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GSN snatches triumph from disaster – swapping the rain of London for the fires of Spain

Conservative activist wonders if Portman was pressured by his gay son

Luka Rocco Magnotta has been dubbed 'Canadian Psycho'

Zimbabwe's president Mugabe, who says gays are worse than dogs and pigs, has attended Pope's inauguration despite EU travel ban

'God Hates Fags' church is now sitting opposite the Equality House, proudly displaying the colors of the gay pride flag

The Greenwich Theatre has introduced a permanent gay writing program led by writer and director Patrick Wilde

University of East London has blocked an Islamist meeting with hate preachers Khalid Yasin and Jalal Ibn Saeed

Gay Olympic champ helping celebrities work through challenges and fears

A 21-year-old man was left 'devastated' after being attacked by a man in the northern English city's center

A team of Gay Football Supporters Network soccer players faced off against a squad of House of Commons MPs in a bid to promote equality in sport

12-year-old Daniel Martinez-Leffew urges Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to drop Prop 8 in favor of gay marriage

Gay Star News today announces (19 March 2013) our media partnership with the Iris Prize Festival 

Senior Republican Rob Portman came out for same-sex marriage when his son Will came out as gay. But GSN’s resident dad wants him to rise to the challenge of being a great father

O’Brien spent 50 years of his life suppressing transgender feelings. Now he takes the female hormone estrogen but doesn’t want sex reassignment surgery

Company policy appears to be misunderstood with transgender people told they will have to visit out of usual opening hours to use changing rooms at New Look

Worst examples of homophobia and transphobia from public figures named and shamed at ceremony in May, nominations now open

New project will target health and discrimination against older LGBT people in and around Sydney, Australia

New figures released this month shows there were over a thousand recorded murders of trans people in five years

India banned surrogacy for gay couples and single people earlier this year, leaving those who have babies in the womb in a difficult situation

'You can go on Twitter and say ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates fags'

In new poll, 58% in favor while 36% want it to remain illegal in US

Chris Thomas gets spends some time with the smallest member of the VW family

Protests spread across Brazil against the newly elected chair of Brazil's human rights committee who thinks gays are 'sick', and blacks are ‘cursed’

Troubled tabloid magnent pleads guilty to lying to police about car crash

Microsoft founder has long been supportive of LGBT equality

Gossip lead singer was detained for causing a commotion outside a bar after she was reportedly refused service for being drunk

Openly gay actor talks about starring in new sitcom Viscious with Sir Derek Jacobi, also openly gay

'C'est La Vie' and 'Blame It On The Weatherman' hitmakers got back in denim as part of a tour celebrating their return after a decade hiatus