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April 25, 2012

Stephen Fry and Beverley Knight support diversity awards. Gay Star News nominated for LGBT community work

Britain's celebrities have come out in force to support the 2012 National Diversity Awards.

The ceremony dedicates one night to honor individuals and organizations who tackle social issues like racism and homophobia in the country.

English multi-hyphenate Stephen Fry, named the second most influential in Britain in 2007, commented on the importance of the National Diversity Awards.

'The UK is becoming more and more diverse,' said Fry. 'It is valuable that a national event is being held to celebrate our differences'.

April 4, 2012

Everybody has a different coming out story, and new site shares them to support people through the process

Coming out can be one of the hardest things lesbian, gay and bisexual people have to do. That’s why a new website called, launched in March, is acting as a resource for people in the closet and friends and families of those who have come out.