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Veteran gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and supporters meet Commonwealth officials to discuss LGBT rights push

Bronx-born singer turned actress explains personal reasons for producing show about ‘non-traditional family’

Pupil writes it doesn't matter if equal marriage creeps you out, you should get over it

An award winning mathetmatics teacher in Israel was told she faces dismissal after coming out to her students as a transgender woman

Hundreds of transgender women were in Koovagam, Tamil Nadu for the festival but sexual harassment and sex trade is degrading the celebration

Alex Greenwich fights to ensure right-wing 'family values' conference in Sydney next month is hate-speech-free

Gay rape joke goes viral in India, but Facebook says it does not violate the Community Standard on hate speech

AJ Clemente's 'gut wrenching' gaffe has him looking for work

Colombian senators overwhelmingly rejected a marriage equality bill but the country's Constitutional Court may legalize gay marriage by June

Will become 10th state in the US to legalize same-sex marriages

Bridegroom directed by longtime Clinton friend Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

Gay and trans party goers rounded, beaten, stripped naked and humiliated by municipal police under direct orders of Beirut, Lebanon suburb mayor Antoine Shakhtoura

He said it could 'debase' the institution and lead to fathers marrying sons

Dr Purna Sen, new chair of the Kaleidoscope Trust explains how the organization supports LGBT activists around the world so they can win rights for us all

Ashley Tonga is a hit as she performs 'Proud Mary', made famous by Tina Turner, on the singing reality competition show

Gay TV presenter Fry narrates the story of a Lonely Dodo to encourage people to help conservation charity Durrell save animals from extinction

A Pennsylvania school principal allegedly put a trans student on the prom queen ballot after denied the chance to run for king

British columnist caused controversy by calling trans people 'dicks in chicks' clothing' and 'shemales'

Members of Parliament attend Trans Media Watch session on harassment and inaccurate reporting in the British press

Stefano and Stefano, from Prato, near Florence, share their emotions online and tell us the best way to get married in New York

Gus Van Sant, director of 'Milk', is reportedly bidding to direct the movie adaptation of the kinky literary phenomenon

Fans ‘distraught’ after British pop band JLS announce split but there will still be a farewell tour and a DJ set at Birmingham Pride in May

Over 50 arrests as stones, bottles and iron bars are thrown at police in anger at National Assembly voting in favor of gay marriage

Colombian Senate remains sharply divided on marriage equality postponing voting on the bill to later today

In a country where vicious attacks against gay people are rife, activists stress the need to honor and remember

'I think we'll look back in ten years time and say "what was all that about",' says Liberal Party politician Robert Doyle

Colin Craig threatens to sue The Civilian for using a made-up quote from him saying God is angry about gay marriage

Passed over after a mediocre senior year, Alan Gendreau is trying again on his own terms

Legislation now goes to State Senate for consideration