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April 19, 2014

Archbishop Justin Welby admits gay marriage is still an issue for the Church and fears global repercussions if Church supports it

UK Archbishop Justin Welby has spoken about the way the Church has persecuted gay people throughout history, and admits gay marriage is still a contentious issue for the Church.

Welby voiced his concerns about gay marriage and the effect this may have on the global Church community.

Speaking to UK newspaper The Independent, he addressed the ‘great harm’ the Church has done to gay people.

April 18, 2014

Arsenal’s longest serving manager believes racism is easier than homophobia to deal with in football as it is more ‘visible’

Arsenal’s manager Arséne Wenger has said society has not advanced enough to have an openly gay soccer player in the UK.

The French former player has given an interview on homophobia in football and the hopes of having a gay footballer continuing to play after coming out in the Premier League.

Speaking to Arsenal Magazine, Wenger was asked about his reaction to Thomas Hitzlsperger, a German player who came out after he retired last year.

April 17, 2014

Representing LGBTI allies on the West Coast and beyond, Valerie Uribe took her boyfriend and straight friends to the SF LGBT Center’s annual soiree for an evening of party and politics

Out of the 1,000 people at the San Francisco LGBT Center’s annual soiree this year, I was proud to be among the straight ally contingent.

The mission of the SF LGBT Community Center is to connect their diverse community to opportunities and each other to achieve a stronger, healthier, and more equitable world for LGBTI people and their allies. I feel the ‘allies’ mention is crucial to achieving these goals.

April 16, 2014

Journalist was 32 when he came out to his family, friends and the world in a deeply personal essay

Along with Rachel Maddow and Thomas Roberts, Steve Kornacki is one of three openly gay journalists to host programs on the MSNBC cable news channel.

The lesser-known among the three, Kornacki has also been out a far shorter time than his colleagues.

April 15, 2014

Words like ‘homo’ and ‘maricones’ are now frowned on but even ‘gay’ and ‘homophobia’ have been debated by some

As the country becomes more accepting of the civil rights of its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Americans, it is also beginning to reexamine its language used to demean us.

In last month’s New York Time’s article The Decline of the ‘H’ Word Jeremy Peters wrote that while the word ‘homosexual’ for the most part is ‘inoffensive,’ ‘outdated,’ and perhaps ‘innocuous,’ the word nonetheless is viewed by many in our LGBTI community as a pejorative term.

April 14, 2014

The Australian Lesbian and Gay Stories project is seeking the personal stories of gay and lesbian Australians of all ages to put together the picture of how gay life has changed in Australia from the 1940’s to today

Researchers from the National Library of Australia and three Australian universities are seeking the personal stories of ordinary gay and lesbians to document the gay experience in Australia since the 1940’s until today.

The researchers want to plot the course of gay and lesbian Australians lives and how they have changed since attitudes towards LGBTI issues shifted so dramatically in the last few decades.

April 14, 2014

Christian pupils claimed homosexuality is offensive to their religion and decided to protest with anti-gay slogans

Two US students wore 'Gay is not ok' t-shirts in order to protest a LGBTI awareness day at school last week.

The seniors at Oregon City High School were told by administrative staff to remove their tops or turn them inside out, as other students found them offensive.

Other pupils of the school were celebrating the Day of Silence, a day where students take a silent vow in order to protest against homophobic bullying.

They said they did not care gay people found the t-shirts offensive, as 'gays' were offensive in their religion.

April 13, 2014

Cox praises the organization for making 'sure that the "T" is not silent in the LGBT community"

Ellen Page, who came out publicly on Valentine's Day, presented Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox with GLAAD's highest honor at the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday (12 April) night.

Page called trans actress an 'LGBT icon' is presenting Cox with The Stephen F. Kolzak Award which is given to an LGBT media professional who has made a significant difference in moving equality forward.

April 11, 2014

‘I believe in equality for everybody, and I mean equality for everybody’

Pharrell Williams, the man behind the number one hit Happy, has declared his support for same-sex marriage.

