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March 5, 2015

Australia, USA and Israel among countries asked to clarify rights of traveling British wedded same sex couples

British married gay couples hoping to travel will soon know their rights abroad in more than 70 countries, following a request from the UK government.

Equalities minister Jo Swinson has requested that countries including Australia, Israel and the US make clear how safe it is for married gay tourists.

More than 70 government authorities have been questioned to clarify the rights of gay people while working, travelling or living abroad- which has been a grey area.

March 2, 2015

 Lake Wörthersee goes gay for the 8th edition of the festival

Austria's Pink Lake International LGBT Festival will take place at the gorgeous Lake Wörthersee in Velden this September, from 3-6.

The 8th edition of the four-day party goes against the grain of other gay events commonly held in blockbuster cities, with its beautiful, intimate, unspoiled location.

January 15, 2015

Top court says the law contravenes the European Human Rights Convention

Austria's top court yesterday (14 January) lifted a ban on gay adoption, bringing the country into line with many other EU countries.

The Constitutional Court said the law contravened the European Human Rights Convention.

Explaining the decision, chief judge Gerhart Holzinger said there was 'no objective argument for a differing rule based solely on sexual orientation' of the parents.

Previously, only married couples were allowed to adopt but gay marriage is not legal in Austria.

January 15, 2015

  One-stop travel shop returns to London's Heaven nightclub this Saturday (Jan 17)

The Gay Star Travel Expo returns to London's Heaven nightclub next week, on January 17 – and these are just some of the experts, organisations and friends of Gay Star News who will be on hand to make the event a day to remember...

Atlantic Pride – the gay cruise line specialists will be offering GSN readers a special discount on their 2016 cruise from the Caribbean to the Canaries.

January 13, 2015

One-stop travel shop takes place at London's Heaven nightclub this Saturday (17 Jan)

The Gay Star Travel Expo returns to London's Heaven nightclub this Saturday (17 January) – and just one of the special guests at this one-stop travel shop will be Austrian Airlines.

Austria's largest carrier, the organisation transports nearly 11 million passengers a year.

It operates a global route network of approximately 130 destinations, with those routes particularly dense in Central and Eastern Europe, with about 40 cities being served.

January 6, 2015

Rise like a phoenix for GSN's travel event – taking place at London's Heaven nightclub on 17 Jan

The Gay Star Travel Expo returns to London's Heaven nightclub on January 17 – and one of the special guests at this one stop travel shop will be the tourist board of Vienna.

The Austrian capital – which is also the host of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, following Conchita Wurst's triumphant win at last year's show in Copenhagen – will be just one of the exhibitors at the expo.

August 18, 2014

Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes said ‘I believe they are’ when asked if action legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li play a gay couple in his movie

Did Arnie just play his first gay character? That’s what the director of the action blockbuster The Expendables 3 is saying.

August 7, 2014

Pink Lake, an international LGBT summer festival, proves you can get a taste of the Mediterranean anywhere, even at the base of the Austrian Alps

It’s the end of August.

You’re splashing around in 82-degree turquoise green water.

You smile on as drag queens saunter through crowds of bronzing bodies sunning on the sand and showing off the goods.

You bop your head to some lounge music as you catch the eye of a cutie who’s recharging their batteries for the party later tonight.

This isn’t Mykonos or Barcelona.

It’s the Pink Lake Beach Club in Austria, welcoming guests from all over the world for a weekend of fun from 28 to 31 August.

July 23, 2014

Two lesbian couples are challenging the country's laws on joint child support benefits

Austria’s High Court has been asked to decide whether two parents in a same-sex relationship should both receive childcare benefits.

The case has been raised by two separate lesbian couples: one based in Upper Austria and the other in Tyrol. In the latter case, the couple’s claim was rejected by the Tyrolean Regional Health Insurance, who stated that the right to shared childcare was limited to heterosexual partners, "connected together by the bond of biological parenthood, foster care, or adoptive parenting."

June 30, 2014

Prepare to gird your loins against resident drag queen Mataina, and move your body to the bossa nova and chill-out sounds of DJ James Munich at one of Europe’s most happening LGBT festivals

If it only takes two to tango, Mataina and DJ James Munich are the only two people you will ever need to put you in the groove. 

Gay Star News caught up with the self-described godmother of Pink Lake, Austria’s summer Alpine LGBT festival at Lake Woerthersee, and resident DJ James Munich, for a behind-the-scenes look into what Pink Lake is all about.

June 25, 2014

On a visit to Vienna, the Russian president said he will look at the homophobic legislation and 'improve' it in the future

Vladimir Putin has said he will look at the homophobic laws in Russia and ‘improve’ them in the future.

The Russian president was in Vienna to meet with Austrian President Heinz Fischer to make a deal on a pipeline that will reportedly pump half of Russia’s gas supply to Europe from 2016.

At a press conference, he was forced to answer questions on human rights abuses in Russia.

‘There are stereotypes that exist regarding Russia, including on issues of sexual minorities, to a large extent…[are] a fictional idea,’ he said.

June 17, 2014

The Austrian city of Salzburg is so much more than the birthplace of The Sound of Music, so let us share with you a few of our favorite things

The hills are alive with the sound of a city that is so picturesque and gay-friendly, it had to be the birthplace of one of the most popular musicals in history.

Salzburg is where the exciting story of Maria von Trapp’s aristocratic Austrian family took place.

It is one of the coolest destinations in central Europe, and not just for its pop culture credentials.

