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India's 1980s sex symbol Dimple Kapadia responds Kunal Mukherjee's book about a gay boy growing up in Hyderabad

British actor will return to play Malvolio in a Broadway run of Twelfth Night, a hit in the London's West End

'It's bigotry, it's hatred, it's prejudice, it's wrong and we need to knock it out'

Transcript of 1950s recording recently unearthed in files of private investigator

Gay Chanel designer has revealed he has fallen in love with the one-year-old pampered pussycat and would marry her if it was legal

Openly gay weather anchor says he's 'so psyched' to have the gig

British broadcaster, actor and comic has revealed he swallowed a huge amount of pills and vodka when filming on location

But Minnesota Vikings running back would 'pat them on the butt when he's doing good'

American singer in trouble for tax evasion has defended a song where she says society is crumbling because of 'girl men', 'drag queens', and 'social transvestism'

Actor, renowned for playing lothario villainous roles in telenovelas, says he was inspired by Ricky Martin to be open about his sexuality

British comic says there is 'no woman that can't be cured' of being gay on controversial radio show

Drag superstar tweets that slur is projection of her 'poisonous self-loathing'

'I'm sure I could make a late supper if an F35 were to pick me up at the field right after practice. Just saying'

The founders of Zank, China’s new mobile gay social networking app, say they differentiate themselves from global app Jack’d by prioritizing common interests like events and venues

Filipino singer and former Glee star Charice Pempengco has come out as a lesbian and has thanked her fans for staying with her

Center Roy Hibbert reaches out to Jason Collins on Twitter for the anti-gay comment made after Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Pink Picnic 2013 has been cancelled due to a lack of funds, too few organizers and charges of stolen money 

The Wanted’s Max George won’t give up on trying to out the other British boy band of the moment: One Direction

'If they called me, I’d be like, "Yeah. Where do I sign?"'

'It’s a new world. Everyone should know that they can be themselves in sports'

The American talk show host suggested that same-sex couples could help strengthen the institution of marriage

If 'it makes them happy and it makes their life easier, than I think they should do it'

But the Behind the Candelabra star declines to name names

Players from the city's soccer club and the UK's rugby league will join the city's parade to kick homophobia out of all sport

Release of film comes as US Supreme Court is poised to announce ruling

It will be the second time as host for the openly gay star who says 'I couldn't be more honored and excited'

Lesbian comic is to join the cast of a new UK sitcom set during the women's rights movement

In Behind the Candelabra, Rob Lowe’s famous good looks are transformed as he stars as Liberace’s plastic surgeon