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In a statement to journalists in Nigeria, the US ambassador to Nigeria James Entwistle said the US is not cutting but carefully considering HIV/AIDS and Malaria funding in light of Nigeria’s anti-gay law

30-year-old Charles Franklin claims he had consensual sex with a lesbian who was inebriated after leaving a wedding in Bristol

Russian neo-Nazi leader Maxim Martsinkevich, who posts videos on Youtube of him torturing gay men, has been reportedly arrested in Cuba after fleeing Russia

Retired Swiss Guard commandant Elmar Mäder has claimed to a Swiss newspaper that he was aware of gay priests during his time working at Vatican City in Rome

Bangladesh’s first magazine for LGBTI people was launched in Dhaka on Saturday in an event attended by the British High Commissioner

'Please change this law - just be inclusive, champion everyone'

'All my gay friends think (Putin) looks so buff when he's shirtless'

Owners say they were practicing their constitutional right to religious freedom

UKIP leader calls the Conservative defector to his party an 'embarrassment' after the widespread coverage of his remarks blaming recent storms on gay marriage

Fernando Sebastián claims if a homosexual cannot achieve procreation, then they have failed as a human being

Mario Pescante has accused Barack Obama of 'political terrorism' after including three gay athletes as part of the delegation to the Sochi Olympics

Neuroscientist suggests if women live a stressful life, take drugs or smoke while pregnant then it can lead to a child having a lower IQ and an 'influenced sexuality'

UKIP Henley-on-Thames councilor David Silvester has been suspended by his party after claiming recent flooding was divine retribution for the legalization of same-sex marriage

65 surrogate children of Israeli gay couples are stuck in Thailand while the Government of Israel refuses to grant them Israeli citizenship

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has gay people in his life but claims his country’s ban on homosexual propaganda to minors is necessary because some unnamed countries are considering legalizing pedophilia

'It has nothing to do with persecuting people for their non-traditional orientation. My personal position is that society must keep children safe'

Five of the biggest names in advocacy have come to the Gay Star Beach Party to discuss the ethics of LGBTI travel

Pamela Raintree challenged Councilman Ron Webb's proposal to repeal an anti-LGBTI ordinance, even bringing a stone for him to throw at her

Golf club inventor Dr Essay Anne Vanderbilt killed herself shortly after Caleb Hannan threatened to out her in article

A man who unfurled a rainbow flag at the Olympic torch relay in Russia has reportedly been detained and taken to a police station on Saturday

Law authorities arrest Mitchell Munro Taylor on suspicion of cyberstalking and harassment against Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Five of the biggest names in LGBTI advocacy have come to the Gay Star Beach Party to discuss how to improve gay rights around the globe

In a letter the the Ugandan parliament, Museveni says gays have a 'terrible sickness' but shows admiration for British scientist Alan Turing

The news program which is meant to investigate the rising rate of HIV infections among young Chinese instead featured hidden camera footage and dialogue between a sex worker and an undercover reporter in a hotel room

Police discovers 8 men "naked in a hotel room”, 7 others given "administrative penalties"

Annise Parker says calls it 'a very happy day' for she and Kathy Hubbard who married on their 23rd anniversary as a couple

John Arthur died in October a married man.

But the state of Ohio this week has filed a notice of appeal to a federal ruling that resulted in Arthur's death certificate recognizing that he was married to Jim Obergefell.

The couple went to great lengths to get married in July because Arthur was dying from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

They were forced to raise $12,700 to charter a private plane and get married in Maryland where same-sex marriage is legal. Their seven-minute ceremony took place on an airport tarmac.

Despite same-sex weddings or gay sex not being explicitly illegal in the African country, police arrested the men on grounds of ‘obscenity’

President has said Russia does not ban homosexuality, unlike many other countries who have passed homophobic legislation such as Uganda and Nigeria