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April 25, 2013

France’s parliament has passed gay marriage but there is still one final hurdle as right-wing party UMP sends the new law to the Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Council due to rule on same-sex marriage in France has already indicated that politicians should decide on the issue.

That makes victory in this final hurdle against gay marriage becoming a reality very likely, LGBT advocates say.

France’s National Assembly and Senate have both passed same-sex marriage and adoption.

May 4, 2012

With Britain vowing to have same-sex marriages, Italy likely to be pushed into making the leap and France also set to tie the knot under a new president, are gay marriages now unstoppable in Europe?

Italian MP Anna Paola Concia is in a German civil union with her partner Ricarda. But her rights are not recognized in Rome.

It happens to hundreds of couples in the Mediterranean country, who got married and are not recognized by the state.

But Concia is confident Italy will soon change its mind and allow same-sex unions. She told Gay Star News: ‘It will happen in four or five years, marriage equality is an idea that has spread and that now is unstoppable. And the European Union can make a difference.’