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'Ministers should have the right to uphold their religious beliefs'

'My responsibility as a human being is to love and accept everybody'

News of Knox's death broke on Twitter with friends and colleagues expressing their grief over his death

'If there is an infection, we should try and cure it, not stigmatize it.'

South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria already have similar schemes to expunge criminal records of men who were convicted for consensual gay sex

The High Court has ordered the government to officially recognize the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission after the group was rejected five times

Scouts for Equality has raised the money through crowdfunding

Thurmond is smallest town in US to officially enact such legislation

Gay renters were made homeless for the night in the middle of Texas

More than half of Republicans and 7 out of 10 Americans would have no problem attending the same-sex nuptials of a gay friend or relative, new data by Reuters/Ipsos has found

Cannibal admitted it 'exceeded the boundaries of self-defence'

Ahead of the UK election, lesbian comic announces she is the founder of a new feminist party

Argues same-sex marriage led to breakdown of the family, which in turn contributed to poverty

'It will give religious school principals free rein to discriminate against gay and transgender students and the children of same-sex couples'

But 57% think businesses should not be allowed to turn away LGBTI customers on religious grounds

Many transgender children drop out of school due to pressure to conform

Former congressman says: 'Michele Bachmann has left. She was it'

Pastor: 'Before I accept homosexuality, I will die'

While same-sex marriage, according to him, is not

Bill Shorten has distanced himself from calls by Labor deputy leader Tanya Plibersek for all of the party’s lawmakers to be compelled to vote for legalizing same-sex marriage whether they agree with the reform or not

It is unknown whether he has ever heard of the Streisand effect

'Notorious RBG' destroys every argument put forward against gay marriage

Constitution reforms would also bar same-sex couples from adopting children

Report officially rules transgender teen's death a suicide

Michael Martin and Logan Westrope slow danced to Sam Smith's Stay With Me during charmed evening

St Petersburg MP Vitaly Milonov vowed to avoid more 'ugly insults to millions of Russian families in the future'