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June 17, 2015

He said he wanted to go to Syria and join the group of religious extremists

A 19-year-old who became influenced by religious extremists to believe gay people should be killed and join Islamic State is facing jail.

Syed Choudhury is believed to have become radicalised by older Muslims when he left his Bradford home to attend college in Cardiff.

He has pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to preparing acts of terrorism.

At and after college, Choudhury started to become more open about believing in the work of the religious extremists.

June 5, 2015

'I support their rights to say no, this is personally offensive to my beliefs'

Actor and staunch LGBTI ally Patrick Stewart has sided with the bakery at the center of the 'gay cake' row. 

The Christian owners of Ashers Bakery in Belfast were found guilty of unlawful discrimination for refusing to write 'support gay marriage' on a Bert and Ernie cake and fined £500.

Speaking on BBC's Newsnight, Stewart said it was a 'deliciously difficult subject.'

'Finally I found myself on the side of the bakers,' he said.

June 4, 2015

The appeals court judges said that the six-year-old child was ‘used to it’ as he’d previously been abused by his father

Both of the Argentinean appeals court judges involved in the decision to reduce the sentence of a convicted child abuser because they claimed that his six-year-old victim was gay have now both resigned.

The 2014 ruling of the Buenos Aires appeals court was only revealed in mid May.

June 3, 2015

'I couldn’t believe she would say that I was some experiment to her'

A former Virginia Tech student who murdered her lover after she wore sweatpants on a date night was sentenced to 45 years in prison on Monday (1 June).

Jessica Michelle Ewing, 24, gave a detailed testimony about the 'date night' that lead to the murder of 21-year-old biology student Samanata Shrestha.

Ewing, who spent hours getting ready, said she was disappointed when she turned up at Shrestha's apartment, wearing a dress and bringing wine and whipped cream, to find her in sweatpants and a T-shirt.

June 2, 2015

This is believed to be the first time a LGBTI activist has been jailed for a longer than a day in Russia

At least three gay men were jailed for attempting to hold a Pride parade in Russia.

Nikolai Alekseev, Yevgeny Gerasimov, and Vadim Gruzdev were sentenced to 10 days in police cells following a brief protest outside the mayor's office in Moscow on Saturday.

At the weekend, Alekseev rode a quad bike and carried a rainbow flag and orange smoke flare down the main Tverskaya Street.

Around 30 homophobic thugs hurled eggs and threw rocks and bottles at them, but the activists were undeterred.

Police detained around a dozen people.

June 1, 2015

Victim was left suicidal by the incident

A Manchester gay bar manager was jailed after he was caught on CCTV sexually assaulting a straight male teen who fell asleep.

Robert Ashton, a 37-year-old who ran the Centre Stage bar in the Gay Village, was found guilty of molesting the passed out victim at Manchester's Crown Court.

The footage showed the manager taking off the victim's clothes, smoking a cigarette as he molested him, as well as shaking, slapping, prodding and pinching him to check whether he was asleep.

May 29, 2015

Victim was knived seven times in the abdomen, groin and heart

A lesbian has admitted to fatally stabbing a married lawyer she met on Craigslist in a robbery gone wrong.

Jamyra Gallmon, 21, knived David Messerschmitt seven times in the abdomen, groin and heart at a hotel in Washington DC on 9 February.

On Thursday (28 May), she pleaded guilty to second-degree murder while armed.

Her roommate and alleged girlfriend, 19-year-old Dominique Johnson, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery.

May 29, 2015

Independent candidate Rabina Khan hopes to reopen The Joiners' Arms if she is elected

A Muslim mayoral candidate has said, if she is elected to mayor in a London borough, she wants to reopen the Joiners' Arms.

Rabina Khan, currently a councillor for Shadwell in east London, is an independent candidate for the Tower Hamlets mayor.

She says if she is elected on 11 June, she will as the UK's first female Muslim mayor want to reopen the closed LGBTI venue.

