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May 7, 2015

Says not all her past relationships have been 'straight, heterosexual' ones

Miley Cyrus, whose boyfriends have included Liam Hemsworth and Patrick Schwarzenegger says that not all her past relationships were 'straight, heterosexual' ones.

The one-time Hannah Montana star made the comment while chatting with the Associated Press about her newly-formed Happy Hippie Foundation to help homeless and LGBTI youth.

May 6, 2015

Says not all her relationships have been 'straight, heterosexual'

Miley Cyrus Tueday (5 May) launched the Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit organization whose 'mission is to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless [and] LGBT youth.'

The 22-year-old singer said she wanted to give LGBTI youth the opportunity to be themselves, adding that not all her relationships had been 'straight, heterosexual.'

'The position I'm in, I feel like I've got a lot of power,' she told the Associated Press.

April 3, 2015

Speaking on religious freedom laws, Tom Cotton of Arkansas said: 'In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay'

Singer Miley Cyrus is hoping US Senator Tom Cotton's office is being flooded with irate phone calls today.

Cyrus took to Twitter and asked her nearly 20 million followers to help her 'Stir Some Sh*t Up' for Cotton for saying gays needed perspective when it came to controversial religious freedom laws in his state and Indiana.

April 1, 2015

Author spent part of his childhood in the state

Author Stephen King has the best response to Indiana's 'religious freedom' law yet.

The law, which was signed last week, allows businesses to turn away LGBTI people on religious grounds and has been met with sharp criticism and state boycotts.

The King of horror took to Twitter on Monday (30 March) night to blast the law.

'Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration act is gay discrimination, pure and simple,' he wrote.

'You can frost a dog turd, but it's still a dog turd.'

March 21, 2015

François Ozon's fascination with human sexuality continues

Adapted from a short-story by crime-writer Ruth Rendell, François Ozon's latest feature continues his fascination with human sexuality.

The New Girlfriend is an intriguing tale of obsession, secrets, and identity.

Typically of Ozon, this is a movie that looks beautiful. Stunning Autumnal colors that emphasise and amplify the themes of change, rebirth and renewal.

December 27, 2013

'We Can't Stop' singer swaps saliva with the edgy English beauty on a trip to Amsterdam

Miley Cyrus and model Cara Delevingne sure know how to milk a gimmick.

After licking sledgehammers, wrecking balls and various other objects, the ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer has decided to lick someone else.

On 26 December, Cyrus tweeted a sexy snap of her with English model Delevingne.

The Instagram shot shows the two kissing as a graphic rainbow appears to beam from behind them both.

‘LOVE!!!!!We finally got the filmed developed Mush,’ Cyrus said. 

May 3, 2012

Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times edits senator's speech to sound anti-Islamic and criticises his support of LGBT rights

An Australian senator who visited Kuala Lumpur last weekend to witness an anti-corruption demonstration and to meet with the leader of the opposition found himself attacked in a state-controlled newspaper article.

Nick Xenophon, an independent senator for South Australia, says the article is a 'vile defamation' and he is seeking legal action. 'I'm gobsmacked that someone could stoop so low,' he added.