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British civil partnerships prove far more popular hinting that UK gay and lesbian couples will want to use promised marriage law

Madurai, capital of Tamil Nadu, celebrates sexual orientation and gender diversity with a day of discussions and a Genderqueer Pride Parade

Winston Peters, leader of minority political party NZ First, says his party are pushing for a referendum on the issue instead

National security police chief calls ‘LGBT culture’ extremist, in unabashedly politically motivated speech to graduates

All Miss Universe beauty contests will have to accept transgender women from 2013, following Jenna Talackova’s successful campaign earlier this year

Grammy winning R&B singer says: 'Love who u wanna love'

Dancing With the Stars contestant talks to GSN about her love for gays

Singing star to develop television series with NBC Universal

Openly gay US congressman: 'We are including marriage equality with my full support'

'She wanted to avoid having it be a media circus or having it become part of the political debate'

Human rights campaigners denounce trial of Russian female punk band as 'politically motivated'

Gay X Factor runner-up chats to GSN about headlining Liverpool Pride and storming the charts with his debut album and single

UK rugby league team extends welcome to LGBT fans

Maurice Mjomba, a leading LGBT rights activist and sexual health advocate was found dead this morning at his home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Terrence Higgins Trust launch an online guide with tips to teach men the best way to use condoms

Bisexual X-Files star admits she 'always knew' she still liked men despite 'experimenting' with women

Labour politician Angela Eagle to lead pride march through her home city in north of England

Director of campaign group GetUP! resigns after fainting on live TV earlier this month

Anti-gay-marriage website hacked and taken down in New Zealand, as support for same-sex marriage bill grows

New Zealand’s centre-right prime minister John Key says he will support same-sex marriage bill in parliament

Grammy-award-winning band Train say they will tell New Zealand ‘Protect Marriage’ website to remove their song from the home page

The Corte di Cassazione decided on a case of a shop owner sueing a newspaper for an article indicating him as gay

New archbishop Salvatore Cordileone gave his full support to Prop 8

Chick-fil-A battle continues with more politicians choosing sides

36 men arrested in Beirut, Lebanon for alleged gay debauchery after TV show unveiled activity in porn cinemas

The Minneapolis-based retail corporation remains 'neutral' on the state's upcoming marriage amendment that would ban gay marriage 

School of kiki is now in session as the 'Filthy/Gorgeous' band show the moves to gay culture smash hit

Jean Paul Zapata explores the outer borough of Brooklyn for Latin food, botanical gardens and lesbian 'her-story'

Alabama pastor supports Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy's homophobic remarks, and suggests gay activists are 'heterophobic'