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Two brothers have been acquitted of an alleged 2010 beating of a gay couple outside their Vancouver home despite the testimony of six people who said they were the men who did it

Episcopal Bishop Nicholas Knisely has urged clergy to support marriage equality in the US state of Rhode Island ahead of a committee vote on the issue on Tuesday

'I've chosen this moment to open up to every other member of the Boy Scouts of America who is in the same position I'm in'

Alison Sweeney: 'They're telling a great soap storyline about a character who happens to be gay'

A Christian arts academy that offers to 'cure' gays is to face a probe launched by the South African justice ministry

Portion of sales will benefit Project ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease 

Boeing, the US aircraft manufacturing giant, has overturned a previous decision to deny pension survivor benefits for gay married couples

The outspoken NFL punter will publish collection of uncensored personal essays

The Observer, who were the first to post the article, reveal the results of their own inquiry

GSN dons the big sunglasses and surveys the catwalk thrills and spills from Berlin

Brighton, on the south coast of England, is to reflect its high transgender population with a new honorific, ‘Mx’, as an alternative to male or female

Gay rights organisation J-FLAG launches We Are Jamaicans campaign to show diversity in LGBT community

God Loves Uganda will premiere on 18 January at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah

Gay 'N Sync singer has his own shocking confession to make after Armstrong's apology to Oprah Winfrey

The House of Lords has ruled to amend a law which allowed police to arrest anyone who used insulting behavior

Evidence grows of police collecting DNA from gays only guilty of victimless sex crimes. Police chiefs re-issue guidance

The monthly magazine has been sold for the symbolic price of one euro. According to the French press, it may lose half its full time staff

Glee star Chris Colfer on Downton Abbey, his teenage fans and writing The Land of Stories

Two members of the world's biggest ever girl group have joked about their love for gay women

Burchill anti-trans rant sparks protests at the Observer and Telegraph newspapers against media hate speech

Community-based group chosen to run festival in UK capital for the next five years. Only 115 days remain to put event together

Australian researchers have created a modified protein that protects human cells from the immune deficiency virus

There’s no such thing as an unplanned gay pregnancy, so kids of gay parents are always wanted, argues Rob Watson

LGBT rights supporters show Hong Kong Legislative Council that they are not giving up the fight

Competition open to find script featuring 'affirming' transgender characters

Gay Star News interviews Thilaga Sulathireh, a woman dedicated to helping trans women fight the law in Malaysia

Trans supports express disappointment with The Observer for publishing a Julie Burchill comment piece littered with trans slurs

New regulations say only foreign men and women who have been married for two years can use Indian surrogate mothers to have children

Issue comes out as marriage equality debate rages on in France