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May 5, 2015

Denmark should apologize for shielding the man who experimented on gays in Nazi concentration camps

The Danish government is being asked to apologize for protecting a Nazi doctor who experimented on gays during the Holocaust in an attempt to turn them straight.

Danish Nazi SS Dr Carl Vaernet conducted the medical experiments on gay concentration camp prisoners.

But unlike other Holocaust criminals he was never prosecuted.

In fact Denmark and Britain conspired to protect him and he was allowed to escape to Argentina to continue his research into eradicating homosexuality.

May 4, 2015

Child with two mothers and one father registered in Buenos Aires marks first case of triple parentage in Latin America

A one-year-old boy in Argentina is making history in Latin America as the first child to be officially recognized as having three registered parents.

Antonio was born last year to married couple Susana Guichal and Valeria Gaeta, both of whom registered as the boy’s mothers at birth.

When the couple decided to have a child, 11 years into their relationship, their friend Hernán stepped in - not only to be a sperm donor, but to be a part of the child’s life

March 21, 2015

Martín Farina's film Fulboy takes us up close and personal in the locker room

We see a lot of football on television, and footballers seem to be constantly in the media.

However we rarely get to see what happens when a team of professional footballers are alone, traveling between games, killing time between their training and match commitments.

Film-maker Martín Farina's brother Tomás was a professional footballer with a team in Argentina. Through this connection, the film-maker was able to travel with the team, filming them, observing them.

March 19, 2015

Originally from Argentina, the actor/model now calls West Hollywood his home

Actor and model Pablo Hernandez is best known as one of the faces of the Andrew Christian underwear campaigns.

Born in Argentina and with a family heritage that traces back to Spain and Lebanon, Hernandez is now a firm fixture of West Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Hernandez loves the camera, and clearly enjoys sharing his travels and adventures through the Vines that he posts to his social media channels.

We recently caught up with this frequent flyer to share some travel stories.

March 8, 2015

'Kind of like how in that last sentence, Carson went in as a neurosurgeon and came out as a complete idiot'

Public figures, who make dubious claims about sexuality and prison, should not be surprised when mocked on Saturday Night Live.

Dr Ben Carson was gleefully teased in last night's, 7 March, Weekend Update segment of the NBC show.

Early last week, the potential 2016 candidate for the White House insisted, in a CNN interview, that homosexuality is 'absolutely' a choice and prison sex is the proof of the theory.

December 31, 2014

20% of visitors to Buenos Aires are LGBTI, says tourism institute

Gay tourism is booming in Argentina.

The pink pound brought in a whopping $1.2b to the country's economy in 2014, according to the Tourism Ministry's National Institute for Tourism Promotion.

More than 445,000 LGBTIs descended on the country this year, says the TMNITP.

Research shows there was an especially high concentration of queer travellers in Buenos Aires.

One in five visitors to the Argentine capital were gay this year, according to data collected by the organisation.

December 23, 2014

Fairy toy comes with a skirt, high heels, wings — and a penis

A fairy toy dubbed 'the world’s first transgender doll' has shocked parents in Argentina who are afraid it could 'influence' their children’s sexuality.

The discount Fashion Happy doll is made in China and comes with a skirt, high heels, decorative fairy wings — and a penis.

It is unknown whether the 'genitalia' is intentional or a factory defect.

Either way, the doll has shocked parents in Argentina after the mother of a three-year-old girl posted a picture of the toy on Facebook that went viral.

November 19, 2014

The top gay travel destinations for 2015 revealed – including New York, Sydney and Amsterdam

We've already brought you numbers 15-6 on Out Now Business Class' (ONBC) top 20 destinations set to cause a stir in the £200b-a-year LGBTI tourism industry next year. Today we, count down the final five, with New York, Sydney and Amsterdam battling it out to be crowned destination king...

Click here for part one

November 10, 2014

Star of new sitcom The McCarthys spent years trying to avoid the family business

Now that a few episodes of the CBS sitcom The McCarthys have aired, it's clear that lead Tyler Ritter is a chip off the old block.

The young actor not only looks very much like his late father, Three's Company star John Ritter, he also seems to have inherited some of his comic timing and onscreen charisma.

But the younger Ritter told Gay Star News Monday (10 October) that he fought for years against following in the footsteps of his dad and his older brother, Jason Ritter, who has starred in several TV series.

October 23, 2014

Go tête-à-tête with a great white shark or overcome your fear of heights zip-lining across the canopy of a forest… just a few thrills in the Rainbow Nation

What’s the craziest thing you can say you’ve done on holiday?

If you’ve ridden atop a racing ostrich or fed a white shark whilst inside a cage, then you’ve earned our jealousy and Gay Star News would love to see photos.

For those who want a vacation where they can scratch that adventure itch, buckle in tight for these death-defying, nature loving, high-five-when-you’re-done worthy type things available in a destination that is a world its own: South Africa.

October 21, 2014

If prosciutto factories and wine lofts are your idea of heaven, check out the nine best up and coming wine destinations to experience in the New Year

There’s nothing wrong with booking a holiday solely for the sake of soaking up some booze, especially if it means exposing yourself to new wines and new destinations that weren't on your radar before.

Whether you prefer the taste of a robust red or enjoy a dry white vintage, the selection of wines available for purchasing these days is magnificent.

While specialty stores and super markets try to out do each other with sales and deals on the cheapest bottles, surely the best place to try your favorite wine is the source.

October 9, 2014

The 'accidental activist' tells GSN how changing her gender marker changed her life

It took Geena Rocero nearly a decade to come out publicly as transgender from the time she moved to New York to become a model. But when she did, she came out to an audience of 2 million and counting in a TED talk on March 31, the International Transgender Day of Visibility.

