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June 19, 2013

Religious groups in Jamaica unite to say allowing adult gay sex in private would harm children, spread HIV, and prevent Christians from disagreeing with LGBT rights

Javed Jaghai has so enraged previously conflicting religious groups in Jamaica they have done the unthinkable; unite!

In the first-ever domestic legal challenge to the island’s anti-sodomy law, AIDS-Free World’s lawyers, Anika Gray and I (Maurice Tomlinson), will be representing Javed, a young gay man who was kicked out of his home by his landlady when she discovered his sexual orientation.

June 14, 2013

As a gay Jamaican fights to ‘read down’ the law against anal sex on the island, the religious lobby go into full attack mode

Life is full of ironies.

Jamaican religious groups such as the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS) campaigned vociferously against the broadcast of a paid TV ad which did nothing more than exhort Jamaicans to respect the human rights of gays. Last week, the JCHS even admitted to writing letters to the TV stations threatening them with retaliation from Jamaica’s powerful church lobby, if the ads were aired.

March 11, 2013

Viral sensation goes homophobic as supporters of Jamaica's so-called Buggery Law create a video comparing homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia

While the majority of ‘Harlem Shake’ videos have been harmless, one has taken the craze to a very homophobic place.

In a video uploaded at the weekend (9 March), a Jamaican contribution the viral sensation compares gay people to pedophiles, and ‘zoophiles’ – meaning people who like to have sex with animals.

Urging gay people be imprisoned for showing affection in public, the video is in response to local efforts to repeal the so-called ‘Buggery Law’.

March 11, 2013

A new law in Britain to allow ‘gay offenders’ to wipe clean their police record for sex crimes which are no longer illegal has not been as popular as hoped

Only seven ‘gay sex offenders’ in Britain have had their past convictions wiped clean from the Police National Database, despite 16,000 thought to be eligible.

The scheme, introduced under new laws, was supposed to remove gay and bisexual people from the database where their ‘sex offences’ would no longer be considered a crime. But it has proved less popular and successful than advocates anticipated in the first six months.

November 25, 2012

Open letter by LGBT rights activist Maurice Tomlinson to Jamaican minister of justice about the delayed review of the country's anti-buggery law

Open Letter to Jamaica's minister of justice, The Honourable Mark Golding regarding the delayed review of the country's anti-buggery law.

Dear Honourable Minister Golding,

I read with dismay, but not surprise, that the government of Jamaica has put the issue of the promised review of the anti-sodomy law on hold, perhaps indefinitely.

November 25, 2012

Paul Diamond believes Jamaica should resist pressure from the US or UK to remove buggery laws

A UK lawyer says Jamaica shouldn't give into UK or US pressure to review its buggery laws.

British barrister Paul Diamond accuses the United Kingdom of failing 'to find a balance between religious rights and the secular modern human-rights agenda'.

Diamond's website reveals he specializes in the law of religious liberty.

According to Jamaican newspaper the Sunday Gleaner, Diamond also accuses the UK of 'failing to honor the rights of its own citizens' and 'discrimination against Christians'.

September 17, 2012

Christians have marched through Kingston, Jamaica, demanding ‘sexual purity’, the retention of Jamaica’s ‘buggery law’ and likened gay sex to ‘man on dog sex’

Right-wing Christians have marched through Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, demanding the country retains its ‘buggery law’.

The extremists claimed that homosexuality is like ‘man on dog sex’ and claimed gays could be cured and freed from their ‘bondage’.

The march on Saturday (15 September) combined preaching sessions and prayers with a placard-wielding protest parade through the streets of Kingston, from Hope Gardens to Mandela Park at Half Way Tree.