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The social network announced its support of new legislation that would give tax breaks to LGBT employees who pay for their partner's benefits

Mike Piazza takes on chatter about his sexuality in new memoir

International LGBT group Football v. Homophobia has started a new campaign against gender-based violence in South Africa

Speaking in favor of an anti-gay prom in Indiana, a special education teacher adds fuel to the fire with homophobic comments

A Cincinnati man who strangled and stabbed a man he met at a gay bar in 1985 will be executed in 2015 after an Ohio Supreme Court ruling that his execution can go ahead

A gang of youths accused of bashing and robbing a young gay man at gun point got more than they bargained for when Oregon Police dispatched a SWAT team to the scene

'Thank you everyone for all of the support and love. Wasn't expecting this'

'Her legacy carries on, every day, in the countless lives that she touched'

Russian city has been passing repressive laws directed at LGBT community

Introducing bill to lift restriction of benefits of legally married gay and lesbian soldiers anbd veterans

AP uses couples or partners to describe people in civil unions or same-sex marriages

American international and ex Leeds United football star Robbie Rogers says he’s gay, coming out after 25 years, and quitting soccer

Labour MP Chris Bryant has asked the Welsh Secretary David Jones to retract his comments saying gay people 'clearly' could not raise children

Study finds 76% of HIV positive people cancel their insurance even though they are likely to be covered

Conservative MP David Jones said gay people are unable to provide a 'warm and safe environment' for children

Missouri teen is not allowed to bring his date as the county handbook states 'boys can only invite girls'

He died 30 years ago but he is still alive in the Italian LGBT people's memories and in the Circolo Mario Mieli association's activities

Arpad Miklos has become the latest gay porn star to kill himself. So are pornography fans killing the objects of their own desires?

DC is nearly twice as gay as Hawaii while North Dakota is the least gay state

Alan Turing is now famous as a gay war hero and the father of computing, but the events leading up to his suicide are less well known

Councilor Gillian Wharton-Slattery will ask Kerry County Council in Ireland to back a motion supporting marriage equality

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has told UK MPs all registrars should be required to carry out ceremonies for same-sex couples

Gay Star News interviews the director of Intersexion, a new film that tells the story of the one in 2,000 newborn babies who don't fit neatly into a pink or blue crib

On Valentine's night crowds of gays and lesbians have kissed in squares, supermarkets, post offices and hospitals to protest against the 'lack of rights'

The American scout group's application form says it will not hire homosexuals 'in any capacity', but 'conviction of a crime is not an automatic bar to employment.'

Valentine’s Day yesterday saw an outpouring of claims amid some British Muslims that Valentine’s Day went against Islam. But this is false, says Omar Kuddus

Lesbian talk show host and comic will play everyone's favorite forgetful fish Dory in the Disney/Pixar sequel

Opposition party says the police are failing to protect LGBT people in Turkey

An England-wide survey shows gay youth come out in their early teens, revealing progress in terms of visibility and equality