilbert Rossing has told of how his gay sons forced him to change his mind about homosexuality and Christianity and come to support same-sex marriage in backing gay couples’ right to wed in Oregon

Thousands sign up to speak during first day of special session

Steven White and Matthew McCrea refused to exit cab in pouring rain and instead called police

Former NFL player later apologizes but is banned from Washington DC radio station for anti-gay slur against Dallas Cowboys icon

Long-stalled legislation seeks federal protection from discrimination for LGBTI employees

From fighting the Vietnam war as a young activist to reporting on the executions of gay Iranians, Ireland was a veteran advocate and champion for LGBTI people

The 24-year-old Chilean was found beaten unconscious, swastikas carved into his skin, part of his ear cut and had cigarette burns all over his body

With the start of 2014 Winter Games now 100 days away, Russian president tries to soften anti-gay tone