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British boy band member was speaking out on rumors he is dating gay Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw

Gay champion has five Olympic medals but missed 1980 Summer Games in Moscow due to boycott

'They’ll do something that blows your mind and then they’ll spit all their food out on the carpet'

Creator and star of the new show Sean Saves the World are not looking to create a gay comedy

Shaun Kadlec: 'He was a pillar of the LGBT community there and was maybe the most outspoken person who was arguing for legalization of homosexuality'

Gay actor, who plays Kurt Hummel in the Fox musical comedy drama, has broken his silence over the death of his co-star

Out singer will not be able to perform the rest of his Australian tour dates due to torn vocal chords

Wrote The Normal Heart and co-founded ACT-UP and Gay Men's Health Crisis at height of AIDS epidemic in the US

Mary Lambert, the singer of the amazing chorus from Same Love, has released a ballad version called She Keeps Me Warm

Lesbian singer's wedding to Kristin Ogata was on island of Maui

'I’m certainly not a star after one YouTube video. Hopefully this is just the very beginning of a career'

Spat between 30-Rock-star and gay news anchor continues with Baldwin saying Cooper is trying to 'reinforce his credibility in the gay community'

British actor was asked by one of his closest friends to officiate a civil ceremony in Ibiza, explaining why he could not make the San Diego Comic Con

In his later years, bisexual boxer Emile Griffith suffered from dementia

LGBT group the ‘Village Bakers’ to host their own version of the BBC baking show to raise funds for Manchester Pride

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg promises to do what she can to help defeat Ken Cuccinelli's campaign to be the governor of Virginia

Actor having differences with remaining members of Queen over script

Marvel hero actor said his comment was 'tongue in cheek' when he said he and Michael B Jordan should get together in the third Amazing Spiderman series

British boy band member spoke out about the 'God Hates Fags' church who had protested outside their concert in Kansas City

Over 200 guests attend the New York City wedding of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

The third episode of Glee’s Season Five, starting 26 September, will be a special tribute to Cory Monteith and his character Finn Hudson

George Burgess' rugby team will not sanction him for selfie nude pictures that ended up on the internet

Backstreet Boys' new video has a female couple celebrating the recent US Supreme Court Proposition 8 decision

GLAAD says group should not support organization that 'actively discriminates against gay Americans'

'He was a real bright light in our family. We’ve lost a really great guy'

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason: 'I think it’s important for heterosexual couples to see that love and sorrow is something we all experience the same'

'I’m not offended. You can call me much worse'

British Olympic diver, 19, tops poll to find the sexiest man in the world, according to gay men