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The Hung Up star hosted an Ask Me Almost Anything session on social news website Reddit, where she answered questions from what you should cook her for dinner to what drives her creativity

Andy Herren is latest player to be fired for behavior on the reality show

Father of twins has written Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars

Behind the Candelabra, Lily Tomlin, Neil Patrick Harris, Tim Gunn and Dan Bucatinsky among the winners

Homophobia in football is getting a 'kick up the arse' as professional footballers strap on rainbow shoe laces in support of openly gay athletes

In 2000, a lesbian couple was kicked out of Dodger Stadium for kissing

Executive producer of Harvey Milk biopic, Michael London, working on 'Ze' - about a female-to-male trans teenager

'I didn't expect to be third but this to me is just wonderful'

'Don’t stay in the closet. You’ll only hurt your heart'

'I want to know why all of this gay hate just exploded over there'

She and The Big Bang Theory star played a couple on TV's Roseanne

Also says Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger's death like losing a family member

Music mogul said he would have saved a 'fortune' if he had dated men instead of women

Guy Wilson to replace two-time Emmy winner Chandler Massey as Will Horton

US superstar Lady Gaga says she finds lesbians more 'daring' than straight men

Controversial gay British actor said while he was living in Russia, no one in the LGBT community knew what AIDS was as there was so little information

The Village People’s cowboy Randy Jones has announced he will marry long time partner Will Grega in New York this week for the second time and this time its legal!

'I was filled with fear, anger and a stubborn resistance that had built up'

Craig James had said during political campaign that that gays would 'have to answer to the Lord for their actions'

Isaiah Washington's career was badly hurt by incident on set of Grey's Anatomy

British artist Robbie Williams teases he swings both ways in potential album title

A$AP Rocky says he is 'not homophobic at all' after he was accused of appearing anti-gay towards the out basketball player

From 18 to 22 September, the northern Italian city will host dozens of events: 51 films, dance, ballet, theater and parties

Australian popstar will replace British bisexual artist on the BBC reality competition show

A 'Pride' comedy-drama will tell the story of how the LGBT community and miners joined together to fight back against Margaret Thatcher

Chloe Moretz, female lead in both Kick Ass movies and the upcoming remake of Carrie, has told Seventeen magazine that she would do anything to defend her gay brothers, revealing they were bullied in school

Con: 'It's going to take 45 minutes to dance through all those aisles'

But actor who plays gay on Glee does not feel need to assert his heterosexuality