Rocero, 30, grew up in Manila and entered and won her first beauty pageant at the age of 15. She originally intended to follow her transgender friends to Japan, but she changed her plans when she found out she could change her gender marker in California - and in doing so change her life.

July 18, 2014

Citing fears for their safety, and the welfare of their teenage son, the couple wants to live in a country where they will not be persecuted against because of their sexuality

A lesbian couple from Russia married in Buenos Aires, Argentina and are now seeking asylum there to escape Russia’s homophobic laws.

The couple, Marina Mironova, 38, and Oxana Tomofeeva, 36, wore matching outfits at their marriage ceremony at Buenos Aires City Civil Registry on 15 July.

The couple said living in Russia as a lesbian couple in the midst of increasing hostility towards the LGBTI community made them fear for their safety and the safety of their 16-year-old son.

July 14, 2014

In July 2009, Argentina became the first country in Latin America, the second-biggest in the Americas and tenth in the world legalize same-sex marriage

15 July marks four years of Argentina passing marriage equality laws.

Four years later, pro-gay marriage advocates continue to face opposition from religious leaders.

In a March 2014 interview with La Nacion, Héctor Aguer, one of Argentina’s highest religious officials, called marriage equality an ‘unjust law’ that goes against the ‘natural order’, not just that of the Church.

July 13, 2014

Queerty gives 34 reasons why you should watch today's World Cup Final...and each is boyfriend material

It's here. After a month of soccer (I'm from the US, people), the final of the World Cup is today (13 July).

Argentina and Germany are the last teams standing. There are multiple reasons to watch, but if you're not sports inclined take the advice offered at Queerty.

That site offers 34, perfectly sane, excuses: photos of players from each team.

May 28, 2014

Perhaps skiing and swimwear isn’t entirely appropriate, but who says you can't go skiing in the summer? It's quieter, cheaper and sunnier!

While your friends are making a mad dash to claim their ocean side real estate, why not go against the grain and head for the hills?

Summer skiing has been given new life in recent years, as travelers looking for cheap travel deals get to take advantage of unconventional summer activities.

Most summer skiing venues not only have gossip-worthy snowboarding and skiing options, but also accommodate typical summertime activities including biking, rafting and of course hiking.

April 29, 2014

Getting married overseas might seem like something of a dream, but with specialist help it's as simple as saying 'I do'

With ever more countries legalizing same sex marriage there are now more exotic wedding destinations than ever before for LGBTI couples to choose from.

So if you want your wedding to be something special why not look at getting married overseas?

As of April 2014, 16 countries around the world have legalized same-sex marriage.

February 25, 2014

A gay Russian couple has reportedley entered in matrimony in Buenos Aires, and plans to apply for refugee status to escape Russia’s anti-gay laws

A gay couple from Sochi has fled to Argentina to marry and escape Russia's homophobic rule.

Alexander (47) and Dimitri (35) were reportedly married today (25 February) at 11:30 am in the Buenos Aires civil registry on the street Uruguay 753.

Upon calling the civil registry, GSN was told details of the marriage could not be confirmed nor denied over the phone, but the desk did confirm media cameras present in the lobby.

October 22, 2013

With 10 days left until Halloween, Gay Star Travel looks at resting places around the world that have inspired and frightened generations

Around the world, the last days of October and first days of November possess a certain association to the afterlife.

Despite the scenes from horror films and gory urban myths, graveyards also possess an inherent beauty when seen in the daytime.

These cemeteries, a place for respect and repose, are some of the most beautiful and popular resting places in the world.

October 21, 2013

After giving Havana a proper whirl, pick up hitchhikers, stray dogs and photos on the A1 National Highway and its subsidiary roads to visit graceful Trinidad and remote Baracoa at the extreme western tip of Cuba

Cuba will always have its admirers.

It overwhelms with modest authenticity, a proud culture, and a recent revolutionary history in a Caribbean region often known best for ghetto beach chain hotel tourism.

That stated Cuba still suffers from its own Jim Crow-style tourism… mainly holiday makers holed up in high-rise structures in the Varadero area of the north Atlantic shore where locals and vacationers are not encouraged to mix (some hotels even bar resident Cubans from entering).

September 28, 2013

Six year old may even be youngest in the world to legally change gender

A six year old girl has become the youngest person in Argentina to legally change their gender.

The girl, known as Lulu, is believed to be the youngest person to take advantage of Argentina's gender recognition laws, which came into force last year.

This means that Lulu has had her birth certificate and Argentinian ID, known as a DNI, changed from male to female.

Lulu's family had attempted to get the information changed last December. However, the government refused to comply, citing Lulu's young age as the reason.

September 27, 2013

A number of countries released a declaration against anti-LGBT violence and discrimination during the United Nations General Assembly

September 9, 2013

American Airlines, IBM, American Express and more showcased at the International LGBT Business Expo in Guadalajara this week to encourage LGBT inclusion in business and tourism  

The spending power of the LGBT market united Fortune 500 companies and regional tourism operators under one roof this week for the International LGBT Business Expo in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Mexico’s second-largest city welcomed speakers, exhibitors, and for the first time the general public to spark a dialogue on the value LGBT inclusion in Latin American travel, banking and consumer markets.

August 30, 2013

The annual contest in Buenos Aires has welcomed same-sex couples, making history and changing Argentina's reputation as a 'macho' country

Same-sex couples have danced for the first time in the World Championship of Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The country in which gay marriage has been legalized, one of the most ‘macho’ in the world, has let gay couples participate in its renowned contest.

Three male couples and one female couple danced, for 10 days, together with straight ‘tangueros’.

Tango dancer Juan Pablo Ramirez – who was in couple with Daniel Arroyo – said to Argentinian broadcasting: ‘It takes two to tango. But they don’t necessarily have to be different sexes.’