Khan has said the Joiners' Arms, which closed its doors suddenly in January, should become a hub to provide advice for young people struggling with their sexual or gender identity.

May 26, 2015

Even though state's ban on gay marriage was declared unconstitutional

Alabama has given a minister jail time for exercising her 'religious freedom' and trying to marry a lesbian couple, even though state's ban on gay marriage was declared unconstitutional.

Non-denominational minister Anne DiPrizio on 18 May was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a fine of $250 after she pleaded guilty to misdemenour disorderly conduct.

The sentence was then suspended for six months.

May 19, 2015

'Since the child was gay, the abuse wasn’t as bad as if he weren’t'

An appeals court in Buenos Aires has reduced the sentence of a man convicted of abusing a 6-year-old boy because his victim is gay.

In a newly publicized 2014 ruling, judges Horacio Piombo and Benjamin Sal Llargues cut the prison sentence of Mario Tolosa, vice-president of a neighborhood soccer team, from six years to 38 months.

'Since the child was gay, the abuse wasn’t as bad as if he weren’t,' it read.

The judges reasoned that the boy had been previously abused by his father and was 'used to it.'

May 16, 2015

The 23-year-old has been convicted of exposing one sex partner to HIV and attempting to expose four others

A HIV-positive former college wrestler from Missouri will spend at least 30 years in jail after being found guilty of failing to inform his sexual partners of his HIV status.

Michael Johnson, 23, was found guilty after a 3-day trial on five of six counts against him – three of the six counts were exposing someone to HIV and three were attempting to expose someone to HIV. He was found not guilty on a sixth charge – exposing another man to HIV.

May 16, 2015

'The WNBA takes all acts of violence extremely seriously. It is our strong belief that violence has absolutely no place in society, in sports or in this league'

The WNBA suspended  Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson for seven games.

The punishment is for the couple's domestic incident in late April.

Yesterday, 15 May, the league made the announcement on its website.

May 13, 2015

Co-convicted twin brother claims 'faggot' means 'happy'

A lesbian and her twin brother Friday (8 May) were convicted of aggravated assault while armed for a 2013 attack that left a gay man with facial bone fractures and a broken wrist.

Christina Lucas, 21, who did not testify at trial, told police that she was a lesbian and therefore could not be accused of an anti-gay hate crime.

Christina, her brother Christopher Lucas and a group of men approached the unnamed victim about 12.30 am on 19 October 2013 after he left a party in Washington DC with two female friends.

May 5, 2015

Thomas Miguel Guerra, who is thought to have had unprotected sex with at least 24 other men, says:  'I am not a monster'

A judge has sentenced a gay man to six months in jail for knowingly spreading the HIV virus to his ex-boyfriend.

'I am not a monster,' Thomas Miguel Guerra said in court. 'I would never ever do something like what I'm accused of.'

Guerra received the maximum sentence from an angry judge who was frustrated that she could not give him more time behind bars.

May 1, 2015

Cannibal admitted it 'exceeded the boundaries of self-defence'

A cannibal has been jailed after ripping a man's heart out to 'prove he was not gay'.

Andrew Chimboza, a 35-year-old from Zimbabwe, was found guilty of murdering 62-year-old Mbuyiselo Manoma in the South African town of Gugulethu last year.

When police arrested Chimboza on 10 June, they found him using a knife and fork to eat the raw flesh of Manoma. They reported his victim's neck had been 'half-eaten' and the chest had a gaping hole in the left side. 

Chimboza then claimed he did it to 'show him that I am not a moffie [gay]'.

April 28, 2015

Dahmer, dubbed the ‘Milwaukee cannibal’, was convicted for assaulting, raping and murdering 17 men and boys

The prisoner who murdered the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has spoken to the New York Post to explain his actions.

Wisconsin-based Dahmer is believed to have assaulted, raped and murdered 17 men and boys between the years of 1978 and 1991. He boasted later of eating some of his dead victims.

In 1992, he was sentenced to multiple terms of life imprisonment. He was sent to Columbia Correctional Institution.

