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Ken Bencomo was fired after 17 years when his marriage made the news

'But of course you have to respect the laws of the country you are in'

Representatives of Irish LGBT young people write to ambassador about 'worrying developments' in Russia and request meeting

Gay networking network The List highlights why the good intentions of gay boycotts will have no long-lasting impact on Russia’s anti-LGBT laws

Events by PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) China reach out to LGBT people and parents in more isolated cities

Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania marries two men in his home despite state ban

India is moving to pass legislation that will formally ban gay couples and unmarried foreigners from having children via Indian surrogate mothers after already denying same-sex couples visas for surrogacy

Armenia has become the latest former Soviet state to seek to ban discussion of non-heterosexual relationships in a move by police

The soon to be former president of the Young Democrats in America calls his coming out 'some unfinished business'

Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Honolulu among cities facing petition drives

Urges Russia to repeal anti-gay laws in advance of 2014 Sochi Olympics

Government gives greenlight to yet another de facto same-sex marriage

Lawmaker says he does not know why LGBT people are complaining about the 'gay propaganda' law as same-sex relations are not illegal

Gay and Jewish British national treasure has penned an open letter urging the IOC and David Cameron to condemn Russia's 'gay propaganda' laws

Florida woman was taken into custody after saying she was thinking of killing herself after her story was called into question

Tonight Show host Jay Leno has compared Russia to Nazi Germany while interviewing US President Barack Obama about the plight of gays under Vladimir Putin’s reign

The New South Wales state Administrative Decisions Tribunal has ruled that the bashing of an LGBT activist by a man who had previously harassed him over his sexuality was not an act of vilification

A new poll shows that allowing same-sex couples to marry is the number one civil rights issue for Australians under 25 with only education and cost of living issues rating higher

Facing calls for a worldwide boycott, maker of Stolichnaya Vodka changes employee anti-discrimination rules to now include sexual orientation

Consulate even posts man's photo on its Facebook page and website

Guilty of espionage, theft and computer fraud in connection to leaking 700,000 confidential documents to WikiLeaks

Petition is being delivered to the International Olympic Committee calling on them to finally condemn the treatment of LGBT people in Russia

National Diversity Awards 2013 have announced their shortlist, including numerous gay-friendly businesses and personalities

Cecile advertised her offer on E-Loue, a very popular website. Its co-founder assures 'she's not doing anything illegal'

A mother is furious after her son was attacked in a Florida Walmart for wearing a 'girly' headpiece

LGBT young people are being left traumatized, with some reportedly committing suicide, after they are captured by neo-Nazis and humiliated in front of video cameras

Lithuania’s Central Electoral Commission has blocked moves by LGBT rights foes to have voters decide whether so-called ‘homosexual propaganda’ should be banned like they are in Russia

Openly gay New South Wales state MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich has called on Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister to speak out against the treatment of LGBTs in Russia

US anti-abortion group the National Right To Life Committee has disendorsed their Cleveland chapter over its campaigning against same-sex marriage in a sign of a diversifying of views in the ‘pro-life’ movement