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September 12, 2014

Despite the best efforts of firefighters, the building was quickly destroyed by fire just days before it hosted the same-sex ceremony

A cultural center in Brazil that was due to host a gay wedding this weekend has been almost completely destroyed by a fire.

It’s believed that the cause of the blaze was an arson attack and is likely to have been linked to the fact that the CTG Sentinelas do Planalto, in the city of Santana do Livramento, was due to host the same-sex ceremony.

The boss of the center, Gilbert Gisler, received an anonymous phone call a month ago from someone threatening to destroy the building because of its plans to host a gay wedding. He reported the call to the civil police.

September 11, 2014

Police are investigating whether the 18-year-old’s death was a homophobic hate crime

An 18-year-old, openly gay man has been found murdered in Brazil after what is believed to be a homophobic attack.

It’s been reported the body of João Antônio Donati was discovered yesterday (10 September) in a vacant lot in the Brazilian city of Inhumas, in the state of Goiás. His neck had been broken and his mouth stuffed with paper.

Eighteen-year-old João Antônio Donati was gay and working at a local bar. Police are investigating the possibility that he was murdered in a homophobic hate crime.

August 28, 2014

Cardiff, Wales’ 8th annual Iris Prize Film Festival will showcase the very best of LGBTI themed cinema from around the world in October of 2014

17 of the world’s best LGBTI themed films will be competing for a coveted Iris Prize in October this year at Cardiff’s 8th annual LGBTI film festival.

In contention will be Der Samurai, by former Iris Prize winner Till Kleinert, about a young man in a woman’s dress wielding a Samurai’s sword who is being hotly pursued by a young police man who is clearly out of his depth.

Another contender will be The Way He Looks by another Iris Prize winner, Daniel Ribiero from Brazil, who will be attending the screening in Cardiff.

July 7, 2014

World's soccer governing body has been criticized for failing to tackle homophobia at the current World Cup being held in Brazil

FIFA has admitted Russia is so homophobic, the world soccer governing body will need a ‘special task force’ to deal with it at the next World Cup.

Jeffrey Webb, FIFA’s anti-discrimination chief, has said the organization will need to deploy staff specifically trained to tackle homophobic abuse the next time the world comes together to play football.

LGBTI fans have condemned the body for failing to tackle homophobic and racist abuse properly at the World Cup in Brazil.

June 25, 2014

Don't you think it's time for Cristiano Ronaldo to join the Game of Thrones' Unsullied?

Cristiano Ronaldo has been getting a lot of attention in the US over the past few days. And not just for his good looks.

As everyone knows the World Cup is going on in Brazil, and this past Sunday (22 June) Portugal played the US.

For soccer fans in the States, it was a a brutal ending (a draw for you non-sports fans). The ending was only made palpable because Ronaldo was playing.

June 23, 2014

Head of a new discrimination panel at the FA has said the governing body has hired gay, disabled and people of ethnic minorities

The Football Association has hired a new head for its anti-discrimination panel, who says ‘homophobia is unacceptable’.

As the World Cup carries on in Brazil with no openly gay players competing, new chair Tariq Sadiq has said he wants to fight against all forms of discrimination in his new role.

The leading employment lawyer with St Philips Chambers, he told HR magazine there is a problem with discrimination at soccer clubs across the UK.

June 19, 2014

Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Croatia could have their World Cup career in jeapordy over fans' behavior at matches

FIFA has started disciplinary proceedings against four countries after alleged homophobic chants by their fans during their World Cup matches.

In a statement, FIFA said the inquiry was launched after what they described as ‘improper conduct’ by fans from Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Croatia.

At one game, Mexican fans shouted ‘puto’ at games against Cameroon and Brazil. In the latter match, Brazilians then responded by chanting the slur back at Mexico.

June 19, 2014

Mexican soccer fans’ homophobic slurs have been broadcast on ESPN twice at this year’s World Cup and in a match against Brazil, Brazilian fans began shouting them back

The ESPN sports channel allowed the broadcast of homophobic chants by Mexico supporters at the World Cup in Brazil at two matches but says it did not understand what fans were shouting and will seek to stop it from happening again in future.