April 22, 2015

Hypocrisy is also a sin, by the way

It turns out a Baptist pastor, who considers trans people to be sex offenders, is a violent rapist himself.

Acra Lee Turner, 60, is part of a group calling for a repeal of Eureka Springs, Arkansas' Ordinance 2223, which protects LGBTI people from discrimination.

He claims gay, and especially trans people, are dangerous pedophiles, violent rapists and 'sex offenders'.

April 18, 2015

'Sexual conduct in a public place is not provocation for an assault of any kind,' the judge said as she rejected the prosecutors' claim that the bashing was a vigilante attack to rid the area of gay men

Two men from Perth, Western Australia have been sentenced to life in jail on Friday with a 21-year minimum for the fatal bashing of a gay man in a public toilet in a nature reserve in November 2013.

Daniel Wade Jones and Mark Taylor were found guilty of murdering 48-year-old Warren Gerard Batchelor who was then having a sexual encounter with another man in a disabled toilet.

April 16, 2015

His attacker is now in jail

A man who slashed the throat of his Grindr date and left him for dead is now jailed.

Shane Dunn, 25, was found guilty of attacking Ian Garrod, 55, with a kitchen knife last year.

The court heard how Dunn had brought crystal meth for them both to take before sex with Garrod on 8 September 2014.

When the pair fell asleep, Dunn got up during the night and told Garrod he was going for a glass of water.

But instead, he removed a knife from the kitchen and returned to the bedroom before slicing the victim's neck.

April 14, 2015

Gay mathematician's hidden notebook dates from the time he cracked the Nazi's Enigma code

Alan Turing's hidden wartime manuscript Monday (13 April) sold for more than $1 million at Bonhams auction house in New York.

An anonymous buyer paid $1,025,000 for the 56-page notebook, part of which will be donated to charity.

The handwritten notes date from 1942 when the gay mathematician was working at the UK government code and cypher school in Bletchley Park, where he led the team that cracked the code used by the Nazi Enigma machines.

April 13, 2015

Department of Justice calls refusal of treatment 'cruel and unusual' 

Transgender prisoners in Georgia will be eligible to receive and continue their hormone treatment while serving a prison sentence.

The US Department of Justice sided with Ashley Diamond, a trans prisoner who filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s authorities.

According to the lawsuit, officials refused Diamond to continue her hormone treatment; she was also placed in unsafe facilities with violent men, according to health24.

April 11, 2015

He kept three young gay men locked up in a house as 'sex slaves' and forced them to prostitute themselves for up to 20 hours a day

A 25-year-old Hungarian man is facing 155 years in prison after 12 jurors found him guilty of human trafficking and racketeering on Thursday.

Andras Vass and two other men, Gabor Acs and Viktor Berki were arrested last October for running a company called Never Sleep Inc which forced three young men to prostitute themselves for up to 20 hours a day.

April 11, 2015

Eric Reece Wiethorn wrote: 'This is your punishment for sinning against God, and hopefully you’ll die from the anthrax on this letter'

An Iowa man has admitted to sending a threatening letter to a gay bar in Des Moines and claiming it was fille with the poison anthrax.

A letter arrived at Blazing Saddle bar containing a white powder in late March and stated: 'This is your punishment for sinning against God, and hopefully you’ll die from the anthrax on this letter.'

After receiving an anonymous tip, police this week arrested Eric Reece Wiethorn (pictured) of Ames, Iowa.

Wiethorn, 49, has been arrested for first-degree harassment and booked in to Polk County Jail.

April 8, 2015

'We must do more to end the culture of violence and discrimination surrounding gender identity and expression'

Sir Elton John and REM frontman Michael Stipe have called on Georgia's department of corrections to provide hormone therapy and safety to transgender women housed in male prisons.

The openly gay singer and the bisexual Georgia native issued a joint statement Sunday (7 April), a few days after the US Justice Department called the state’s denial of hormone therapy to trans inmates a 'cruel and unusual punishment.'