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'It's our job as citizens to say that Michael Sam deserves a fair chance, not because he's a gay football player, but because he's a football player and he wants to go out and play football'

‘Gay Propaganda: Russian Love Stories’ has been published to give a voice to LGBTI people suffering under the Russian anti-gay laws

A Scottish newspaper has compiled a list of Scotland’s 50 most influential LGBT people from politicians to Hollywood movie stars

A harrowing report from Columbia University shows gay people living in prejudiced places have shorter life spans, are more prone to suicide and are at risk of violent and stress-induced deaths  

New York-area radio hosts apologize for fabricating story about a pair of gay dads who were chastized over young daughter's birthday party invitation

Lesbian tennis legend King has been named as one of the presidential delegates to attend Sochi’s closing ceremony after she had to drop out of opening ceremony to care for her sick mother

President Yoweri Museveni claims the anti-gay bill is justified after observations from so-called experts are published

New rules state gay priests are banned from getting married and gay couples will be refused official Church blessings

Canadian actress makes powerful coming out speech at LGBTI youth conference in the US: ‘I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission’

A prominent church pastor has finally claimed responsibility for an anti-gay petition which demands the health ministry review its online brochure on sexuality for failing to warn against the 'homosexual lifestyle'

LGBT activists stage kiss-in to protest Russia's anti-gay laws and urge Chinese society to eradicate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

Their attorneys believe first victory in southern state is part of unstoppable trend

DOMA plaintiff was among those invited to State Dinner for President of France

Government spokesman makes announcement on Twitter that Yoweri Museveni will consent to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Parents of seven and eight-year-olds reported the school to the authorities after their children made Valentine's cards for their same-gender friends

A politician, who with one other is against the anti-gay bill, has consulted with legal experts and believes it to be unconstitutional

US gay media advocacy organization announce they will be honoring an international LGBTI rights activist for the first time

Johnny Weir has spoken out how figure skating is viewed as feminine in the US, but masculine in Russia

Archbishop of Lublin claims Pope Francis reassured them and told them to continue opposing equality for gay couples

Protests are being held around the world today to prove love can conquer hatred and fear

Australian Marriage Equality (AME) have sent roses to 50 federal MP for Valentines Day – letting them know they’re going to be targeted to change their votes on same-sex marriage

A study of 400 pairs of twins has found that gay men share genetic signatures in their chromosomes but also that sexual orientation is not entirely genetic in cause

New South Wales state police have agreed to more sensitive policing of the 2014 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival after there were complaints of police brutality and over-policing at the 2013 festival and parade

Accused homosexuals will be denied bail in Uganda alongside rapists under a new proposal by President Yoweri Museveni

The ruling, which would make Virginia 18th state in the US to have gay marriage, has been stayed pending appeal

To make it on the ballot box, the draft must pass two consecutive sessions of the Wisconsin state legislature

Paul Hard wants to be listed as surviving spouse on death certificate and proceeds from pending wrongful death lawsuit

Texas Republican introduces bill that would prevent federal government from recognizing gay marriages in states where there is a ban in place

Social network site users can now choose up to ten different gender definitions to describe themselves including intersex and transgender