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Tara Tuttle: 'I had a feeling that it was a lucky ticket'

'If I could hear one thing, I would love to hear the school say they were wrong'

'He has new ambitions to fill his time now that he's not spending time with Kurt'

Musical is about internment of Americans of Japanese descent during World War II - something Star Trek icon's family endured

France’s government unveiled the outline of its proposed same-sex marriage which was met by criticism by Catholics and by gay rights activists who state that lack of fertility assistance falls short of full equality

The three heartthrobs attended the wedding reception of actor James Corden and TV producer Julia Carey

Republican presidential candidate Romney reportedly wanted Ken Mehlman, the man behind George W. Bush's re-election in 2004

Christians have marched through Kingston, Jamaica, demanding ‘sexual purity’, the retention of Jamaica’s ‘buggery law’ and likened gay sex to ‘man on dog sex’

How Christians used a march for sexual purity to spread their anti-LGBT propaganda and demand Jamaica keeps its ‘buggery law’

Pop rocker believes it's 'asinine for one person to think they are better than another person'

David Cecil will face Uganda court, which may bring in the death penalty for gay people, next month

Queen of Pop has teased the two 'rival' gay icons may work together in the near future

Citing the Bible, Judge Bill Graves says transgender men and women are changing their names for 'fraudulent purposes'

Ray Chan Chi-chuen says same-sex marriage and an end to sexual orientation discrimination is on the agenda for Hong Kong

Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster wins a seat on Sydney’s council

Tongue-in-cheek responses come out after Education Ministry endorses guidelines for spotting gay ‘symptoms’ 

Leader Christine Milne says Labor party are trying to get gay marriage off the agenda before the next election, bill in the Senate looks unlikely to pass

Do black Christians have a candidate in this year's race for the White House?

The Out NYC - not only a great gay hotel but also home to one of the city’s hottest clubs

Matthew Vines goes to YouTube, and churches, to tackle the Bible and homophobia

Kick It Out ambassador Clarke Carlisle has promised the first English footballer to come out will have support

Opposing an 'illegitimate government', gay activists met with other liberals to protest against President Vladmir Putin

The 53-year-old says he cannot think of 'anything worse than being brought up by two  dads'

The Republican lawyer fighting to overturn the Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage in California is coaching Republican Vice Presidential Candidate and marriage equality foe Paul Ryan for upcoming US election debates

Human rights groups fear that a new declaration on human rights which is being drafted by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will do nothing to boost the rights of LGBTs and other minority groups in the region

Nathan Schaefer picked to head the LGBT organization Empire State Pride Agenda

Brendon Ayanbadejo's past shows why the NFL linebacker is a same sex marriage supporter

Will Republicans lose Republican support if  they vote for gay marraige?

Gene Robinson, the first US priest to be in a same-sex relationship when he was ordained, has released a pro-gay book