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Owners of a Christian guesthouse has been ordered to pay out damages to the gay couple after they refused them a double room

Jailed US WikiLeaks mole gives thanks for true justice pioneers like Harvey Milk, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

LGBTI rights group Equality North Carolina has asked the state General Assembly to ensure that tax payer dollars don’t go to schools with anti-gay policies

A gay couple have been found guilty of trespassing by a Kentucky jury for refusing to leave a county clerk’s office that refused to issue them a marriage license but were fined 1 cent for the infraction

Next month Mary Cheney will host a reception to support efforts to fight an anti-gay marriage amendment in Indiana

Still insists that ‘faggot is not the word that came out of my mouth. That I know'

An unrepentent Savage replies:  'The authorities turn a blind eye… so, yeah, someone has to condemn'

State Senator Adam Ebbin has introduced legislation to pave the way for marriage equality

Weekly talk show had only aired twice before it was yanked

Man is calling on the Kenyan government to protect LGBTI people far beyond their HIV/AIDS response

The LGBT event will attract 200,000 visitors to the Swedish capital

Many famous gay men have pledged their support to National HIV Testing Week, including Christian Jessen, Charlie Condou and Dan Gillespie

Dayna Morales, a former marine, claims a young family refused to tip her and left a note saying they did not agree with her 'lifestyle'

The Brits are having less, but more varied, sex - that's according to a nationwide sex survey of 15,000 adults

The mayor of Madrid has been accused of trying to destroy the city’s annual LGBTI pride week after the city fined the event’s organizer hundreds of thousands of dollars over noise code violations

A court has ordered that a terminally ill Illinois woman who has cancer will be allowed to marry half a year before the state’s same-sex marriage law comes into effect

Australia’s Governor-General Quentin Bryce has spoken out about the high rate of suicide among LGBTI young Australians just days after she made her support for same-sex marriage known

The XX, with two out of three gay members, is to sue a Croatia anti-gay marriage group for using their music without permission

Police are on the hunt for a 30-year-old black male who befriends gay victims before stealing laptops, cash and other valuables

A ref of 12 years is banned from his association after speaking out and complaining to the police about the homophobia of football players

Four attacks have been made on Russia's Central Station nightclub since the gay propaganda law was enforced this summer

US ambassador John Berry, who married his same-sex partner in August, has remained diplomatic when asked what Australia should do on the issue in his first televised interview

Hundreds of Indian LGBTIs marched for their rights and greater inclusion on Sunday in the cities of New Delhi and Bangalore with many non-LGBTI allies marching as well

The woman who has the power to sack Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced her support for marriage equality, but her decision to go public has been attacked by an openly gay government senator

Because there is no law against mailing coal to legislators, police will not investigate to discover who sent the early Christmas gifts to Hawaii politicians who did not vote for the marriage equality bill

Dan Savage reminds Mary Cheney supported a presidential candidate who called for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage across the US, including states where it was legal

Delta County School Board member Katherine Svenson doesn't want trans kids using facilities 'until the plumbing's changed'

Officer Francesca Quaranda has claimed the work environment at Middletown police department in Conneticut has become more hostile since transitioning