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June 8, 2013

Reverend Marcus Ranshaw took to Facebook to call the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby a ‘wanker’ for his anti-gay views

A Church of England priest has publicly trashed his superior’s homophobic views.

Reverend Marcus Ranshaw took to Facebook this week calling Justin Welby, the notoriously anti-gay Archbishop of Canterbury, a ‘wanker’ for saying gay marriage would devastate the institution. Welby was speaking during the two-day House of Lords debate where politicians and religious officials argued for or against gay marriage in the UK. 

March 16, 2012

Dr Rowan Williams, the 'liberal' who opposed continued Church of England homophobia will stand down

Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams will step down from his position as the head of the Anglican church in December.

The 61-year-old church leader, who in 2010 came close to splitting over the ordination of gay clergy and women bishops, has said in a statement on his website that standing down was not an easy decision.

Williams was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002 and will take the position of Master of Magdalene College at Cambridge University in January.