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Politician Vitaly Milonov, the author of St Petersburg's 'gay propaganda' law, wants to sue Born This Way singer over LGBT rights speech

Anna Leach discovers why the simplicity and easiness of Singapore is not necessarily a draw back

Prime minister of Cambodia, who threatened to disown his daughter in 2007 for having a 'wife', says 'there should be no discrimination' against gays and lesbians

Puerto Rican popstar speaks at the United Nations about breaking free from his upbringing and coming out in 2010

Secretary-General of the UN points finger at the 76 countries that still criminalize homosexuality

Gay Star News talks to Alex Au, born in 1952, one of the pioneers of gay activism and blog writing in Singapore

DJs Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin 'crossed a line'

'It’s almost a deliriously joyous thing for an old lady'

Supreme Court justice has been consistantly anti-gay in his rulings

 ‘We all need to make sure Washington hears us on this one'

Gay actor has mysterious new role with Amell in new hit show Arrow

Veteran gay rights campaigner says the Church of England and Wales ban on performing same-sex unions is illegal according to European law

British equalities minister Helen Grant says legal 'locks' will reassure traditionalists that gay marriage is a good thing

The public, politicians and gay rights groups have reacted to Maria Miller's official government response to the marriage equality consultation

Gay British acting legend has also revealed he fancied his fellow gay thespian Sir Derek Jacobi while at university

Who's that girl? A new Madonna wax figure is to be unveiled and you could win two tickets

A survey conducted by and Demoskopea reveals that 9% of the interviewees have been physically assaulted

Gay rights website Outsports calls for suspension of sports DJs Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin over transphobic rant

As the UK government confirms plans for gay marriage equality in England and Wales, Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Gilbert says it will gradually improve society

UK Culture Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities has confirmed gay couples will be able to marry in religious buildings

Whitney Houston, Skyfall and the Olympics named most searched on Google in UK in annual 'Zeitgeist' list

Conservatives and religious leaders continue equal marriage backlash, with one senior Catholic bishop likening the PM to Roman emperor Nero

Cecila Hernández screened the Harvey Milk biopic in class, the story of the first gay American elected to public office

HRW calls on Duma to drop homophobic bill that would fine people for talking openly about LGBT issues

Nebraska woman who claimed three masked men carved anti-gay slurs into her stomach and arms says she's innocent

Tory MP who said parents don't want gay children hits back at claims he is homophobic

Andy Marra has opened up about how meeting her birth mother in Korea helped give her the courage to transition

Merck Foundation follows in footsteps of Intel and UPS

Head writer defends character's introduction, 'appalled' at the rush to judgement