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Discussions on gay issues thrown off the table at the global Christian gathering in Korea. Special LGBTI meeting now scheduled by progressive religious leaders

State Senate has given approval but House vote a tougher sell

Pete Ricketts' sister and fellow co-owner is a lesbian and outspoken supporter of LGBTI equality

US Wikileaks mole is being forced to dress as a man in a men's security prison

Concert audience thought they were about to witness a conservative evening of classical music and instead saw a solo rally against Putin

Openly gay Brit Anthony Watson is the first non-American to be elected to the board of the world’s biggest LGBT media advocacy organization, GLAAD

Phil Anderson says he posted this self-portrait to point out it isn’t necessarily insulting to be called a Nazi if the person saying it is joking

Education Ministry vows to severely punish any child who forces another to 'practice lesbianism'

Gay rights activists have accused the Moscow authorities of condoning Adolf Hitler's actions during the Holocaust by banning a peaceful protest

The Tea Party Republican who is running to be Lieutenant Governor of Virginia has denied making homophobic statements that were caught on tape and broadcast including that gay people are ‘very sick psychologically’

Aboriginal Australian boxer Anthony Mundine has said that homosexuality is incompatible with Indigenous culture in reaction to a gay Aboriginal character appearing on TV

The Vatican is surveying Catholics around the world to assess their views on how to approach same-sex couples and their families in the church and how to approach other issues of controversy for Catholics – suggesting Pope Francis I may be preparing for reform in the church

The Hallmark card company has apologized for removing the word ‘gay’ from a line from the Christmas carol Deck the Halls on an ornament because of its homosexual connotation in a move which angered both LGBTs and traditionalists

In a speech US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel calls on states to issue National Guard ID cards to same-sex spouses of military members to claim benefits

Yanel Valenzuela had asked employee for workout tips for trans women

Majority Leader Harry Reid is confident the bill will pass with full support of Democrats and handful of Republicans

Robert Gates led the dismantling of Don't Ask, Don't Tell while US Secretary of Defense

Prime Minister David Cameron has said he is 'very happy' to look at pardoning the World War II who committed suicide after being convicted of homosexuality

Parents will have the option to leave the gender box blank in an important step forward for intersex births

Kenya’s refusal to register an LGBTI organization is set to become a legal showdown between gay activists and anti-gay forces, raising ‘deep’ constitutional issues

Hundreds gathered in most gay friendly area of Rome to pay tribute to the 21-year-old medical student who condemned Italy's homophobia before jumping off a roof

Two studies are being described as 'revolutionary' as doctors believe they could find the evolution to today's drugs that can suppress HIV for good

Hallmark has defended replacing the word ‘gay’ with ‘fun’ in the traditional Christmas carol Deck the Halls as part of its Christmas decorations line this year

The New South Wales Upper House held its first debate on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage today but did not vote on the bill as further debate was postponed for two weeks time

Christian group Christian Snippets Australia has blamed this month’s catastrophic bushfires in the state of New South Wales on efforts to legalize same-sex marriage, saying they were a final warning from God

House vote expected to be closer as Hawaii moves closer to becoming 15th US state with marriage equality

Fund started to help eight-time US Gymnastics tumbling champion Kalon Ludvigson cover medical and rehabilitation costs

Republican's wife had signed petition urging him to back the proposed legislation offering workplace protections to LGBTI employees

Group supporting inclusivity and diversity in sport is asking national houses to host a temporary Pride House during the Sochi Winter Games