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An English town of just over 7,000 has claimed it will be the first to keep a rainbow crossing permanently in Europe

WWE officials were reportedly 'blown away' by the gimmick change

Was used to block a draught in an out building

'I will perhaps continue this joke by closing their gay club'

The Supreme Court of Florida is hearing a case where it must decide whether sex between men meets the legal definition of intercourse in the state’s law criminalizing people who lie about having HIV to their partners

Blued gives 10 couples the best Valentines Day's gift ever

Amendment to gun legislation challenges the state's ban on gay marriage

State television suspends the offending show for 'technical reasons'

Parker is only US mayor in top 10 on worldwide list compiled by City Mayors Foundation

Categories of 'male' and 'female' are no longer that important to people under 34

First time two gay rugby teams compete at a professional sporting event

Ritch Dowrey spent the last five and a half years of his life in a care facility after being attacked in a gay bar in an act described by a judge as ‘virulent homophobia’ but his attacker is already out on parole

Family is handed 10 pages of anti-gay scripture and a sympathy card

Organizers say LGBTI gamers 'probably have some unfair advantage'

More than 80% of calls are from men

Owners of Gortz Haus agree to pay $5,000 to couple and vow not to discriminate in the future

State's attorney general has filed appeal after 11th Circuit Court of Appeals declines to extend stay

He has pleaded guilty and admits it 'exceeded the boundaries of self-defence'

Co-owner’s refusal, based on religious beliefs, will see the bakery pay up to $150,000 in compensation

Distraught mother: 'The kids were standing there laughing their heads off. I don't think they understood what was going on.'

Compulsory lessons will include profiles on Oscar Wilde and inclusive sex and relationships education

Author of the country's gay 'propaganda' law hides behind his tablet

Franklin, Tennessee’s GracePointe megachurch has announced it will treat same-sex couples in exactly the same way as it does opposite-sex couples in the church, marrying them and allowing them to take on leadership roles