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Content about Book of Leviticus

April 5, 2015

William Jack wanted a Bible shaped cake that said 'Homosexuality is a detestable sin. Leviticus 18:2'

A Colorado bakery has been cleared of charges it discriminates against Christian customers.

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies ruled in favor of Azucar Bakery in a complaint brought by William Jack.

December 13, 2012

Queen James Bible has been edited to make homophobic interpretations 'impossible'

A gay-friendly version of the Bible hopes to end Christian arguments that same-sex love is a sin.

The 'Queen James Bible' is a new interpretation of the good book which claims to 'arm' gay Christians against homophobes who often point to key passages as proof that God hates gays.

Eight verses from six books, including Genesis and Leviticus, have been 'reinterpreted' by the authors who claim homosexuality wasn't mentioned until the 1946 Revised Standard Version.

May 17, 2012

Manny Pacquiao says that he supports gay rights, but opposes gay marriage

Filipino world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao has denied quoting a violent anti-gay passage of the Bible and defended his opposition to gay marriage after a backlash.

National Conservative Examiner published an article last weekend in which it appeared Pacquiao, who is also a congressman in the Philippines, quoted a Bible passage from Leviticus that says gay people ‘must be put to death’.