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Far-right group says marriage would become a 'freak show' if it is legalized in the United States

Steve Levitan: 'The minute it becomes our agenda, it loses some of what makes it perhaps special'

Ugly Betty alum talks to Gay Star News about his new comedy Partners

Pop stars Mika and Pharrell Williams lend music to video featuring stories of gay campaign group's members

Barack Obama impersonator 'marries' right-wing politicians including Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin

London's 56 Dean Street clinic asks people to vote for favorite campaign concept to help reduce HIV in gay and bisexual men

We would be better off investigating what makes people homophobes or transphobic, rather than studying the origins of sexuality

Protesters to call for end to hate crime in Edmonton, Canada, tomorrow after gay student Chevi Rabbit was attacked by homophobes in public

Thousands have said they will protest 'intolerant bigotry from the left' in a Facebook event created by Mike Huckabee

Gay fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld slams Duchess of Cambridge's sister for her looks

Filming has started on the HBO film Behind The Candelabra, based on the life of Liberace and his lover

Northern Ireland's DUP member Gavin Robinson refuses to back down on party's opposition to same-sex marriage

Catholic bishops blast $4.2 billion drive to improve family planning services, saying they are losing 'traditional African values'

Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, continues to denounce group's former practice of reparative therapy

Leading scientist Dr Qazi Rahman introduces us to his new research which sheds light on the fascinating question of what makes us gay

Owners of a bed and breakfast in New Jersey, US, likens gay people to 'dogs with fleas'

Gay rights advocate who was among the first to write novels about openly gay relationships in 1948 has died in Los Angeles

Australian Finance Minister Penny Wong defends her family’s right to exist in magazine article

Gay Star News speaks to the organizer of Vietnam’s first ever LGBT Pride, 25-year old Tam Nguyen

National radio station’s straw poll shows 58 MPs will support the bill and more are leaning towards support it

New poll shows 65% of Democrats favor marriage equality with Republican support down to 24%

Court to decide after its summer recess whether to hear landmark case

Anti-gay televangelist says:  'Maybe they have a death wish'

Gay icon has not released album of new material since 2001

Doctors called in to conduct anal exams on men arrested in police raid. TV presenter Joe Maalouf who sparked police action threatens law suit over claims he is gay

Black gay men have a higher chance of testing HIV positive despite similar sexual behavior as other ethnic groups

Wachowski 'brother' comes out as trans woman in video promoting new movie Cloud Atlas

Hollywood film stars and their look-a-likes are invited to take part in Cornwall Pride this year

Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus member Stephen Tucker argues you shouldn’t take rash decisions when your relationship faces a rocky patch