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Rapper and Australian singer/songwriter will be releasing a heartbreaking empowerment anthem at the end of February
Bisexual rapper Angel Haze will release a single with bisexual singer/songwriter Sia Furler.
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Jeremy Clarkson has apologized for a photo of him sleeping on a plane which was posted to his Twitter account in which someone is holding a sign calling him a ‘gay c*nt’
Clarkson asleep on the plane
Photo by unknown
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Fifth season premiere is seen by 28% fewer viewers than record fourth season kickoff in August
Phil_Robertson of Duck Dynasty
Photo: A&E
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Gay figure skater says he wouldn't boycott any Olympics even if they were in North Korea
Photo: Dan Leveille
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Dallas Buyers Club stars had been criticized for their Golden Globe acceptance speeches
Jared_Leto and Matthew_McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club
Photo: Focus Features
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While Jared Leto looks set to win Best Supporting Actor, lesbian love French film Blue Is The Warmest Color was snubbed at the Academy Awards
Jared Leto is nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards.
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British gay comedian attacked benefits documentary as ‘sacrificial lambs on the altar of light entertainment’
O'Grady under for for attacking UK series Benefits Street.
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Actor says the US should have done more than just sending openly gay delegates to the opening ceremony
Actor Chris Pine has said the US should have done more to protest homophobic legislation in Russia.
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Brian May revealed 'Queen magic is happening', teasing unheard material 23 years after the gay frontman's death
A new track featuring the vocals of Freddie Mercury could be released 23 years after his death.
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'I rode my bike every day to set. I was in heaven'
Photo courtesy of Out Magazine
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