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April 14, 2015

Gay Star News goes in search of artistic freedom in a gorgeous town of old-world elegance

Welcome to Bremen – a small but fierce city on the Weser River that's an arts and culture capital, with a special warrior protecting its inhabitants.

We're talking about the magnificent Bremen Roland statue [below], part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just in front of the City Hall, which dates back to 1404 and is a proud symbol of Bremen’s freedom.

Roland stares intensely at Bremen Cathedral, or 'The Dom'; here in Bremen, the merchants and businessmen have always been free to talk and think with their own minds.

March 12, 2015

The co-founder of LGBTI travel directory Purple Roofs on his love of his hometown, the Californian capital (no, it's not LA!)

I've lived here since… 2003. My husband Mark and I were looking for a place where we could afford a bigger home and office. We started our LGBTI travel directory Purple Roofs in 1998, and we quickly outgrew our two-bedroom condo! Sacramento was affordable, and offered a more relaxed lifestyle.

February 16, 2015

Ordinance is first of its kind outside Metro Manila

A comprehensive anti-gay discrimination ordinance Wednesday (11 February) passed it first reading in Mandaue City without opposition. 

The diversity code was introduced by councilor Nenita Layese and is the first of its kind in the Philippines outside Metro Manila.

The ordinance would create a diversity affairs commission to implement comprehensive anti-discrimination laws as well as sexual and transgender health, welfare and inclusivity programs.

January 12, 2015

Pair's third attempt to wed is thwarted by an anti-gay activist

A gay couple have been barred from tying the knot in the Mexican state of Baja California for a third time following a complaint the men are insane.

Hairstylists Victor Manuel Aguirre, 43, and Fernando Urias, 37 have been trying to get married since the Supreme Court ruled they could in June 2013.

December 24, 2014

From art to architecture, Germany's oldest large town packs a cultural punch

At this time of year, the crowds come to Cologne mainly for the Chocolate Museum and for its Christmas markets – but there’s so much more to discover on the Rhine river.

A gentle city where lovers leave their love locks on a bridge and Cologne Cathedral (a World Heritage Site) makes you dream of ancient times, Cologne is also a city with some of the best museums in Germany. Meanwhile hipster and indie areas like the Belgian Quarter demonstrate how far Germany has evolved from lederhosen, sausage and beer stereotypes.

December 10, 2014

Activists call on the international community to pressure Mayor Park into passing his scrapped human rights charter

The occupation of Seoul city hall by LGBTI activists enters day five as the mayor remains silent on a human rights charter he indefinitely postponed last week.

Today is World Aids Day and was the scheduled date for the enactment of the charter, which includes provisions banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

A coalition of 20 LGBTI groups started the sit-in on Saturday 'out of rage' that Mayor Park Won-soon nullified the charter after anti-gay protests, despite a citizens committee passing the measure.

July 28, 2014

Leading her grandchildren down the town center, Poppy Rose sets the tone for a gay pride parade calling attention to homophobia in sport and school

Over 5,000 people celebrated Gay Pride in the English county of Norfolk over the weekend.

Highlighting LGBTI diversity in schools and promoting acceptance in sport, particularly with regards to the current Commonwealth Games, Norwich Pride started by turning the entire city into a flurry of rainbows.

Rainbow flags were flown from some of the most prominent town buildings including police headquarters at Wymondham, hospitals, department stores, the Norwich Puppet Theatre, the Castle Museum and City Hall.

May 4, 2014

All the news from Eurovision's red carpet! Last year's winner speaks to Gay Star News about what Denmark has to offer as we prepare for our biggest ever Eurovision

With a theme of 'Join Us', the 59th Eurovision Song Contest was officially opened at a star-packed opening gala at the City Hall in Copenhagen.

Thanks to last year's winning song, Only Teardrops by Danish singer Emmelie de Forest, this year's competition is being held in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

All the entrants from the 37 competing countries attended the red-carpet event as Copenhagen opens it's doors for the week-long celebration of music and glitz. 

April 2, 2014

First stamp to feature an openly gay elected official will be issued in May on Harvey Milk Day

It has been known since last fall that slain civil rights hero Harvey Milk was going to be honored with a US postage stamp.

What was not known until this week was what it would look like.

The stamp is to be issued on 22 May - Harvey Milk Day - and will feature a black and white photo of the late San Francisco Supervisor who will be the first openly gay elected public official to be featured on a stamp.

January 16, 2014

John Duran: 'We all know the city is UBER gay with 40% of our residents being LGBT. But 60% of our residents are not'

The rainbow flag donated by a local business owner no longer flies over the entrance of West Hollywood City Hall.

This has led to a debate about whether the California city, where 40% of the 34,000 residents are gay men, is moving away from its LGBT identity.

Openly gay councilman John Duran took to Facebook this week to try and quiet the critics.

The five-member council, four of whom are gay men, voted in November to leave it up to City Manager Paul Arevalo to choose which unofficial flags to fly at City Hall.

November 27, 2013

San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, murdered on same day, to also be remembered

It was 35 years ago today that San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and the city's first openly gay city supervisor, Harvey Milk, were gunned down at City Hall.

The murderous actions of disgruntled former supervisor Dan White broke a lot of hearts that day and tonight (27 November) the city will pay tribute to the two men tonight at a candlelight vigil.

Among those marching will be Dustin Lance Black who won an Oscar for writing the screenplay for the movie Milk which starred Sean Penn as the late supervisor. Victor Garber played Moscone in the film.

November 18, 2013

Gay-friendly Preferred Hotel Group’s Preferred Pride collection shares their favorite markets and neighboring LGBTI-welcoming hotels. Take in the aroma of freshly baked sweets, the glow of sparkling lights and the tunes of holiday music you can only find at these popular seasonal markets

There is just something about Christmas that turns a city into a transformed, magical place.

