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'You don’t have to agree with the politics, but you have to respect the culture of a country you are visiting'

A 13-year-old boy and his mother is taking action against school district for failing to do enough to protect him

Customers left a shocking anti-gay message for a server who provided excellent service in a Kansas City restaurant

A boy carried a gun and 400 rounds of ammunition to his Vancouver, Washington school claiming he was hearing 'voices in his head'

Ugandan prosecutors deny the men have been ‘medically tested’ to see if they have been having homosexual sex

Policemen escaped jail for two years for filming an attempted rape between a man held for being drunk and another detainee

Plymouth pensioner is blaming vodka and medication after he told an older gay couple to 'go back to where they came from'

Grove City College professor of political science Paul Kengor thinks same-sex marriage is a Trojan Horse by the far left to accomplish the Communist goal of the destruction of the family unit

A record number of Russian LGBTs are seeking asylum in the United States with over 800 applications from Russian citizens during the last 12 months

Same-sex couples will have just days to be able to marry in the Australian Capital Territory in December before the High Court hears the Australian Government’s challenge to the law

A new study has looked into the suffering of Chinese women who have married gay men

Republican state representative is leading effort for Kathleen Kane's ouster

Barbara Buono says New Jersey governor 'was really forced' to drop legal appeal to try and stop marriages from taking place

British charity The Samaritans have revealed how thousands of calls to the listening service are from men confused, depressed or even suicidal over their sexuality

Liberal leader has promised to continue to fight Canberra and the ACT allowing same-sex couples to marry starting from December

Up to 500 people could watch as an art student claims he will lose his cherry in a 'once-in-a-lifetime performance'

Police are trying to determine what happened in the last hours before a 51-year-old gay man was murdered

Complaints were made after Superman in 'turned' gay in the show, where he becomes a weak, lisping stereotype

While same-sex couples have now been given equal state child benefits, many are hoping recent coalition talks will pave way for same-sex marriage and adoption

Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and others attend summit on LGBT business in Asia. Politicians and business leaders dinner ended in laser show turning HSBC building into rainbow flag

An Ohio State University and Boston University study has found significantly larger numbers of people are prepared to admit some same-sex attraction if nobody can trace their answers back to them

The Legislative Assembly of the Australian state of New South Wales passed a motion today condemning attempts to treat homosexuality as a treatable condition

The High Court of Australia has bowed to the Australian Government’s request to have its challenge to the Australian Capital Territory’s same-sex marriage law expedited and will hold a first directions hearing tomorrow at 2.15pm

Lawyer for gay couples asks justices to 'bring certainty to the uncertainty in the state'

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts: 'I wish they would have a little more faith in me'

A young 'very much in love' couple's death is being treated as 'unexplained'

US performer has announced he will still travel to Sochi as a figure skating analyst for NBC

Austria has chosen Conchita Wurst, a trans singer, to represent the country in the European singing contest

Gay saunas have hit out at the proposed condom ban proclaiming it 'unfair' while HIV experts warn it will stop safer sex and be a 'public health own goal'