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May 21, 2015

Litchfield ladies pick their codenames for Red Nose Day

The stars of Orange Is The New Black are planning their own mastermind heist in a killer new Reservoir Dogs parody.

The sketch for NBC's Red Nose Day telethon brings the Netflix series together, including lesbian actress Lea DeLaria, for a reworking of the Quentin Tarantino film.

Reservoir Bitches sees the Litchfield inmates planning the crime, but they're a little bit annoyed about their code names.

This is one of several comedy sketches produced by Funny or Die for the three-hour primetime fundraiser.

May 20, 2015

'I would love that, that would be amazing, but no'

There is little known about the upcoming season of the FX series American Horror Story.

We know that the season has been subtitled Hotel and that the cast includes newcomers Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga along with Sarah Paulson who has so far appeared in every season of the anthology series.

The bisexual actress appeared as a two-headed circus attraction in the most recent season but is mostly mum about her newest character.

May 18, 2015

'But in 2015, the point should be: Who cares?'

Cate Blanchett has denied having a lesbian past and said she has never had sex with a woman.

Last week, the Australian actress was quoted as saying she had had 'many' relationships with women in an interview with Variety magazine. 

Blanchett plays a wealthy married woman who falls in love with an ambitious shopgirl in her new film Carol, which premiered to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday (16 May) night.

At a news conference the next day, Blanchett was quick to refute any lesbian rumors.

May 18, 2015

‘It would’ve been very sad for me not to come back'

Great news for Portia de Rossi fans.

Not only will the actress be returning to ABC’s Scandal next season, but she has been promoted to series regular.

Her character, Elizabeth 'Lizzie Bear' North had been recurring although de Rossi says she has already felt like a regular.

‘I’ve been here for the entire season, so, honestly, I already feel like I’m part of the family,’ she tells TV Line.

May 13, 2015

'I read a lot of girl-on-girl books'

Australian actress Cate Blanchett has revealed she has had 'many' lesbian relationships in the past.

The two-time Oscar winner, who has been married theater director Andrew Upton for 15 years, plays a bisexual woman in her upcoming film Carol.

During an interview with Variety magazine, Blanchett, 45, was asked whether it was her 'first turn as a lesbian.'

'On film – or in real life?' she asked coyly.

May 13, 2015

Famously tight-lipped about her own sexuality, actress plays bisexual singer Bessie Smith in new biopic

Queen Latifah may not want to discuss her sexuality in a preview of her new film Bessie, she can be seen in bed with a woman.

The Oscar nominated actress plays bisexual 1920s crooner Bessie Smith in the HBO film Bessie which premieres on Saturday (16 May).

In one seen, Latifah is seen in bed with actress Tika Sumpter who plays one of Smith's female lovers (see video below).

May 12, 2015

Egyptian actress Mona Hala has given an impassioned defense of the rights of LGBTI people in Egypt during a television interview that screened last month

One of Egypt’s leading young actresses has given an outspoken interview in which she calls for the rights of sexual minorities in her homeland to be respected.

Mona Hala, who has appeared in films including Cairo Time, Zaky Chan and The Baby Doll Night, gave the interview on 19 April to Egyptian television channel ON TV but the footage has only appeared online this month.

In it she asks why it is necessary that the government includes her gender on her identity cards.

May 5, 2015

'I remembered that it was really a faith based in love'

Oscar nominated actress Maria Bello believes it is possible to be in a same-sex relationship and still be a good Catholic.

The star of such films as Coyote Ugly, The Cooler and A History of Violence came out as bisexual in 2013 and recently spoke with GLAAD about how she reconciles her sexuality with her faith.

'I didn't think I could reclaim the label of Catholic even though I went to 16 years of Catholic school (and) my dearest friend at university was a Catholic priest. He was my partner in so many ways.

May 4, 2015

Says being gay is 'not a big deal'

Actress Swastika Mukherjee has said she is certain that Indian audiences will be able to accept her lesbian role in new Bengali romantic comedy Family Album.

Mukherjee plays Maitreyee, an advertising agent under pressure to marry from her middle-class family. But Maitreyee has no interest in dating until she meets bohemian photographer Atrika, played by Paoli Dam.

'My character has a special person in her life. Every human being can have a special person in her life. In my case she is a woman. That is not a big deal,' she told the Press Trust of India.

May 4, 2015

'Mannies' work on rotation

Singer Justin Timberlake and his actress wife Jessica Biel have reportedly hired two gay male nannies to help care for their newborn son Silas Randall Timberlake.

'She hired two gay male nannies she knows through mutual friends and is having them rotate schedules,' a source told OK! magazine.

The celebrity couple, who married in 2012, still plan on being very hands-on parents.

'He's in there too, changing diapers and gushing to everyone he knows that Silas is already "a little angel,"' the insider said.

April 28, 2015

'There's always been gay people in the black community'

Queen Latifah has said there's always been gay people in the black community, but stopped short putting herself in that category.

The 45-year-old actress, whose sexuality has long been subject to speculation, has never commented on her orientation.

'People's ideas in general are antiquated when it comes to who you love,' she told Uptown magazine.

April 28, 2015

'I think gay people are able to play straight roles; straight people are able to play gay roles. The whole point of being an actor is to transform'

Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon thinks people need to 'lighten up' if they aren't cool with straights playing gay roles and vice versa.

'I think gay people are able to play straight roles; straight people are able to play gay roles,' the actress tells PrideSource in an interview posted Tuesday (28 April).

