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'I was always afraid of that reporter asking me the question outright - are you gay?'

A group of men allegedly told him 'Halloween hasn't started yet'

'We are still on course and in fact we are more energized that our culture, our norms, our religious norms are protected.'

British columnist claims Woman and Equalities Minister Nicky Morgan is 'inadequate'

Home schooled teen was called 'faggot' and 'booty lover' by his three young attackers

Muslim fundamentalists rioted in previous years

A 26 year veteran of the fight for LGBTI equality in Australia, Australian Marriage Equality national convener Rodney Croome has been honored as the 2015 Australian of the Year for his home state of Tasmania

Murder comes a week after the killing of Jennifer Laude by a US marine

Group of transgender women held off an armed mob then cleaned up after

Unknown man threw a smoke grenade into the audience

US Family Research Council president Tony Perkins has warned that ‘climate change alarmists’ are seeking to ‘promote homosexuality’ to control the population growth of humans on the Earth

Top court rejected two constitutional challenges to the country's sodomy law

Vitaly Milonov: 'What could he bring us? The Ebola virus, AIDS, gonorrhea? They all have unseemly ties over there'

Mayor John D'Amico: 'Right from the beginning, the people of West Hollywood wept for the dying, cared for the sick, and protested for more action'

David Coburn also thinks the only LGBTI people who want same-sex marriage are 'queens in bridal frocks'

Orange is definitely not the only fruit

They threatened to strip if the rioters did not turn back

They say the law is urgent after the murder of a transgender woman by a US marine

A former adviser to Bill Clinton, David Mixner revealed Monday that he assisted in the mercy killings of 8 gay men who were dying of AIDS during the 1980’s – including his own lover Peter Scott

Sean Lien says comments overheated

James David Manning says the coffee shop is 'ground zero' for the virus

Nicky Morgan says if the opportunity came up to vote for same-sex marriage again, she would vote differently

New French study could revolutionize the sex lives of gay and bisexual men

Worst mother in the world and her boyfriend will escape the death penalty

Nicky Morgan has revealed a £2 million package for charities to come up with ideas to tackle homophobia

Court of Appeal rejects two constitutional challenges to the country's sodomy law

She says his pink lip gloss was the first clue to his sexuality

Sam Ganafa was arrested for 'unnatural offenses' last year

Religious politicians say the 'morally depraved' law will 'destroy the family'