Mexico supporters began chanting ‘Puto!’ during a game against Cameroon whenever Cameroon’s goal keeper attempted goal kicks, and did it again on Tuesday during a match against Brazil.

In response Brazil fans returned the slur, chanting it as well.

June 17, 2014

United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay has called for gay soccer players to come out at the World Cup to become role models for young people all over the world

The outgoing United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay, has called for professional footballers at the World Cup in Brazil to come out as gay so that they can be role models for others.

Pillay is finishing up her final year as the UN’s top human rights official after six years in the job and has made advocacy on the behalf of the rights of LGBTI people a hallmark of her time in office.

June 12, 2014

Half of this is actual content, and the other half is an excuse to post pictures of hot footballers. Just so we’re clear

There are plenty of reasons why you might not like football.

You might dislike the homophobic, misogynistic culture, you might hate how there will be no openly gay players in the World Cup, or you might be American.

In a poll on Gay Star News, 64% of you said you will not be watching a single game.

If you do love the game, that’s great. This article is probably not for you, as you know all of this already.

May 20, 2014

19 year-old Floyd Evans stabbed a gay man in the chest at a well-known meeting spot for gay men, which the judge condemned as a ‘disgraceful’ homophobic attack

A UK teen will serve a 14-year sentence for stabbing a gay man in the chest in a brutal homophobic attack (20 May).

Floyd Evans, 19, stabbed Francisco Nascimento in the chest on 21 October 2013 in Cheshire, UK.

The judge told the court Evans was guilty of a homophobic attack, as the two men met near the City Walls, which is a well-known meeting point for gay men.

May 1, 2014

We look at how LGBTI groups around the world are raising their voices against transphobia, homophobia in sport and homophobia for IDAHO

It’s 2014, and not everyone has the freedom to express themselves.

As we approach International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), commemorated around the world on 17 May, the battle for LGBTI rights and human equality continues to reach critical mass.

This year’s theme of ‘Freedom of Expression’ is a call for LGBTI people and allies raise their voices against homophobia, especially for those who live in countries where living and expressing themselves freely could be punishable by fines, imprisonment or death.

April 12, 2014

Floyd Evans met victim Francisco Nascimento at a local meeting point for gay men and viciously stabbed him in the heart after chatting to him

A British teenager has been convicted of stabbing a gay man in the heart, in a suspected homophobic attack.

Floyd Evans, 19, stabbed 35-year-old Francisco Nascimento from Brazil in the heart on 21 October 2013 in Cheshire, UK.

The Chester Chronicle reports that Evans was found not guilty of attempted murder but will face a charge of wounding with intent.

February 18, 2014

IOC spokesman says countries who do not abide by an anti-discrimination rule could factor in decisions on the bidding process

Russia, and other countries with homophobic laws, could be banned from hosting the Olympics under a proposed new rule.

The International Olympics Committee has responded to calls that countries must abide by a specific anti-discrimination decree modelled on the Olympic Charter’s Principle 6.

Principle 6 says sport does not discriminate on any grounds, including race, religion, politics or gender.

February 3, 2014

Brazilian TV show Amor à Vida has become the country’s first soap opera to include a kiss on the mouth between two gay characters after fans of the show campaigned for it

Brazilian soap Amor à Vida (Love Life) has become the first to depict a passionate kiss between two gay characters after fans campaigned for characters Felix and Niko have a proper kiss.

Previously Felix (played by actor Matthew Solano) and Niko (played by actor Thiago Fragoso) had only hugged or kissed each other on the cheek but that wasn’t enough for fans who turned to social media - making the hashtag #BeijaFélixeNiko (KissFelixAndNiko) the top trending hashtag in Brazil for a while.

January 30, 2014

'I have much respect for homosexuals, but I like women'

Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira, the Manchester United footballer commonly known as Anderson, was not phased this week when an Italian journalist asked him during a press conference if he is gay.

