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Five of the biggest names in advocacy have come to the Gay Star Beach Party to discuss the ethics of LGBTI travel

Pamela Raintree challenged Councilman Ron Webb's proposal to repeal an anti-LGBTI ordinance, even bringing a stone for him to throw at her

Golf club inventor Dr Essay Anne Vanderbilt killed herself shortly after Caleb Hannan threatened to out her in article

A man who unfurled a rainbow flag at the Olympic torch relay in Russia has reportedly been detained and taken to a police station on Saturday

Law authorities arrest Mitchell Munro Taylor on suspicion of cyberstalking and harassment against Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Five of the biggest names in LGBTI advocacy have come to the Gay Star Beach Party to discuss how to improve gay rights around the globe

In a letter the the Ugandan parliament, Museveni says gays have a 'terrible sickness' but shows admiration for British scientist Alan Turing

The news program which is meant to investigate the rising rate of HIV infections among young Chinese instead featured hidden camera footage and dialogue between a sex worker and an undercover reporter in a hotel room

Police discovers 8 men "naked in a hotel room”, 7 others given "administrative penalties"

Annise Parker says calls it 'a very happy day' for she and Kathy Hubbard who married on their 23rd anniversary as a couple

John Arthur died in October a married man.

But the state of Ohio this week has filed a notice of appeal to a federal ruling that resulted in Arthur's death certificate recognizing that he was married to Jim Obergefell.

The couple went to great lengths to get married in July because Arthur was dying from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

They were forced to raise $12,700 to charter a private plane and get married in Maryland where same-sex marriage is legal. Their seven-minute ceremony took place on an airport tarmac.

Despite same-sex weddings or gay sex not being explicitly illegal in the African country, police arrested the men on grounds of ‘obscenity’

President has said Russia does not ban homosexuality, unlike many other countries who have passed homophobic legislation such as Uganda and Nigeria

RTÉ's religious affairs show sparked a backlash after the official Twitter said: ‘Can gays be cured of being gay?

Police are on the hunt for a gang of skinheads believed to have targeted a 16-year-old because of his sexuality and race

Arizona Senator Steve Yarbrough wants to make it legal for any business to discriminate against people for religious reasons to protect them from having to serve gay people but he admits other groups could be discriminated against as well

A Kazakh lawmaker wants ‘lesbianism’ banned alongside sex between men as the country considers a new Criminal Code

Joaquim Chissano, the former President of Mozambique, has pleaded with African leaders to show more tolerance for sexual minorities and to respect their human rights in an open letter

Report claims President Yoweri Museveni refuses to back the law previously called the ‘Kill the gays bill’ and has attacked parliament’s Speaker Kadaga for passing it

Applies to marriages that took place during brief legal window or in another state

Members of European Parliament have called on heads of state and high courts to repeal discriminatory laws

10 Muslim men are being tried under Islamic law, with one Christian being tried under secular law, on charges of homosexuality

Russian president has attempted to stop the fears of next month's Sochi Winter Olympic Games in light of the gay propaganda law

Italian member of the IOC says it is 'absurd' the US is sending gay athletes and should not be 'promoting' LGBTI rights

Founder of the Virgin Group, comprising 400 companies including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Media and Virgin Trains, said he will be meeting with government leaders to 'encourage compassion'

Marriages between gay and lesbian couples accounted for nearly 7% of marriages in New Zealand since the South Pacific nation legalized same-sex marriage, government figures reveal

The Russian Government has published a report criticizing human rights in the European Union in which it slams Europe for trying to force its tolerance of ‘queers’ on the international community

John Duran: 'We all know the city is UBER gay with 40% of our residents being LGBT. But 60% of our residents are not'

Adam Fraley: 'I think they got to know me first before they knew I was gay'