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Dmitry Kozak claims Russia does not discriminate against LGBTI people as he implies gays are pedophiles

To celebrate the north becoming the last part of Europe to decriminalize homosexuality, Cyprus will celebrate gay rights in a 'long overdue' event

Politicians have called on government to approve raids of children's book shops, in order to make sure they are not learning about homosexuality

‘All is forgiven, and it’s clear that whoever you were back then, you’ve grown and you’re a pretty kickass guy now'

Experts will analyze issues facing younger and older gay, bi and trans people

Prolific writers such as Neil Gaiman, Salmon Rushdie and Margaret Atwood signed a letter callling for the repeal of gay propaganda laws

Australian Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he believes Prime Minister Tony Abbott will allow government MPs a conscience vote on same-sex marriage before the end of 2014

Newly appointed Cardinal Fernando Sebastián is being investigated by Spanish prosecutors over comments he made in which he called gay people defective and said they should try to correct their sexuality like he does his high blood pressure

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has condemned Russia over its so-called ban on homosexual propaganda to minors – noting its concern about the effects the law might have on young LGBTI people

Letter to Ryan Eichenauer states: 'I can't wait for the day that I get to walk over your grave and if you don't put yourself there, I'll be glad to. Just do us all a favor and do it soon. Kill yourself already.'

Michael Cashman says ‘Not in my name’ as he cuts his Visa card in two in a protest about their silence on Russian anti-gay policies while sponsoring the Winter Olympics

O’Grady says he believes Putin is gay as he joins a global day of action against Russia anti-gay hate

Tennis legend forced to drop out of US delegation to be with her ill 91-year-old mother

David Silvester was kicked out of the UK Independence Party. Now he wants gays to ‘repent’ and has bizarrely voted for a town council motion against him

A North Carolina child is in intensive care after being hanging himself because he could not deal with the homophobic bullying at school any longer

Frustrated now they are the only country in the UK to not have equal marriage, gay rights campaigners are threatening legal action

Catholic Church rejects a recommendation by the United Nations it should change its core teaching on homosexuality

Lambeth Mayor Mark Bennett, an adovocate for gay rights, was a friend of Prime Minister Tony Blair

Protests will take place in 19 cities around the world including London, New York and St Petersburg

Only 1-in-10 New Zealand same-sex couples are still opting for civil unions since same-sex marriage was legalized there and that number appears to be dropping further

Singapore’s leading public health organization has declared that LGBTI people are normal and not mentally ill in publishing an online Q&A on LGBTI issues – though homosexuality is still technically banned in the South East Asian nation

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria has congratulated President Goodluck Jonathan on making participation in a same-sex marriage a crime punishable with 14 years imprisonment

Svetlana Zhurova: 'It is more important who wins than whether he or her is homosexual or not'

'I simply disagree with the organizer of that parade in their exclusion of some individuals in the city'

Ted Olsen and David Boies tell judge a law that relegates same-sex couples to second-class status cannot stand

Scottish Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill making Scotland the 17th country in the world to legalize equal marriage

In this touching speech, the performer discussed why certain actions can seem homophobic and their real-life ramifications

Australian snowboarder Belle Brockhoff will be holding up six fingers every time a camera points at her, a sign to the oppressed LGBTI community in Russia

After its first event in 2005 Student Pride comes to the Uk's capital in hopes for a bigger and better turnout