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Justices will rule on Governor Chris Christie's appeal to stop marriages from beginning this month

US right-wing campaigner Linda Harvey claims ‘no child is born gay’ and accuses anti-bullying programs of promoting same-sex behaviour to students in schools

Revolutionary guards have reportedly arrested at least 17 homosexuals and ‘devil-worshippers’ who were dancing at a birthday party held in a hall close to the Iraqi border

25-year-old Kerry Tyler Street expects to pay $2,000 (£1,474) for every one of his teeth knocked out during an attack where he believes he was confused for a gay man

New reports reveal the much-feared 'gay tests' will be a gender test banning trans people, effeminate men and butch women

Gay rights activists and asylum experts say the conditions refugees live in are 'appalling' and could easily be 'illegal'

Asia’s Regional Meeting on Community-based HIV Testing summit has heard that there is not enough information being gathered about testing levels among men who have sex with men and transgender women across Asia despite being in at risk groups

Same-sex couples in the US state of New Jersey will begin marrying in two weeks after State Superior Court judge Mary Jacobson refused Republican Governor Chris Christie a stay on her decision while he seeks to appeal it

The Australian campaign for the legalization of same-sex marriage has responded to Attorney-General George Brandis threat to challenge the Australian Capital Territory's (ACT) marriage equality bill, saying they have confidence in the legislation and that the High Court threat will only encourage more couples to get married sooner

Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai, who has been on a terrorism watch list since he was 19, is one of two men charged over a shooting in the car park of a Sydney gay sex-on-premises venue

The Mariinsky Orchestra and its conductor, Valery Gergiev, hear from Queer Nation before a Carnegie Hall performance

Governor Jerry Brown signs bill into law also applies to unmarried couples

Will the first stamp to feature an openly gay elected official

A man and a woman has complained of fearing for their safety after a man came up to them in an aggressive and threatening manner

Grieving father had been walking 5,000 miles across the US when he was hit by a driver believed to be asleep at the wheel

Despite having a bounty on his head, Wendelinus Hamutenya is a well-known politician, in an openly gay relationship, who has put LGBT issues to the top of the agenda

What started as a way to protect a lesbian couple's kids has turned into the most hotly-awaited court fight on same-sex marriage in Michigan

African LGBTI Out & Proud Diamond Group is calling all supporters of the Gambia LGBT community to come and fight against anti-gay laws

British cell phone giant EE promises to change rules so trans customers no longer have to provide gender recognition certificates to change their details

Vitaly Milonov, a Russian lawmaker, wants an amendment on the 'gay propaganda' law banning same-sex couples from using surrogacy

LGBT group Kairos of Florence was inspired by Catholic who burned himself alive to protest church’s stance on gays. Now they have received the ultimate blessing

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Attorney-General Simon Corbell has confirmed that the Australian Government will seek to have its same-sex marriage law declared unconstitutional if it is passed into law

Health officials in the Canadian province of British Columbia have announced they will begin using a new HIV test that can show if a person has been infected in less than a fortnight after exposure

An investigation of legal issues around allowing same-sex couples to marry in the state of Tasmania has found that there are no legal barriers to Australian states doing so while a ban on same-sex marriage exists nationally

'My daughter, who is openly gay, is not a political agenda'

But controversial televangelist supports anyone who 'wants a sex change operation'

Removes barriers for changing name and gender marker on legal identification

Qi Jia-wei alleges Washington, Beijing and the Vatican stand in the way of gay marriage in Taiwan