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Voting open for Australia's most outrageous homophobic comments

Outrageous comments in politics, media and sport highlighted by Australian awards
Labor MLC Penny Sharpe who started the Glorias and will present the award ceremony on 24 October

Voting is open for the third Glorias - Gay and Lesbian Outrageous, Ridiculous and Ignorant comment Awards - in Australia.

Started in 2010 by Labor MLC (Member of the Legislative Council) Penny Sharpe, the awards bring attention to the most homophobic comments made internationally and in Australia. 

In the politics category, comments from former Liberal party front-bencher Cory Bernardi comparing gay marriage to bestiality compete against South Australian sports minister Tom Kenyon who said finance minister Penny Wong's child with her female partner 'is not her baby'.

The four comments in the media section include those from newspaper columnist Miranda Devine who said the summer 2011 London riots were 'the manifestation of a fatherless society'.

In the international section Paris Hilton's comments about 'most' gay men having AIDS compete with former child star Kirk Cameron's 'homosexuality... is destructive to so many foundations of civilzation' and Pastor Charles L Worley's suggestion that gays and lesbians be penned behind an electric fence.

Rupert Everett's 'I can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads' and gay Australian Liberal Senator Dean Smith's opposition to same-sex marriage compete in the 'Silliest comment from within in the GLBTI community' category.

The 'winners' will be announced at an award show at the New South Wales parliament in Sydney on 24 October. Before then, anyone can vote for the best/worst Glorias.  

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