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Bisexual British pop star will shave her head for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day 2013

Media Council banned the play after saying it was 'contrary to the laws, cultural norms and values of Uganda'

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party vetoed a proposal that aims to bring in constitutional protection for LGBT rights

Islamic students group objects to veteran gay rights activist Dede Oetamo being considered for a role on the Indonesian human rights commission

With only two openly gay male footballers worldwide, the German leader tells soccer players they have 'nothing to fear'

NHL star Matt Hendricks, of Washington Capitals, says you shouldn’t need courage to go into the locker room as he backs gay players

School in US chocolate town of Hershey pay damages to 14-year-old with HIV who they said was ‘direct threat’ to other students

Democratic Action Party MP writes the government is fanning ‘the flames of intolerance and homophobia’ with gay ‘symptoms’ guidelines

Ground-breaking talkshow pulled after a week following vigorous protests from social conservatives 

Don Philip's voice no longer what it was when he sang with Spears

Harry Potter star is longtime supporter of group dedicated to suicide prevention among LGBT youth

Robert Champion's parents blast school for its remarks

'If you don’t believe in it, don’t engage in it. But don’t deny other people their basic civil rights'

Jimmy Kimmel tells crowd: 'People see Ellen on TV and they get to know her and maybe they start to feel like they do have a (gay) friend'

Punk rockers Pussy Riot, jailed after protesting Russian President Vladamir Putin, may be released says Dmitry Medvedev

In an art installation by Ukrainian artist Taras Polataiko, girls must marry their Prince or Princess Charming

Straight ally strips off for his new calendar which benefits his Stand Up! Foundation

Man behind viral hit Homecoming wants to create a video to fight for gay adoption laws in Europe

Jamaican Christians are marching for ‘sexual purity’ and against homosexuality – so is this a sign that a new approach to LGBT rights is needed?

British Communities Minister Eric Pickles has said faith groups need an opt-out from gay marriage, leading experts to believe the government may allow religious same-sex weddings

Adoption agency Catholic Care has resumed its appeal against anti-discrimination laws

Christian gay hate group in the US write question and answer pamphlet to help parents teach homophobia to children

A Christian counselor who didn’t want to ‘affirm homosexuality’ continues legal fight against Eastern Michigan University for sacking

Google is paying for 1000 board games to be made, honoring the man who helped to win World War 2

British singer wants to lock lips with the Pussycat Doll, and says she wants to marry Irish judge Louis Walsh

Transgender campaigners 'saddened' by gay news anchor Anderson Cooper's show which they claim sensationalizes a marginalized group

A candlelight vigil will be held for the memory of Kyra Kruz, a 27-year-old shot in the head

A top Bundesliga player has spoken anonymously about being in the closet, saying there is still 'little hope' for gay athletes to be open about their sexuality

Republican Senators claim ban on same-sex unions on military premises is to protect the freedom of religion of chaplains