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Northern Ireland's High Court rules that a ban on gay and lesbian couples adopting children is unlawful

While some have claimed gay marriage in France will lead to animal sex and pedophilia, most religious leaders are more conciliatory in their tone

PSY’s infectious Korean pop video, spoofing horse-riding and the fashionable Gangnam district of Seoul inspires US military tribute acts

Lord of the Rings actor exhanged numbers with singer Rylan Clark, claiming he is a 'huge fan'

Simon Gage admits British gay networking club Jake may seem intimidating but can soon see you make friends and contacts you would never have otherwise met

Celebrities including Great British Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins and X Factor's Marcus Collins up for gongs at UK gay rights awards

A cool car with green credentials, we test-drive the Scirocco R-Line 2.0 ltr TDI BlueMotion

Far-right British National Party leader Nick Griffin stands by tweets which threaten gay couple who won a discrimination case againt an English B&B

Stephen Fry, Sir Ian McKellan and others show their solidarity with LGBT youth

A famous journalist and Senegalese public figure appeared before accused along with another man of committing 'acts against nature'

Mama Rainbow, about supportive mothers of gay children in China, is shortlisted for documentary award

Rally outside office of independent MLC Adriana Taylor in Hobart, Tasmania today

Largest survey of its kind shows LGBT population at 3.4%; more non-whites identify as LGBT than whites; LGBT Americans are more likely to have lower education and income

Viewers will find out that character of Jane has an ex-girlfriend

District teams with LA Gay & Lesbian Center to launch Project SPIN

Aziz Ansari: 'You know you’re on the wrong side of things'

This week's Spirit Day to combat bullying getting unprecedented support

Comes after appellate court in Boston had similar ruling

Far-right British National Party leader Nick Griffin has threatened to send supporters to a gay couple’s home after they won a court case against Christian hoteliers

France’s Chief Rabbi, Gilles Bernheim, has publicly stated today he opposes the country’s plans to introduce gay marriage and adoption rights

Trans Media Watch expert says transgender people should show the press they're just as diverse as the rest of society

UK equality charity releases eighth edition of Starting Out guide for British gay, lesbian and bisexual job seekers

Anti-gay rights activists send court summons to Material Girl, claiming singer 'insulted their feelings' with gay rights comments at St Petersburg concert

Two British men, both in their 60s, were turned away when asked to be shown to a room with a double bed

Taiwan's capital Taipei is probably Asia’s most liberal and gay friendly city and hosts the continent's largest LGBT Pride march

US TV presenter and Saved By The Bell star slammed for tweeting about craving food from anti-gay chain Chick-fil-A

Landmark hate crime trial in Kentucky, US, hears how gay man was beaten and subjected to homophobic abuse on a dark, mountain road last April

New film hopes to raise support for the rights of same-sex parents

UK X Factor finalist Rylan Clark doesn't care if he's a 'joke act' because he's serious about doing dance music