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Russian gay activist Nikolai Alexeyev offers help to people who want to sue outdoor retailer Expedition over anti-gay recruitment policy

As Coming Out Day is celebrated around the world, we ask if the rich, powerful and famous owe us their honesty about their sexuality

Emmerdale soap star and LGBT Youth North West patron says 'young people are a lot braver now'

For Coming Out Day, Wayne Dhesi, founder of, looks at how Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz challenged stereotypes recently by coming out as gay

Atim Ogwal Cecilia Barbara says Africa should pass a continent-wide resolution condemning homosexuality

UK cabinet minister, Maria Miller, reaffirms government's commitment to equal marriage reform during Conservative conference

Christian pop star says his religious beliefs have changed

A motion to stop Australian federal government from challenging states’ same-sex marriage laws fails

Staff at an eco-sanctuary near Wellington identifies a bellbird with female DNA and male behaviour

Greg Louganis is guest of honor at first high-profile gay sports competition in south Asia

Report also shows highest homicide rate among intimate partners ever recorded

Katy Butler had fought R-rating for film Bully

Swinging Richards argued that city ordinance was not being enforced at female strip clubs

A Canadian psychiatrist to be trialed for sexually abusing gay patients, he also used discredited aversion therapy on hundreds of South African lesbians and gays to 'cure' them of their sexuality

'Blasphemy laws are still alive and well in America'

The ninth Gay Games will be held in the US state of Ohio

Art Deco elegance provides the perfect frosting for SoBe's moreish cake of glam, glitz and hedonistic silliness

The Mayor of London has said he doesn't 'see what the fuss is about' when it comes to same-sex marriage on last day of Conservative Party conference

Malta Magistrates Court sets local man free after leaving an Australian tourist permanently disabled

The Never Mind Bar's policy is still splitting the Danish LGBT community in Copenhagen

GSN team up with Direct Line pet insurance for Gay Pet Month and your cute pictures could win you a prize

A wedding video featuring a couple from Kentucky has been seen over 80,000 times on YouTube

Kiki Archer explains the meaning of ‘bigot’ to George Carey, the former Archbishop who says gay marriage opponents are being treated like Jews during the Nazi era

After a pro-gay, anti-Putin protest in a Moscow cathedral, a member is freed while two others remain behind bars

Gay Kenyan Senate candidate David Kuria examines the myth that homosexuality is a western import to Africa and why politicians and religious leaders try to build their powerbases at the expense of LGBT people

Now LGBT police in a same-sex relationship in Italy can ask to be transferred from one city to another for 'family reasons'

Historical Irish revolutionary may have been gay, according to gay rights activist and senator David Norris

Right-wing scientists say Ride, who died of pancreatic cancer, fits a 'consistent pattern' of lesbians dying early

The Catholic Church has alleged that children are bullied and branded as Nazis if they oppose marriage equality in Scotland