June 9, 2014

Austria's Pink Lake LGBTI summer festival program includes boat cruise parties, a lakeside beach club, a very hip Club Night and lederhosen-clad hotties so fabulous, you’ll be spinning a la Julie Andrews

Picture this: A lake laps at your feet as you soak in the late summer sun.

You glance up and see an oiled-up beauty temporarily blocking your view of the Austrian Alps. As you follow that body you take in the gorgeous lake and charming villas, and you just roll over to top up your tan.

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

That’s just one of the many daytime visions you’re sure to have at Pink Lake in Austria, taking over the must-see-to-believe quant town of Velden this year from 28 to 31 August.

May 28, 2014

From balls celebrating the medicinal properties of weed to waltzs followed by ingesting tons of candy, we look at Vienna for some of the year’s most elegant and unique fancy dress events

Traditional waltz balls don’t only exist in Disney movies.

The capital of Austria, Vienna, has been doing fancy dress balls for centuries, and every year the city is host to over 400 balls ranging in themes from career-specific parties, like a Doctor’s Ball or Coffee Maker’s Ball, to flower-themed events, like the Rose Ball and Red Clove Ball.

May 11, 2014

Conchita's win gives Austria its second Eurovision Song Contest victory

Conchita Wurst, Austria's drag queen star, won the 59th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

According to the Associated Press, her performance of Rise Like a Phoenix was a hit with the juries and European viewers.

Wurst is renowned for her ‘bearded lady’ look.

May 10, 2014

It’s all about Conchita, the drag hero representing Austria tonight in the even more LGBTI inclusive Eurovision Song Contest

Copenhagen in Denmark is getting ready to host an even more LGBTI inclusive Eurovision Song Contest final tonight.

Every year the Eurovision Song Contest throws up controversies whether it is neighborly voting, outrageous performances or same-sex kisses. This year is proving no different after the loud booing that Russia received when being announced as a finalist and the reaction to drag star Conchita Wurst.

This year the result is far from certain with at least 10 countries in with a realistic chance of victory. Here's our look at some of the main contenders.

May 2, 2014

So much pride! So little time! Let’s run through the globe’s LGBTI parties taking place in May

It’s happening. Summer is coming.

We know what that means: Gay Pride season takes over the northern hemisphere with parties, marches and events.

This month we’re reminded being out and proud is more important than ever.

International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) celebrated on 17 May, has grown to a globally recognized event where some LGBTI communities celebrate their freedoms, while others meet in secret to continue fighting for basic rights.

April 15, 2014

Don your lederhosen for a boat cruise, ride a bull on the beach in your bikini or wear your Sunday best for an Austrian day tour during Pink Lake Festival 28 to 31 August

Austria’s Pink Lake Festival on the beautiful Lake Wörthersee can only mean one thing: Start packing your outfits.

The 7th annual party for LGBTI travelers and allies returns from 28 to 31 August 2014.

If previous years’ festivities are anything to go by, you can get away with as little as a bikini, but you may want to bring along your disco-ball tiara and high-heeled flippers for the weekend.

As organizer Jeff Wahl tells us: ‘There is something for everyone.’

March 7, 2014

Forest-spas, igloo hotels and hammocks in the bedroom are some of the creative features helping Austria dominate the hospitality industry with these cool accommodations

Austria (not to be confused with Australia, there are no kangaroos here) is a commonly underrated holiday destination, especially for the LGBTI traveller.

March 7, 2014

Forest-spas, igloo hotels and hammocks in the bedroom are some of the creative features helping Austria dominate the hospitality industry with these cool accommodations

Austria (not to be confused with Australia, there are no kangaroos here) is a commonly underrated holiday destination, especially for the LGBTI traveller.

January 21, 2014

Vienna Tourist Board and Austrian Airlines have awarded Sérgio Rebelo with a free trip and stay in Austria’s gay-friendly capital: Vienna

If only all selfies were rewarded with a free holiday.

As part of Gay Star News’ second birthday party this past weekend, Vienna Tourist Board and Austrian Airlines were offering party guests the chance to win a four-star holiday in Vienna.

All guests had to do was take a selfie and post it to Gayfriendly Vienna’s Facebook page.

January 10, 2014

All are welcome to club Heaven in Charing Cross on 18 and 19 January 12pm to 5pm, to celebrate our second birthday at our Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show

Free for our readers, the millions of you who have helped us become a leading global LGBTI news site in just over two years, our huge birthday bash is on Saturday and Sunday 18 and 19 January, from 12pm to 5pm at Heaven club in central London.

We’re calling it the Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show, because we want to do away with the January blues, and we wanted an excuse to take out our summer clothes from the back of the closet.

January 6, 2014

From Lake Bled to Lipica, from the Skocjan caves to Medieval castles, Gay Star Travel explores the world away from the capital's buzzing life

The countryside of Slovenia, a small state nested between Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia, stuns with its beauty and diverse attractions: Exploring a cave, swimming in an Alpine lake, eating some of the best food central Europe can offer.

The best part is, you don’t need to be an ‘outdoor lad’ to live this year-round countryside destination. While the rugged landscape is a favorite among spelunkers and white water rafters, there's plenty for those looking to take it easy.

December 18, 2013

Unbound Expeditions, launching an LGBTI tour through Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in November 2014, will be sharing astounding adventures at the Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show

Londoners wanting a beach in January can come to the Gay Star Beach Party for a taste of the Galapagos.

Gay Star News, the UK’s biggest LGBTI news website, is hosting a winter beach party and travel show in London 18 and 19 January 2014.

LGBTI travelers and allies will be mixing and mingling at the free beach party with representatives from popular destinations to get inspired and educated on where LGBTI travel will go in 2014.