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Sunday 8 September will see protests for LGBT equality in cities all over the world

A right-wing Conservative host has told his faithful listeners on how the Nazi party was originated in a gay bar in Berlin

Deputy PM of Ireland, Eamon Gilmore, speaks out against Russian 'gay propagnda' laws, and that they will 'explore what actions' they can take

Priest refused to baptize son and told British lesbian moms they were 'living in ignorance' and were 'lost'

UPDATE: The Vatican categorically denies the Pope called a French 25-year-old student to reassure him over his sexuality

UK Prime Minister David Cameron raised gay rights at a 2am face-to-face with the Russian President

The Mexican state of Chihuahua has joined Mexico City, Quintana Roo and Oaxaca in allowing same-sex couples to marry following a 22 August court verdict

All of New Mexico’s counties have asked the New Mexico Supreme Court to decide whether same-sex marriage is legal in the state after eight county clerks issued over 900 same-sex marriage certificates

Councilwoman Elisa Chan, who was recorded making anti-gay comments, is one of the three council members voting against changing the city's anti-discrimination laws

Olympic hopeful comes out publicly to speak out against Russia's anti-gay laws

An evangelist who said gay people pass HIV by cutting people with 'special rings', a politician who said gay parents were child abusers and a preacher on trial for crimes against humanity are all nominated

Outgoing president Jacques Rogge has said they are considering Yelena Isinbayeva's role as an ambassador after her anti-gay comments

Plans are being drawn up to put homosexuality as grounds for denying custody of a child, along with alcoholism, violence, and abuse

Gay rights campaigners and religious organizations will be making their voices heard at the Scottish Parliamentary Committee

Married gay National Guards in Texas and Mississippi will be forced to jump through hoops in seeking to apply for equal federal benefits because state level guard leaders say they would be breaching their state bans on same-sex marriage

Judge Timothy Black has ordered that a recently deceased Ohio man’s same-sex marriage should be recorded on his death certificate – the second such ruling he has made in two months

US Attorney General Eric Holder says the regulation blocking veteran spousal benefits to same sex-couples mirrors the Defense of Marriage Act language that was found unconstitutional

'You look and see what’s inside yourself, and you find a way'

Aaron and Melissa Klein refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple

Inspired by Dan Savage's It Gets Better project, LGBT-affirming Christians encouraged to upload videos of support

Over 50 guests have accused authorities of discrimination after they bust into a venue and shut it down

First human tests have been declared as a success with patients' antibodies being boosted after treatment

Two hockey players who found love on the pitch have announced they will be getting a civil partnership this year

William Hague, former leader of the Conservative party, has said PM David Cameron will challenge Putin on 'gay propaganda' laws

As homophobic attacks continue to rise in the face of the 'gay propaganda' law, the Russian president has said gay people are not discriminated against

More anti-gay election flyers that suggest same-sex marriage will lead to children being taught about gay sex in kindergarten have been distributed to electorates across the country while whatever group is responsible is refusing to admit to it

Mexican Democratic Revolution Party lawmaker Rafael Mendoza has called for public gay nuptials to be banned, saying they will confuse children, but his own party has rebuked him

1 in 10 Harvard College students in its 2017 class will identify as gay, bisexual or questioning according to a survey of incoming students of the elite academic facility

According to Bryan Fischer the start of the Nazi Party can be traced to a gay bar in Munich, Hitlers enforcers were homosexual and gays are 'thuggish'