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April 30, 2015

'I was there making this pilgrimage for the thousands of gay Muslims who were too scared to go to Saudi Arabia'

Gay Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma risked death by filming his pilgrimage to Mecca for his new documentary.

A Sinner in Mecca had its world premiere Wednesday night (28 April) at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto.

Security has been beefed up for the three sold-out screenings as Sharam has already received hate mail and death threats and the film was denounced by the Iranian state media as a 'Western conspiracy' to legitimize the 'despicable sin of homosexuality.'

March 30, 2015

Parents are now helping to prove how 'ridiculous' anti-trans laws are

Mothers of trans kids are taking on 'ridiculous' bathroom bills by vowing to pee in men's toilets.

Fran Forsberg, from Saskatoon, Canada, is one of several parents who who will be protesting an amendment of a bill that will ban trans women from using female bathrooms trans men from using male bathrooms.

Put forward by Senator Don Plett, he claims the amendment will stop 'pedophiles from taking advantage of legislation that we have in place.'

'There's nothing that's wrong with my daughter,' Forsberg told CBC News.

January 6, 2015

Craig Friesen and Matt Wiens were married on New Years Eve in Osler Mennonite Church – becoming the first ever same-sex couple to be married in their faith in Canada

A Canadian gay couple made history on New Year's Eve, becoming the first ever same-sex couple who are members of the Canadian Mennonite Church to receive a church wedding in their faith.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada since July of 2005.

However the Mennonite church in Saskatchewan province, Canada only decided to allow individual congregations to marry same-sex couples if they wish to as of last year and Craig Friesen and Matt Wiens are the first to seek the Mennonite’s blessing in Canada.

May 17, 2014

Clayre Sessoms said she tried to give blood in Vancouver, but her blood was rejected after nurses found out she is trans

A Canadian woman who regularly donates blood was turned away from a clinic this week; after nurses found out she was transgender.

Clayre Sessoms went to give blood in downtown Vancouver on Wednesday (14 May) when she was turned away by the nurses and told she couldn’t give blood.

After declaring the hormones she was taking for her transition, Sessoms was questioned about whether she had gender reassignment surgery and was informed her blood donation had to be deferred.

‘I was deeply hurt. I was kind of dumbstruck at first’ said Sessoms.

April 15, 2014

A US hate-group activist is in rough weather as students unite against malicious propaganda 

A US anti-gay leader was arrested in Canada for distributing hate literature yesterday in University of Regina, Canada yesterday (14 April).

Peter LaBarbera was charged with mischief by Canadian police officers after he refused several requests from university officials to leave the campus area.

The Americans for Truth about Homosexuality preacher was less than thrilled with being escorted off the university campus in handcuffs.

February 21, 2014

Canada's Denny Morrison: 'I've done some not-nice things in my time. I think I've grown a lot more since then'

Canadian speed skater Denny Morrison won silver and bronze medals at the Olympics in Sochi - all while sponsored by a gay bar.

The two-time world record breaker is sponsored by Twisted Element, a gay bar in Calgary.

There was a time when the 28 year old would not have been so thrilled about such an affiliation.

'I grew up in a small town and had been teased about my sport, being a figure skater, wearing spandex, calling me names and insinuating I was gay,' Morrison said in an interview this week with with the CBC.

December 13, 2013

A group of gay Canadian Muslims plan to open an affirming mosque where people can be themselves in the city of Halifax in Nova Scotia

A group of Halifax gay Muslims have announced plans to open an LGBTI affirming ‘unity’ mosque in their city.

Group spokesperson Syed Adnan Hussein told CBC News that while LGBTIs were free to pray in more traditional mosques in the city, he wanted to create a space could be comfortable in their LGBTI identity while practicing their faith.

May 23, 2013

Woman was forced to leave a bridal shop after the owner allegedly told her customers would feel 'uncomfortable if a man was trying on dresses'

A transgender woman has filed a human rights complaint against a Canadian bridal shop after the owner stopped her from trying on wedding dresses.

Rohit Singh, from Saskatoon in southern Canada, says she asked to try on a dress in Jenny’s Bridal Boutique and was refused.

May 3, 2013

Trans woman filing formal complaint after she was stopped from trying on dresses in a bridal shop in Canada

A Canadian bridal shop stopped a transgender woman from trying on wedding dresses.

Rohit Singh, from Saskatoon in southern Canada, says she asked to try on a dress in Jenny’s Bridal Boutique and was refused.