'The whole point of being an actor is to transform. If people don't understand that we need to be malleable in our sexuality, then I think they need to lighten up.'

April 28, 2015

The precise nature of English heritage and custom captured by the 17th century walls of this stately home, 45 minutes from Heathrow Airport

Frequented by the late Queen Mother and former US President Bill Clinton, Hartwell House basks in the upmost grandeur and cultural splendor coveted by its brethren, holding on to the traditional values cherished by history and safeguarding them against the future.

Frankly, do we dare to consider it the present day rival to Downton Abbey?

April 25, 2015

Matt Bomer, Sam Smith, Boy George, Mario Lopez, Debra Messing, Andy Cohen and Steve Grand also give shout outs

Bruce Jenner, who publicly came out as transgender Friday night in a television interview, received an outpouring of support from his fellow celebrities as he shared his story with the world.

Among those who took to Twitter was transgender actress Laverne Cox who wrote: 'Sending lots of love and support to #BruceJenner and their family tonight. It is always brave to stand in one's truth. Congrats darling.'

April 23, 2015

Girlfriend also tries to kill herself

An Indian actress has commited suicide due to social pressure caused by her lesbian relationship with another actress.

Disha Ganguly, 23, was found hanging from a ceiling fan at her home in Kolkata, Bengal state on 9 April.

No suicide note was found but police recovered her phone and diary.

April 22, 2015

'Somebody undergoing a sex change to fully realize themselves is incredibly compelling for me'

Actress Amber Heard, now married to Johnny Depp, came out as bisexual back in 2010.

She's been a staunch advocate for the LGBTI community since which is one of the reasons why she wanted to star in the upcoming film The Danish Girl. In the film, Eddie Redmayne plays an artist famous for getting one of the first known gender-reassignment surgeries.

Heard plays the artist's wife.

April 22, 2015

But Sandra Bullock gets the cover of the annual issue dedicated to female beauties

Sandra Bullock may have been given the cover but Laverne Cox is still getting plenty of attention for being included in People Magazine's annual World's Most Beautiful Woman issue.

The trans actress, who was showcased on the cover of Time Magazine last year, was also nominated for an Emmy for her breakout role on the Netflix comedy Orange is the New Black.

April 17, 2015

'The change definitely needs to start with our film industry'

'Bollywood is filled with closet gays who pretend to be straight,' says Indian actress and politician Kirron Kher – who is known the 'face' of the LGBTI community.

'Films help minorities,' she told the Mumbai Mirror

'It will take a long time for people to be open about the issue. The change definitely needs to start with our film industry.'

April 17, 2015

'It was such a happy time ...  I think it would've been really great to do it a few more years'

It turns out eight seasons of Will & Grace was not quite enough for Debra Messing.

The actress, who won an Emmy for her portrayal of Grace Adler on the classic sitcom, told HuffPost Live on Thursday that the ideal stopping point would have been 10 seasons.

April 16, 2015

Orange Is The New Black looks stunning in new photos

Laverne Cox looks stunning in a new series of photographs, with the actress hoping to break down myths surrounding trans women.

The Orange Is The New Black star posed for Allure magazine's annual nude feature, alongside Jordana Brewster (Furious 7), Katheryn Winnick (Vikings), Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow) and Sandrine Holt (The Returned).

'I said no initially, thought about it, and said no again,' LGBTI advocate told the magazine.

'But I'm a black transgender woman. I felt this could be really powerful for the communities that I represent.'

April 9, 2015

'Let people love people and let's focus on what truly needs looked at and help homeless people, homeless pets, sick people'

Hilary Swank knows there has been progress since she won her first Oscar for her portrayal of a transgender male in 1999's Boys Don't Cry.

But the actress said on the Meredith Vieira Show on Thursday (9 April) that far too much energy is still being spent in the US on fighting equality for LGBTI people.

'Let people love people and let's focus on what truly needs looked at and help homeless people, homeless pets, sick people,' Swank said. 'Look at the rest of the world, let's focus on those things.'

April 6, 2015

Van Der Beek was joined by True Blood actress Anna Camp for the home shopping channel sketch

James Van Der Beek and actress Anna Camp have appeared in a Funny or Die video that pokes fun at Indiana's controversial religious freedom law. 

The duo play a  couple of homophobic home shopping network hosts in the comedia sketch, which sees them choosing to hang up on callers who reveal that they're buying items for their same-sex partners.

'I mean can you imagine a world in which a gay couple ask you to make a cake and you actually have to sit down and make it?' says Camp. 

April 2, 2015

Claims it caused 'irreparable long-term damage'

A British actress raised by two mothers has gone on an attack of gay parents, claiming they are taking a 'chance' on an innocent life.

Hetty Baynes, the former wife of Ken Russell and star of The Casual Vacancy, has used her experience of being raised by two women to attack lesbian broadcaster Mary Portas.

The shop guru, who has a two-year-old son with her wife Melanie Rickey, said for her that 'motherhood is better without men'.

March 30, 2015

Award-winner says Jane Tennison would now be living with a 'very attractive woman'

Dame Helen Mirren has revealed she imagined her Prime Suspect character as gay.

The multiple award-winning British actress played the no-nonsense police detective Jane Tennison on the crime series from 1991 to 2006.

Speaking to Event magazine, Mirren believes Tennison would have found her sexuality and be living contently in retirement.

‘She’s a lesbian, living with a very attractive partner,' Mirren revealed, when asked what she thought the detective would be up to now.