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January 24, 2013

Couple fighting for marriage rights in Taipei drop legal case

The gay couple in Taiwan who were suing Taipei city government for not recognizing their marriage confirmed yesterday that they are dropping their case.

After warning last week that he was considering giving up his legal fight for same-sex marriage rights, Nelson Chen (Chen Ching-hsueh) announced at a press conference yesterday that he had 'lost his faith in the judiciary'.

December 21, 2012

Taiwan’s Supreme Justices will deliver the final word on same-sex marriage in 2013 – potentially creating the first legal same-sex marriages in Asia

The issue of same-sex marriage is to be heard by Taiwan’s Supreme Justices, or Judicial Yuan, in what could result in a landmark ruling and the first legal same-sex marriages in Asia if the case is a success.

Chen Ching-hsueh and long term partner Kao Chih-wei filed a complaint with the Taipei High Administrative Court earlier this year after a local household registration agency refused register their marriage.

April 10, 2012

The mothers of a Taiwanese gay couple publicly speak out to support their love and rights after suffering much torment and disbelief

The mothers of the Taiwanese gay couple fighting to have their marriage formally registered have appeared in court with their sons.

There was not much anger at the Taipei High Administrative Court yesterday (10 Apr). Instead, it was more of a heartwarming day that saw the couple’s parents, the judge and even the official sued showing their support one way or another.

March 28, 2012

The Taiwanese government is persistent that gay men cannot formally register their marriage

A Taiwanese official representative insisted during an initial court hearing yesterday (27 March) that it was right not to grant a gay couple official household registration as it contravened the legal definition of marriage.

March 23, 2012

A gay couple will present their arguments for the court to decide if a couple of the same sex can officially register as such

The Taipei High Administrative Court will start hearing a case on Tuesday (27 Mar) to decide whether a same-sex couple can register under the same household.

Chen Ching-hsueh and Kao Chih-wei have been married for nearly six years. While their marriage was formally recorded in a family pedigree last year – the first among Chinese ever, the Department of Household Registration later turned them down twice.

Denied benefits and duties that every heterosexual couple is entitled to, Chen later decided to take their case to the court.