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September 12, 2012

Two Britons living in Uganda under attack by police for putting on The River and the Mountain, a ‘banned’ play with a gay plotline

A British ex-pat living in Uganda could be jailed for two years for producing a play containing a gay storyline.

And another British ex-pat has had to hand over his UK passport to the Ugandan authorities and been released on police bail after he was arrested for staging the play.

The play, The River and the Mountain, features a storyline about a gay businessman living in a homophobic country among its themes.

It is advertised as: ‘A Ugandan comedy drama that tackles the intersection of religion, politics and sexuality.’

August 30, 2012

A play discussing LGBT issues has been banned in Uganda during a government crackdown on political dissent

Uganda’s Media Council has banned performances of what would have been the first theater production in the country to discuss LGBT issues.

The River and the Mountain, by British playwright Beau Hopkins, was to have been performed at the National Theater of Uganda but the theater refused to stage performances of the play after the Media Council intervened.

Other performances of the play reportedly went ahead last week at smaller venues but it is now unlikely to continue anywhere else.

August 20, 2012

A play featuring a man coming out premieres in Kampala where it is still illegal to be gay

A play featuring a gay storyline has premiered in Uganda where homosexuality is still illegal.

The River and the Mountain opened at a theatre in Kampala on Friday (17 August), despite the threat of police raids.

Written by British writer Beau Hopkins, the play has faced opposition from the authorities, who blocked organizers from staging it at the national theatre.

Gay sex is illegal in Uganda, with 'offenders' facing life imprisonment in some cases.