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Only 1-in-10 New Zealand same-sex couples are still opting for civil unions since same-sex marriage was legalized there and that number appears to be dropping further

Singapore’s leading public health organization has declared that LGBTI people are normal and not mentally ill in publishing an online Q&A on LGBTI issues – though homosexuality is still technically banned in the South East Asian nation

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria has congratulated President Goodluck Jonathan on making participation in a same-sex marriage a crime punishable with 14 years imprisonment

Svetlana Zhurova: 'It is more important who wins than whether he or her is homosexual or not'

'I simply disagree with the organizer of that parade in their exclusion of some individuals in the city'

Ted Olsen and David Boies tell judge a law that relegates same-sex couples to second-class status cannot stand

Scottish Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill making Scotland the 17th country in the world to legalize equal marriage

In this touching speech, the performer discussed why certain actions can seem homophobic and their real-life ramifications

Australian snowboarder Belle Brockhoff will be holding up six fingers every time a camera points at her, a sign to the oppressed LGBTI community in Russia

After its first event in 2005 Student Pride comes to the Uk's capital in hopes for a bigger and better turnout

Bent Høie, the official representative for Norway at the Paralympics, said it was common for an official to take their spouse to such an event

Report adopted 'strongly condemns' homophobia and transphobia in the European Union

David Silvester, who blamed Britain's recent floods on gay marriage, refused to apologize or step down as town councilor

Two men were forced from their home and made to masturbate and have anal sex while a crowd of onlookers jeered in mob ‘justice’ attack

LGBTI people and their allies are all awaiting the vote to see whether Scotland will join the 16 other countries to allow same-sex marriage

'Hello My Name is Vladimir' is the world's first 'protest beer' to be sold in stores and online

A 30-year-old Libyan Muslim man with a history of instability has been arrested over an attempted New Years Eve arson attack on a Seattle, Washington gay bar but the incident does not appear to have been a hate crime

Senegalese police have arrested 4 men over a spate of vigilante attacks on alleged homosexuals last Thursday but local Muslims have marched calling for their release

Trio brutally beat and stabbed victim to death in country's far east region then put his body in a car they doused with gasoline and set on fire

Chandler Whitney tells teammates: 'You know that college football player at Willamette who came out? I'm dating that guy'

First minor is punished for a law intended to protect minors from 'non-traditional sexual minorities'

Health experts are concerned about 'dramatic disparity' between gay and straight teens, saying it may have resulted from homophobic bullying

Six men between the ages of 16 and 23 confessed to murdering an 18-year-old after they mugged and humiliated him

In an effort to protect children from 'Western values', Moscow Helsinki Group says Vladimir Putin is not doing what is in best interest for children

Scottish Government will be working with Westminster in an effort to implement the bill as early as possible

Drinks giant, currently under fire for sponsoring the Sochi Olympics in Russia, is now facing outrage from conservatives for their commercial

The Australian Government has chosen a teacher and author who once wrote that students should be taught to see LGBTI issues in a negative light to review the national school curriculum

The leaders of the major parties in the Australian state of Victoria are battling each other to win the gay vote with the Labor Party now pledging to make its Safe Schools LGBTI support program compulsory for all public high schools

On New Year's Eve, staff discovered a carpeted stairwell in Neighbours nightclub doused with gasoline and set ablaze