On Thursday (10 April) Williams was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he said he believed in equal rights for everyone.

To thundering applause, he said: ‘When I say equality, I mean equality for everybody,

‘Why are you telling people who they can and cannot marry? This is 2014,’

The artist, who has the highest-charting Oscar-nominated song in more than a decade, also reveals the story behind the album G I R L.

April 10, 2014

Blue star believes because he has sex with men, he is gay, but still considers himself to be attracted to women

British singer Duncan James calls himself gay, but says he could still have sex with a woman.

The boyband member came out as bisexual back in 2009, and later identified as gay.

Speaking exclusively to Gay Star News, the Blue member said he realises people like people like him to be ‘put in a box’.

He said: ‘I think to myself, I sleep with men, so that makes me gay.

‘Regardless of whether I sleep with women or not, I’m still sleeping with men so I’m gay.

April 9, 2014

In his coming out, he has become the first openly gay National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1 basketball player

Basketball player Derrick Gordon came out as gay today (9 April).

In his coming out, he has become the first openly gay National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1 basketball player.

A sophomore starter for the University of Massachusetts men’s basketball player, the 22-year-old has decided to come out at the beginning of his career.

‘I just didn't want to hide anymore, in any way,’ Gordon told ESPN.

April 8, 2014

All of Australia’s major sporting codes will pledge tomorrow to eliminate homophobia in sport ahead of Australia hosting the world gay rugby Bingham Cup in August

The heads of the five largest sporting codes in Australia are set to make a historic commitment tomorrow towards wiping out homophobia in sport as they agree to implement anti-homophobia and inclusion policies by the end of August of this year.

The CEOs of the national Australian Football League, Australia Rugby Union, National Rugby League, and the Football Federation of Australia will make the pledge at a press conference tomorrow alongside the executive general manager of Cricket Australia.

March 31, 2014

Mitch Eby: 'Some of the people I thought would take it the worst have since been the the friendliest to me'

Chapman University football player Mitch Eby joined an exclusive group of college athletes this month by coming out to his teammates as gay then going public with his story.

Eby, a junior defensive end, made a coming out speech to the team on 18 March just before they were about to have some pizza at the end of a team meeting.

March 27, 2014

Marcus Juhlin says he's gone public for others out there who feel like they don't fit in

College football star Michael Sam, poised to become the first openly gay player in the National Football League, is already inspiring others with his courage.

Marcus Juhlin, a well-known American Football player in Sweden, says it is Sam's openness that led to his decision to come out as gay.

The 22-year-old Juhlin has told his story QX, the biggest LGBT magazine in Sweden, in a cover story.

March 26, 2014

Kenyan National Assembly leader says gays should be dealt with like terrorists as he boasts of legal persecution so far

Nearly 600 ‘cases’ of homosexuality have been rounded up in a Kenya witch-hunt, a senior politician has boasted.

Aden Duale, the majority leader in the National Assembly, has pronounced homosexuality as bad as terrorism and said it should be treated in the same way.

Reading a statement by the Internal Security ministry, Duale said in parliament that 595 cases of homosexuality have been dealt with legally since 2010.

He was responding to calls from politicians that Kenya is ‘not doing enough’ to stamp out the ‘scourge of homosexuality’.

March 26, 2014

The TV fitness trainer went public to help self-loathing contestant know 'it's okay to be gay'

When Bob Harper, a trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser, showed up at the Human Rights Campaign gala in Los Angeles on Saturday (22 March), it was a significant event in his life.

It marked Harper's first appearance at an LGBTI event since he came out publicly as a gay man on the show last fall.

He told Gay Star News on the arrivals carpet: 'I came here last year before I'd come out and I was asked, "Well I'm assuming that you're straight" and I'm like "Why would you assume that?"'

March 23, 2014

Lesbian Hollywood actress defends her sexuality with a sharp tweet directed at a homophobic pastor

Canadian actress Ellen Page tweeted a witty response to a religious pastor who attacked her for being gay (22 March).

