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At a Arsenal vs Bayern Munich match, fans unfurled a banner with a crude drawing showing a midfielder about to be penetrated by a cannon

Ukraine's Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko is claiming the European Commission has allowed it to exclude LGBTI people from new anti-discrimination legislation but the Commission says that is incorrect

The Aam Aadmi Party will put the legalization of homosexuality at the top of its election manifesto as it seeks to win its first seats in the Indian Parliament and break into national politics

A group of students celebrating St Patrick’s Day in the Russian city of Irkutsk have been attacked by homophobic thugs who assumed they were gay because some of them were wearing kilts

Christian humanitarian charity World Vision America will now employ Christians who are in committed same-sex marriages under rule changes announced earlier today

Bosses immediately laid off the driver as a 'protective measure' to ensure no other gay couple is discriminated against

‘No gays everywhere’ shouted a religious leader as he marched supporters through the streets

The 51-year-old suspected attacker was knocked unconscious during the incident in the heart of the gay scene in Birmingham, England

Bar owner says he has been shocked over the homophobia he has faced since he opened up a business in the spiritual home of the Church of England, Canterbury

National Organization for Marriage co-founder Maggie Gallagher has conceded that same-sex marriage will come to all 50 US states

Two California women in a domestic partnership have been accused of starving and beating their children - who have since been placed in foster homes

Retired Ghanaian MP Mike Ocquaye believes African countries will be able to resist Western nations’ calls for Africans to stop persecuting gay people by refusing to buy any Western goods

White US evangelical Protestants continue to be the most resistant to same-sex marriage when compared to other Christians

Inquest hears Ben Cowburn was showered with gifts by the gay celebrity before he committed suicide in 2010

Sandy Rios claims gay men are ‘disordered’ and ‘trannies’ should not be allowed to serve in the military

Biden also called on the US Congress to immediately pass ENDA – an anti-workplace-discrimination bill that has been introduced every year for the last 20 years but was never passed

'To allow a more reasoned consideration of the motion to stay, it is ordered that the district court’s judgment is temporarily stayed until Wednesday, March 26, 2014'

Philip Poolman claims that he was branded a ‘predatory gay’ after complimenting a barman at his local pub

Gay hate group Westboro Baptist Church picketed Lorde’s Kansas concert, but were met with a peaceful counter protest which sympathized with the death of their leader

Lawmakers want to pass a law to equate gay sex with other offenses such as terrorism, human-trafficking and rape

The ASEAN SOGIE Caucus calls on the ASEAN governments to place greater priority on the well-being and welfare of all peoples in its 10 member-states

Estranged son Nate Phelps hopes that 'every mention of his (father's) name and of his church be a constant reminder of the tremendous good we are all capable of doing in our communities'

Bigot Bill Donohue asked to march in New York's Heritage of Pride Parade, but now charges organizers are forcing him to follow rules he rejects

Judge: 'State defendants lost sight of what this case is truly about: people'

Judy Shepard: 'I know how solemn these moments are for anyone who loses a loved one'

New campaign calls on everyone - including gay people - to check their language and ensure they are not a bystander to abuse

London student Clayton Pettet has told his accuser that he is 'ruining art' by having sex live with a man and a woman on stage