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Outspoken Republican makes U-turn on offensive comments

Utah lawmakers have unveiled legislation to protect LGBT individuals against employment and housing discrimination while also protecting religious freedoms

But his documentary about the plight of LGBTI people in Kenya will still never be shown

Conscience Clause Bill would allow businesses to defy the Equality Act

Australia, USA and Israel among countries asked to clarify rights of traveling British wedded same sex couples

Censorship board says it is 'not appropriate' for a child to utter the word

Buddhist monks are not allowed any physical contact with the opposite sex

Human rights group says the trial seems unfair

Republican presidential hopeful later apologizes 'unreservedly'

Parent writes in text that she does not want her child influenced by tutor's 'lifestyle'

Second baseman Daniel Murphy makes comment after former gay pro Billy Bean spends day with the team

Shocking images of the horrific murder

Republican Tony Tinderholt sent a handwritten complaint, but it was sent to the wrong judge

Reverend Ann Kansfield was sworn in as the New York City Fire Department’s newest religious chaplain after complaints about a lack of diversity inside the organization

Malaysian national wants to legally change gender so she can get married

Teachers are told to listen to the worries and anxieties of LGBTI students

First central European country to recognize same-sex marriage

Marriage equality foe Chief Justice Ray Moore recused himself from vote

Kevin Hoover, 20, had posted urgent message: 'They said they are going to kill my family'

Protestors from around the world gathered outside Royal Courts of Justice to fight for LGBTI rights activist Aderonke Apata, and Gay Star News was there

Now he’s suing management and colleagues at leisure center

Labour leader on the 49,000 men convicted of homosexuality: 'It’s a stain on our society, frankly'

Will it become the first Central European country with marriage equality?

23-year-old persuaded users of the app to meet in person and smoke ice

Nine districts are planning measures to support their LGBTI residents

Russia is furious that United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon ordered that all UN employees in legally recognized relationships should have equal partner benefits regardless of where they are working

One trans woman was raped by 14 soldiers and performed sex acts for food

CPPCC member says measure would help prevent the spread of HIV

'Sodomistic propaganda' would be also punished with a $1 million fine