While the winter holidays may be a hectic time to travel, they’re also the one time a year you can justify a weekend getaway with a trip to 'the market'.

Christmas markets, started in Europe but quickly adopted throughout the rest of the world, cast your favorite city in a different, holiday light and can expose you to some new customs you may end up adopting into your own holiday traditions.

November 12, 2013

Jonathan Moscone, son of San Francisco mayor George Moscone who was assassinated in 1978 alongside Harvey Milk, has married partner Darryl Carbonaro at the city hall where his father served and died

The openly gay son of the San Francisco mayor murdered alongside gay political pioneer Harvey Milk has been married at the City Hall where they were slain by another former mayor of the city - Willie Brown.

Brown is a family friend of Jonathan Moscone – the son of murdered San Francisco mayor George Moscone – and was married Friday to partner of one year Darryl Carbonaro.

Moscone, 49, is the artistic director of the California Shakespeare Theater in Berkeley and Carbonaro, 46, is the associate general counsel for Clean Power Finance.

September 27, 2013

 Julie Bru ends her five-year tenure as Miami's city attorney with accolades from officials and a marriage proposal to her partner, police officer Suzy Izaguirre

Since 2008, Julie Bru has been the city attorney for Miami. Yesterday (26 September) was her last official day, so she decided to do something different.

During a meeting she walked up the City Hall dais. In her hand was a small black box, with a wedding ring. She asked Miami Police Officer Suzy Izaguirre to be her wife.

June 29, 2013

Kris Perry and Sandy Stier to be married by state's attorney general

Same-sex couples resumed getting married in California late Friday afternoon.

First in line were Kris Perry and Sandy Stier (pictured getting their license), one of the two couples who were the plaintiffs in the successful challenge to Proposition 8.

The wedding was to be officiated by Attorney General Kamala Harris on the mayor's balcony at City Hall in San Francisco and carried live on some local TV stations in the state.

June 27, 2013

GSN visits Oslo to improve our Nordic history and embrace the tall, blond warriors of the future

You might need to find it online, but lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with the television series Vikings. It’s a bloody and violent depiction of life at that time, I’m guessing it’s not too far from the truth.

June 6, 2013

Near Copenhagen's City Hall, a trans woman suffered serious head trauma after an unprovoked attack

A trans woman was attacked with a hammer in broad daylight in Denmark last night (5 June).

In the unprovoked attack, the victim had been walking past City Hall at around 6pm when she was brutally attacked on the head.

The woman, yet to be named, suffered serious head truma. She is in a stable condition in hospital.

Mads Helios, from Copenhagen Police, told local news sites the authorities had been working intensively on the matter.

May 17, 2013

GSN teams up with London Gay Men’s Chorus and London Gay Big Band to spread the word about fighting homophobia and transphobia

Gay Star News joined forces with the UK capital’s talented LGBT singers and musicians to make a video to mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO).

While reports out for IDAHO today (17 May) again show the shocking levels of abuse, harassment, discrimination, violence and even murder faced by the world’s LGBT citizens, the GSN video tries to bring some hope.

May 17, 2013

Gay Star News joined forces with the UK capital's talented LGBT singers and musicians to make a video to mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)

The GSN flashmob was filmed on Saturday 11 May, at The Scoop – an open-air performance space by City Hall, London.

It is being released for IDAHO today (17 May) – an event bringing together the LGBT community and their friends to promote equality worldwide.  

Luckily the rain held off to allow the musicians to perform the popular song ‘Bring me Sunshine’ - a tune we keep humming since rehearsals.

April 16, 2013

Click here to find out more.

The Events:

1. Pride in Brighton & Hove / Saturday 3rd August:

Quite simply the most spectacular, diverse, flamboyant and life affirming alfresco festival, Pride in Brighton & Hove is rightly seen as a highlight of the local, national and European Pride Calendar. The park event brings people together for an unforgettable celebration that the community plans for all year round.

April 4, 2013

The Swedish capital is world center for design and style spread across 14 stunning islands, as well as ‘the world’s most gay-friendly city’

Love them or loathe them, ABBA remain one of Sweden’s most successful exports with a special place in the heart of many a dancing queen. And ABBA fans are again beating a path to the new ABBA museum opening in May in Stockholm.

But there is a lot more you can do in what they call ‘the world’s most gay-friendly city’.

March 10, 2013

GSN escapes to Northern Ireland to experience some culture

I’d had one of those weeks where nothing seemed to be going my way. In a classic example of ‘fight or flight’, the only thing keeping me going was the prospect of a weekend away and a bit of distance from any potential aggravation. ‘Flight’ never really solves anything but it is at least a distraction.

January 18, 2013

Community-based group chosen to run festival in UK capital for the next five years. Only 115 days remain to put event together

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has today (18 January) chosen a community interest company to run the city’s pride festival for the next five years.

But the decision has come so late that organizers now only have 115 days to put together a festival which usually takes a year to organize.

It comes after the previous organization running pride collapsed following 2012’s event. London had been hosting World Pride but it had to be drastically scaled back at the last minute due to a funding crisis.

January 1, 2013

London mayor’s chief of staff admits they almost pulled out of 2012 gay festival. Community-based group likely to win bid to run pride until 2017

Mayor Boris Johnson considered pulling out of supporting London’s World Pride event altogether when it became clear organizers were struggling.

The World Pride LGBT festival in the UK capital in 2012 became a major headache for City Hall when it had to be drastically scaled back with just 10 days to go.

A funding shortfall and other organizational problems saw the event scaled back with floats and other vehicles banned from the march.