The shop owner thought Singh was a man and said other people in the store would be uncomfortable with Singh trying on a dress, CBC News reports.

April 20, 2013

Canadian politicians want to cut funding from Edmonton Islamic Academy, where religious leader Mustafa Khattab likened homosexuality to a disease

A publicly funded Islamic school in Canada risks losing funding over a religious leader’s comments likening being gay to having cancer or AIDS.

Religious leader Mustafa Khattab sent an email to Canadian news channel CBC news saying that comments he made in a lecture for students from Edmonton Islamic Academy were taken out of context.

Last fall, a video posted to YouTube showed Khattab saying: ‘Personally, I do not like to be associated with this [homosexuality].’

‘For me someone who is homosexual is like someone who has diabetes, cancer or AIDS.

April 15, 2013

After a 23-year-old attemped suicide and was taken off life support last year, it has inspired his family to try and change the rules of organ donation

A Canadian woman has said she believes her late son’s organs were rejected for donation because he was gay.

Nancy Campana says she was asked if her son Rocky, who was an organ donor, was gay after his death.

‘I was asked if he was a gay male and I said, “yes.” And I was asked if he was a sexually active gay male or if he had a partner and I said, “yes”,’ Campana told CBC News.

April 3, 2013

A Canadian gay couple say they have to close their business after only four months because of the homophobic abuse

Homophobic insults have forced a gay Canadian couple to close their restaurant and leave town.

Dave Claringbould and his partner opened the restaurant Pots n’ Hands in Morris, Manitoba just four months ago, south of Winnipeg.

Leaving the city for the quiet life, they thought life would be good. But the anti-gay slurs and insinuations were enough to force them to leave.

December 21, 2012

Tributes pour in for former controversial TV host Laurier LaPierre, who died suddenly on Monday (17 December)

Laurier LaPierre, Canada's first openly gay senator, has died aged 83.

The retired politician and host of TV's controversial 'This Hour has Seven Days' was pronounced dead on Monday (17 December), reported the Huffington Post.

LaPierre rose to fame presenting the notorious CBC program which saw him come under fire for interviewing white supremacists and cild-killer Nathan Leopold.

August 3, 2012

Victim of homophobic attack Chevi Rabbit says he feels safe again after 200 people march with him through streets of Edmonton, Canada

The victim of an alleged anti-gay attack in Edmonton, Canada, led hundreds of protesters in a march against hate crime.

Around 200 people dressed in purple, representing anti-bullying, joined yesterday's (2 August) demonstration in support of gay University of Alberta student Chevi Rabbit.

July 24, 2012

Canadian student inspires LGBT community to stand up for gay rights after homophobes attacked him in public

A gay student in Canada who was assaulted and mugged by homophobes has vowed not to let the attack push him back into the closet.

University of Alberta student Chevi Rabbit was attacked by a group of three men walking near his campus in Whyte Avenue on Thursday (19 July) at 9pm.

After hurling homophobic abuse, the 26-year-old claimed one of the trio attacked him, holding him in a headlock, throwing him to the ground and stealing his iPhone.

July 23, 2012

Mother says the fact that people watch his murder online is 'like my son is being murdered again and again'

The parents of Jun Lin, the victim of bisexual pornstar Luka Rocco Magnotta, spoke publicly of their immense grief in an interview with CBC News’ Mark Kelley broadcast on Canadian TV last week.

Lin’s mother Zhigui Du said ‘her heart almost stopped beating’ when she heard he was missing.

Du said her 33-year-old son had reassured her about how safe Canada was before he left Wuhan in central China to study computer science in Montreal.

June 14, 2012

Canadian province is first in North America to change law to end discrimination against transgender people

Ontario in Canada has amended its Human Rights Code to protect transgender people.

It is the first province in North America to extend the anti-discrimination law to include 'gender identity' and 'gender expression'.

Upon hearing the decision, which was agreed unanimously by all members of the legislature in Toronto, transgender people hugged and shook hands with MPPs in the lobby, reported CBC News.

March 7, 2012

'I'm flattered ... I like it very much'

Tom Hanks son could take some lessons from Ewan McGregor on how a straight guy should deal with other men finding him attractive.

Rather than sending out a tweet reiterating his sexuality - as Chet Haze did this week - McGregor had a good time discussing the mad crush comedian Louis CK has on him.