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Popular Melbourne, Australia gay club night Poof Doof is banning patrons who bring crystal methamphetamine and GHB into the club for life, and those placed on the banned list won’t be able to get into more than 100 other venues

The Open Mosque broke a law by not having parking spaces

The Marriage Equality Bill has been stalled since October

The last three marches were banned for security reasons

WikiLeaks whistle-blower claims to have received no medical treatment for her gender dysphoria

Lawmaker makes announcement during rally pushing for state hate crimes laws to include LGBTI protections

District Attorney Seth Williams: 'An assault on people because of their sexual orientation has no place in Philadelphia'

Leader of the Labour party announces Lord Michael Cashman will be the party's special envoy on LGBTI rights

New partnership with IFAW will raise animal welfare awareness to Gay Star News readers across the globe during Animal Month and beyond

What was meant to be one of the best days of their lives turned sour after their outdoors ceremony was beset by hecklers

Read the list of eight celebrities who ‘shocked the world’ with their sexuality – including Radcliffe, who is actually straight

Men and women who are attracted to both genders are found to disproportionate levels of poverty, violence, suicide, and discrimination

Cape Town’s progressive Open Mosque, which welcomes LGBTI people and allows men and women to worship and preach together, has been labelled a ‘cult’ and un-Islamic by a coalition of 14 conservative Muslim groups from across South Africa

If found guilty he will be the first person convicted of the crime in the country

Jim Deva fought a 20-year battle against the censorship of LGBTI books

Poll finds half of Americans consider homosexuality a sin

Thousands of political prisoners were 're-educated' in the island jail

Ruling comes in case that involves lesbian couple's adoption of a child

Hashtag #stopjailinggays to be used Wednesday and Thursday

Associate justice does the honors for her former law clerk and his husband

Egyptian police have been cracking down on the LGBTI community in recent weeks, using dating apps like Grindr to entrap and arrest people

Gay rights campaigners are calling for the gay and bisexual men to receive a vaccine for HPV, claiming current policy is 'homophobic'

During her time as PM, she was opposed to the 'redefinition of the traditional notion of marriage'

Former president of France is back, saying he 'detests' the way equal marriage was brought in by Francois Hollande's government

Authorities say fake gay couples are harder to detect

The United States Census Bureau has found that there are now over half a million married gay and lesbian Americans, ten years after Massachusetts became the first state to allow them to marry

The event's poster was inspired by the jihadist group's beheading videos

Their transgender classmate was fined for breaking the school's dress code

The country's new penal code abolishes the death penalty but punishes gay sex with up to 20 years in jail