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Among those getting married are Oklahoma couple who in 2004 filed suit to overturn state ban

A number of parents were unhappy with measures that the school has taken to highlight diversity and equality at the school

'Disgusted,' one student says. 'Can't believe I study with such sexist, homophobic, snobs'

Thousands of same-sex couples can now marry in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin

Palace police believe the rise of dating apps could cause a security breach

Legislator says a public hearing on gay marriage will be held later this month

Israel’s Ministry of Health issued a public warning on Sunday that attempts to ‘cure’ people of their same-sex attractions are not based on real science and can be potentially harmful

Organizers claim 500,000 protesters took to the streets of Paris

The man's partner shot his mother first for opposing their relationship

The 69-year-old will spend the next four months sleeping on the floor of an overcrowded cell

Teenager Eric Martin allegedly was harassed with anti-gay slurs

If elected, Michaud will become the first openly gay governor in US history

Aaron and Melissa Klein refused to make the cake for 'religious reasons', and now face bankruptcy for discrimination

Organizers are asking people to use Twitter hashtags #StandForEgyptLGBT and #SolidarityWithEgyptLGBT to voice their support ahead of coordinated protests outside Egyptian embassies worldwide

Founder of mosque says petrol and oil were used, claims vandals are to blame for the attack

Oral arguments for the case will be heard at the end of October

Uganda President Museveni says he still wants to persecute gays, but not if the African country loses money through lack of foreign trade because of it 

The person accused of homophobic acts will have to prove his or her innocence, rather than being presumed innocent until proven guilty as is usually the case

The former world champion, who appeared in Mark Wahlberg's No Mercy music video in 1995 as himself, is said to be a 'surprising' but 'perfect' person to emerge as a gay rights advocate in conservative Poland

Victim was trying to run from three men when she was shot point blank in the head

ACLU of Missouri: 'This is a personal win for our 10 courageous couples'

Presently the incident is not being investigated as a hate crime

'I know when, but I’m not going to tell you,' he tells audience during appearance in Colorado

Residents and merchants of Coronado have banded together for event with mayor officiating

Couple feels sorry for group 'who believed it was OK, cool, maybe even funny, to use two innocent individuals as their punching bags'

Some angry gay men feel like their privacy has been violated and are seeking legal action

London 2012 Olympian Greg Rutherford has spoken openly in support for his friend

LGBTI advocacy groups are very concerned about the new proposals

The girls deny the allegation and say they were beaten by their principals