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UK’s Advertising Standards Authority’s ruling is another blow for company whose founder director, Malcolm Hardy is on police bail after harassment arrest

Motion for the Senate to vote on marriage equality tomorrow, a day after the House of Representatives vote, is ‘a political strategy’ says Greens leader

First marriage equality bill defeated in Australia’s House of Representatives, advocate says ‘more MPs have chosen the right side of history than ever before’

Australian Senator Cory Bernardi has resigned from his position as shadow parliamentary secretary after comparing gay marriage to bestiality

Lingxiao Song interviews two generations of gay men living in Changchun, a city of 7.5 million in north-eastern China

Greg Bourke: 'It would be a very brave thing to do, a scout is supposed to be brave'

He says: 'I agree with the suspension. I don't have any problem with that'

Laughs off his widely-ridiculed appearance at Republican convention

Says beleagured Republican presidential nominee's comments 'an attack on the moral character' of many Americans

Uganda lesbian asylum seeker claims to have been abused in detention in the UK

In an interview with HomoLAB, the reality show contestant describes how he had to go bald for his role in Boy George musical Taboo

GSN meets the man leading American Airlines LGBT community partnerships in the US

US rapper Lil Wayne controversially references R&B singer Frank Ocean's sexuallity in new rap song

In a survey, 2,005 British adults were split evenly when asked if they believed in same-sex marriage

Canada will help two Iranian gays, as well as make LGBT and women’s rights a corner stone of its international policy, say two Canadian ministers

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has answered questions submitted by young people in a live video chat with the Trevor Project.  

Bestwood Chukwuemeka was sentenced to three months in jail by a Karu Senior Magistrates’ Court, Abuja, Nigeria for having consexual gay sex with another man

Blue Jays shortstep had 'Tu ere maricon' on his cheeks, which can be translated in English as 'You are a faggot'

The UK’S largest HIV charity has launched two guides available online aiming to provide advice for transgender people.

Two British men, both in their 60s, claim they were turned away when asked to be shown to a room with a double bed

Despite heavy rains, hundreds of people, flocked to Ho Chi Minh City’s Opera House for a gay themed drama in an unprecedented show of support for the LGBT community

The 20-year-old British singer has tried to stop fans obsessing about him and Harry Styles dating

Events organiser for teachers’ group who issued guidelines saying gay men wear V-necks says ‘we were just doing this for the good of society’ 

We visit Atlantis Bahía Real resort on the sun-kissed island of Fuerteventura for natural beauty and outstanding service

Senator Penny Wong says ‘I think that we might lose this vote but we won’t lose the argument and we certainly won’t lose, in the medium term, the campaign’

Dan Savage and Terry Miller will host October 9 special in MTV and Logo

Tara Tuttle: 'I had a feeling that it was a lucky ticket'

'If I could hear one thing, I would love to hear the school say they were wrong'

'He has new ambitions to fill his time now that he's not spending time with Kurt'