The question came during a press conference announcing that the 25-year-old midfielder from Brazil is going to be on loan to Italian football club Fiorentina.

January 17, 2014

Police are on the hunt for a gang of skinheads believed to have targeted a 16-year-old because of his sexuality and race

Police are on the hunt for a gang who pulled a gay teen’s teeth out, tortured and murdered him in Brazil.

Kaique Batista dos Santos, 16, was found in Sao Paulo battered, bruised with an iron bar still pierced in his leg.

It is alleged authorities originally believed the gay teen committed suicide.

His family fears he was targeted because of his sexuality and race.

Batista dos Santos’ sister Tayna has said: ‘These thugs enjoy beating and torturing with their bare hands and they are pleased to take the lives of homosexuals.

January 3, 2014

By legalizing same-sex marriage in 2013, Brazil, the US, France, England and Wales brought marriage equality to another 447.5 million people

Going into 2014, 1 in 10 people in the whole world are living with gay marriage.

With over 7 billion people living on Earth, the estimate was boosted in 2013 after countries like the US, Brazil, France, England and Wales legalized same-sex marriage.

With 201 million citizens, Brazil leads the population pack since the country’s courts began marrying same-sex couples in May 2013.

January 1, 2014

Start saving and plan your year’s travel around these rising stars. We've chosen one party a month from Iceland to São Paolo, Puerto Vallarta to Tignes

2014 is full of LGBTI events, cruises and festivals for every palate and budget.

From Brazil's popular São Paulo pride where the country seems to descend on the city, to sharing a plot of Nevada dessert with the Glamcocks at Burning Man, Gay Star Travel looks at events for gays, lesbians and fans.

Consider these festivals and parties as you plan your travel adventures for 2014.

December 24, 2013

The Way He Looks will show the relationships of a blind boy with his best friend Giovana and new neighbor Gabriel

The Berlin International Film Festival has revealed the first list of movies for its Panorama 2014.

Along with new works from big names such as Michel Gondry of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Brazil’s Daniel Ribeiro will premier his first feature movie around Valentine’s Day in Berlin.

December 24, 2013

The Way He Looks will show the relationships of a blind boy with his best friend Giovana and new neighbor Gabriel

The Berlin International Film Festival has revealed the first list of movies for its Panorama 2014.

Along with new works from big names such as Michel Gondry of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Brazil’s Daniel Ribeiro will premier his first feature movie around Valentine’s Day in Berlin.

November 20, 2013

For Transgender Day of Remembrance, we remember the horrific tragedies that led to the deaths of trans victims worldwide

When you hear that 238 trans people have been killed this year, including 11 children, it’s a horrific number.

But it’s more than a number. It is 238 people just like you who have lost their lives to intolerance, to hatred, and to fear.

When we sit and remember these victims on Transgender Day of Remembrance today (20 November), we must remember these people had hopes and dreams.

And most importantly, they had futures.

Below is a list of the men and women identified by the Trans Murder Monitoring Project.

November 8, 2013

Countries that demonstrate a genuine commitment to the LGBT community are expected to benefit most from this record-breaking travel spend projection

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals will contribute $202 billion (€149 billion) to the travel industry next year, predicts LGBT marketing agency Out Now.

Out Now specializes in helping the global travel market understand the needs of the LGBT traveller, offering services like corporate training schemes for hotel staff and research studies with data from LGBT consumers around the world.

October 18, 2013

The Brazilian Congressional Commission on Human Rights and Minorities has approved an amendment that would allow churches to exclude same-sex families and their children from religious rites such as marriages, baptisms and other ceremonies

Brazil’s Congressional Commission on Human Rights and Minorities (CCHRM) has approved an amendment that would protect 'priests [from] being penalized if they refuse to carry out marriages, baptisms and other ceremonies between homosexuals or their children.’

If adopted by lawmakers the measure would allow churches to exclude those who ‘violate its values, doctrines and beliefs,’ potentially shutting them out of their faith communities.