With her characteristically dry humour, the 27-year-old responded to the views of the homophobe on Twitter.

‘2 da Pastor who wrote me-Being gay isn't a belief. My soul isn’t struggling& I don't want arms of Heavenly Father around me. A girls arms? Yes’ she wrote.

March 23, 2014

Biden also called on the US Congress to immediately pass ENDA – an anti-workplace-discrimination bill that has been introduced every year for the last 20 years but was never passed

US Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday called on Congress to pass a bill to outlaw workplace discrimination against gay men and lesbians, and declared that the United States is committed to champion LGBT equality worldwide.

Delivering the keynote speech at the Human Rights Campaign gala held in downtown Los Angeles, the Vice President told the almost 1,000-strong audience that it's outrageous that the country is even debating the subject and it's 'close to barbaric' that in some states, employees can be fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

March 22, 2014

Estranged son Nate Phelps hopes that 'every mention of his (father's) name and of his church be a constant reminder of the tremendous good we are all capable of doing in our communities'

Nate Phelps, the estranged son of anti-gay Kansas pastor Fred Phelps who passed away on Wednesday, said while he will mourn his father, he mourns the ongoing injustices against the LGBT community 'even more'.

March 22, 2014

English actor calls for a gay superhero on cinema screens, and praises the gender equality shown in his new film

English actor Theo James thinks the world is ready to see a gay superhero on the silver screen.

In an interview with LGBT magazine The Advocate, the 29-year-old star said he thinks the time a gay action hero film is made is not too far away.

James was discussing his new film, the sci-fi thriller Divergent in which he stars alongside Kate Winslet, when he was asked about gay characters in the media.

March 21, 2014

Gay Star News, Stonewall, G-A-Y and Ben & Jerry’s are teaming up for Britain’s biggest same-sex marriage party

Lovers and those looking for love can come celebrate at Britain’s biggest gay marriage party.

Taking place at Heaven nightclub in London on 28 March, the party will be one you won’t be able to forget as the first lesbian and couples become legally married in England and Wales.

Not only that, Ben & Jerry’s will be joining the celebrations where they will be showing off their new marriage equality ice cream, Apple-y Ever After.

March 20, 2014

17-year-old student delivered a touching speech for LGBTI rights in Saporro, Japan

A gay Japanese student  is setting the world alight with his inspiring coming out speech called 'I Have A Dream Too'.

The 17-year-old boy entered the Hokkaido Prefectural English Speech Contest with his oration on LGBT rights last year.

He begun his inspiring monologue by describing the anti-gay legislation recently passed by Russia and the effect it would have on the Western societies.

‘Why do gay people have to face discrimination? Is it because they are not heterosexual?’, he asked.

March 20, 2014

An Italian singer, who believes homosexuality is a something that someone can recover from, refuses to apologize over the song

An Italian pop star has reflected on his career, and realized he releasing a song about a gay man being ‘cured’ was perhaps not his greatest idea.

Back in 2006, Giuseppe Povia was selling hundreds of thousands of records and receiving special awards from the music industry.

But then three years later, he released ‘Luca era gay’ (Luca was gay)’ about a man who was ‘cured’ of his sexuality.

In his most recent blog entry, Povia said he is now finding it difficult to get work because of the ‘homosexual campaign’.

He still refuses to apologize.

March 12, 2014

Culture Club star says if a gay rapper had released Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' 'Same Love', it would have had a lesser influence on LGBTI rights

Boy George has said straight artists appear to have more influence on LGBTI rights than gay artists.

The British Culture Club singer has questioned whether Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit ‘Same Love’ would have had the same impact if the duo were gay.

Speaking to News Ltd, he said: ‘If it had been a gay rapper that had done Same Love I think it probably wouldn’t have had the same impact…

‘It’s a weird thing about our culture. I think Same Love is a great record, I don’t care if he’s straight or gay, it doesn’t matter.